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What a game!
shhandy (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 17:33
We do make it very difficult for ourselves - a wonderful finish & to win from 18(?) points, down great crowd entertainment but not good for the heart. Otto & Fatty had very good attaching games. Our forwards need a lineout specialists - next signing maybe?

Re: What a game!
airdog (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 17:44
phew ! I think perhaps the club should start printing a health warning on the tickets , this sort of thing surely cant be good for the old ticker

Re: What a game!
Rich. (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 17:49
Gutted I couldn't make it today.

I know Pirates are a great attacking force but we will not win the play-offs if we can't stop conceeding so many tries. But don't get me wrong I'd rather we won 38 - 33 than won 7 - 0.

Was this (I dare ask) a question of Pirates thinking they'd won and taking the foot off the pedal and then never getting momentum back (as often happens as we know - perhaps also following substitutions of key players) or was it us being foolishly that far behind and eventually sussing it all out??

There were no updates on this site so I was getting my updates on the Pirates site - gotta feel (slightly) sorry for our Cornish brethren. Let's hope they make it if we don't this year.

Re: What a game!
JW Taljaard (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 17:54
No our super replacements blew them away! They also looked very tired by the 60 minute mark whilst our boys looked like they could go another 20 minutes after 80.


Re: What a game!
Agent Dagnamit (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 17:54
Nope, no taking feet off the gas. We made some good substitutions and were maybe fitter in the end.

Again, we scored several spectatular tries, but struggled for possession and in defence.

Great game to be at, dont feel sorry for the oppo, they scored 5 tries and managed to lose.

Anyone know what happened pre-game to Williams and Watkins?

Re: What a game!
shhandy (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 17:59
We gifted pirates a couple of tries - including an overthrow from our lineout 5 metres from our line - we are making a habit of gifting soft tries. A hooker change at HT seemed to improve things. Last season we did not have the attacking flair to come back from that - now the backs look threatening whenever we get the ball.

Re: What a game!
sharpie (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 18:03
all i will say is well done.. just well done,phew,yep just well done.

Re: What a game!
piersdw (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 18:04
What an afternoon.There was me considering leaving after we went 28-10 down like many others did.Thank heavens common sense prevailed and I stayed to listen to the Bristol crowd roar which IMO helped the team to raise their game and escape with a win.

Definitely not a game for defensive coaches to rave about as some of the defending was dire (on both sides) but what a spectacle.I cannot say that I enjoyed the first 50 minutes but the last 30 will live in the memory for some time.

Well done boys.Onwards and upwards.

Re: What a game!
Rich. (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 18:13
Cheers for the feedback all - makes me feel better. Yes I guess Pirates got 2 points from it so I won't feel that sorry for them!

Can't wait for Bedford match now!

Also great to hear another 6k crowd who (by the sounds of it) will all be wanting to come for the next match again.

You know there are lots of negatives about the Championship winner system but IF it was simply top of league goes up then I suspect our team today would have been full of older players (many from outside UK) brought in because they are less of a risk than throwing in a younger local lad who seems to have potential + the games would be far tighter. The way the system works means we and others can give young players a chance in the hope that by March they will be at a far higher level etc. It also allows you to play more expansive rugby as one defeat in November mnight not mean the end of your season and promotion chances. As I say (and as we all know) there are big problems with the play-of system but I think we also need to appreciate the benefits it brings us. AND 6k crowds suggest that peopel are very happy to see great rugby even if they know the result won't be crucial in terms of promotion.

Re: What a game!
hooker 72 (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 18:41
just back, aged a few years, a few more grey hairs but cant stop grinning. when bris changed gears in the second half and started scoring and gaining the upper hand, the crowd seemed to sense the team would do whatever to win, excellent feeling and fantastic atmosphere at the end. as has already been said, the pirates did not ease up, they just couldnt stop bris when they upped the game. fantastic to all the team to show the character to stick with it, well done boys.

Re: What a game!
cricketjerry-mouse (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 18:49
No good signing the finest lineout specialist in the world, shhandy, if your hooker lacks the basic ability to throw the ball in, either in defence or attack. Today he only hit a Bristol player at two the nine first-half lineouts and gifted 14 points to the Pirates, including a flop-over try from a Bristol line-out on the five metre line.

