Too Little Too Late

We have been waiting all season for the Blues to turn it on. The 44-21 victory at Scottish was very welcome but not witnessed by too many Blues supporters who have had to endure our least successful season for a long time ...... More >

Shedloads - Happy Replays

What a happy weekend watching replays of that last impertinent  bonus  point winning try. Running the ball from behind your own try line and finishing it off at the other... More > - BRIS HOLD ON FOR A SINGLE POINT DERBY VICTORY

Bristol, bottom of the league, on the back of a bad run, thumped in the last two games - up against B**h.  Obviously a 12 – 11 victory was the only possible outcome.... More > - I need a report!

Looks like we're going to continue to lose access to the message board until i get a story put up here!   ... More > - TAKE A BATH

  On my way home this evening, two thoughts rather intruded as I wondered how to approach this match report:-    As Wayne Barnes was recently criticised for letti... More > - Five thoughts from Harlequins v Newcastle

The scoreline tells a big story. But I tried to make some sense of the game and here's what I came up with while on the Tube:... More >

Blues Brothers - Revenge Mission

Hopefully the big defreat by Saints last week will have sharpeneed the appetite for a revenge win over Scottish as league action resumes ..... More >

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