If Sir Alex Ferguson was manager of Bristol Rugby, the hooker would have been substituted 15 minutes into the game rather than at half-time, and told his only chance of selection for Bristol ever again was to practice throwing in 100 times a day for the next month.

But, of course, even in the professional era, no Rugby coach would have the chutzpah to do that.

Re: What a game!
EverOptimistic (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 19:04
If you're going to criticise a player, knowing his name might help.

I agree Lawrence didn't have a good game today but he was man of the match a few weeks ago. From what I've seen, his good days far outweigh the bad.

Re: What a game!
Bris Kev (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 19:10
ever optimistic I agree. Rhys was still one of the chief crash ball players for bristol before being subbed. He didn't have a game to remember but he was due a blip considering how much of an impact he's had so far.

What a game to watch though, I too was thinking how drab it was 10 mins in to the 2nd half. Our fitness is absolutely fantastic and at last the subs that were brought on made a huge difference.

Well done today boys! yet another proud bristol performance. thank you a sentsational game!

Re: What a game!
brisfromafar (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 19:10
I think Lawrence is a very talented player in the loose. He just needs to listen to the Mark Regan method, I really can't believe I said that, and throw 1,000s of lime out balls at a mark on the wall until he can hit it every time.

Re: What a game!
shhandy (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 19:16
I think the poor lineout throws were at least partly caused by the knowledge that Pirates had some very tall players to avoid, esp their number 5. It puts the hooker under enormous pressure to avoid their players & hit ours. They cld challenge every lineout wit the height advantage - we rarely challenged theirs.

Re: What a game!
rambling sid (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 19:16
I think it was unfortunate for Lawrence today. He did not have a good game, and he did the same thing today as he did last week at the same stage of the game, just before half time with the same result, an opposition score. Surely it does not need coaching to realise that if you have a line out on your own line you keep it as tight as possible, and throw to the middle of the line. Anyway as has already been said his good games have outnumbered his bad ones. I thought David Rose had a good game today.

I think the last half hour was the best bristol have played all season, while i've been watching anyway. Thankfully they had managed to keep the score to manageable proportions up till then, and this win was comparable to the one against London Welsh

Re: What a game!
Hercules Spoons (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 20:28
I usually groan when we substitute players at 50mins, I probably would have today if we'd been ahead, but it worked today and thats no reflection on those substituted.
I think it was the extra fitness and different style of the players brought on.

It was an unlikely win, especially when you cosider we were 10 - 28 just after half time. Well done Bris.

But we shouldn't delude ourselves, there's a lot to do.

Personally I think none of the current Championship teams, as they are presently constituted, would survive in the Premiership.

I hadn't considered Rich's very good point either, as it stands this division's promotion system does give the opportunity to younger players and the testing of different game plans that would not otherwise exist. Not sure I like it tho'.

Re: What a game!
Peter D (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 20:46
A great last 20 minutes. The rest was pretty poor. The substitutions made all the difference today. we needed to changer things and the subs improved the performance. On the other hand the Pirates' substitutions caused a significant drop in their standards. I don't understand why coaches make wholesale substitutions when things are going well. Admittedly the Pirates' coach had every reason to believe that the game was in the bag after 50 minutes.

Re: What a game!
Peasedown Exile (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 21:08
Great win for the Briss!! Top four is certain, then the real work starts.
Joe Buckle is my adopted player 20012-2013

Re: What a game!
Bristol Welsh (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 21:44
Oh yes it was exciting, but come on we leaked 5, yes 5 tries. That is just not acceptable (again the defence was awful). I dont care how good Rhys is in the loose, he needs to go away and regain his throwing ability. Lineouts were awful until he was replaced and the same could be said for his performance last week.

Substitutions changed the game, but why doesn't Ovens start???? I am afraid that grieve should be the one to give way. Pick your team then the captain, not the other way round.

Well done bris, hopefully that will restore the Confidence.

Re: What a game!
20 November, 2011 21:49
Thanks for your words of support Peas!

Another entertaining game where i shouted myself hoarse. Lots of mistakes from both sides and i don't know what was said at half time but Bris really turned it around.
We managed to defend their rolling maul after the break, Jason H-W sorted out our lineout and the key point was when we brought on Ruki Tipuna, Josh Ovens and they took off their 9 Gavin Cattle.

Great game and thanks to the Pirates fans who gave their side great support!

We are never beaten!! (Sm110)

Re: What a game!
Bristol Bald Eagle (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 22:03
Still recovering from that one, missed the welsh game for family reasons and was gutted, thanks guys for making up for that!!
Junior I salute you, great game and that try was awesome, such power.
The changes made all the difference second half, both Josh and Riki are starters after that transformation.
I normally run 17 miles a week to keep fit and healthy from a cardio vascular point of view, afternoons like today could replace that if repeated, what a fantastic game and yet another awesome advert for the Championship. 70 points, nine tries and every twist and turn, plus once again we only take the lead in the last ten..........fantastic and well done to the squad today.
Still cannot belive we won, nor can the Pirates fans in the Wellie who were convinced David Rose was a homer second half, well there's a first LOL

Re: What a game!
robtheh (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 22:18
That spirit was superb! Fair play to the boys, I wouldn't put that up there in terms of great technical displays, but what a contest! As someone's already said, a defence coaches nightmare, but hell, 9 tries! I think Rhys's throwing wasn't great & I think probably contributed to him not having his best all-round game, but I'll caveat that with saying that the first overthrow, from what I saw (and happy to be contradicted on these) it was a combo of both jumper & throw out of sync, and I wouldn't have thought it'd be him calling that ridiculousness on our own 5 that lead to them scoring. But anyway, good contest, bonus point win, gert lush.

Re: What a game!
bofb (IP Logged)
20 November, 2011 22:29
Wowee - that must have been another amazing second half. Mr Bofb and myself missed the game due to a weekend away with friends planned and paid for before the fixture list was released. We're so far in the middle of nowhere we have no phone signals etc. Managed to get 1st half score and couldn't believe the result when we managed to connect to the internet this evening!

Whatever the ins and outs of the game to come back from an 18 point deficit and win shows tremendous mental resilience and determination.

Well done Bris - now stop mucking about playing catch up all the time and go out and win from the off!


Re: What a game!
Mrs Woll (IP Logged)
21 November, 2011 08:08
Well done to Briss! Your guys fully deserved that win; I can't imagine what happened to our guys but 'our' victory slipped through our fingers. I was there and despite the result and the long journey home, I did enjoy the game. (Sm109)

Re: What a game!
elegia (IP Logged)
21 November, 2011 08:23
bris bald eagle - we actually led 10-7 at one point in the first half
the ace of bass

Re: What a game!
Speed King (IP Logged)
21 November, 2011 09:47
Where's hoopsy's contribution to this thread?

surely it's not because he'd have to be positive about a great comeback?

Re: What a game!
brisfromafar (IP Logged)
21 November, 2011 12:41
The way we have played this half shows that we have as good a chance as anyone when it comes to the business end of the season. However, to really stand a good chance of promotion i still think we need to bolster the 2nd row and back row with some top signings.

Part of me still thinks that we need some big defence king in the inside centre channel as well.

Re: What a game!
Rinkadink (IP Logged)
21 November, 2011 12:53
Bit of a headache after yesterday's celebrations, well done everyone involved. This kind of attitude and skill will see us do well in the playoffs

Re: What a game!
Bristol Bald Eagle (IP Logged)
21 November, 2011 16:40
Thanks Elegia, you are perfectly correct, apologies. My mates call me Statto because I remember every little detail and use me as a reference book, so I accept the yellow card and won't do it again!

Re: What a game!
JimboFB (IP Logged)
21 November, 2011 16:53
First and foremost, a great advert for championship rugger!

Re: What a game!
Hoopsy (IP Logged)
21 November, 2011 18:15
Most exciting game I have watched for years...Congrats. to the players for their "never say die attitude"...Poor defence again though !! And we badly need a specialist jumper
in the line out - Pirates lock was 6 11 easily !! Josh Ovens (IMO) changed the game for us and Grievsy was immense.

Re: What a game!
Black Pig (IP Logged)
21 November, 2011 19:18
Mrs Wall, Now come on, I know you know better that that !!! Simples- Our playmaker gets a knock from which he recovers and for no reason we take him off,our no two is left at home to rest-What i call no three is in the promised land playing a blinder for the Reds_ no four plays today and scores a fantastic try but at this point Bristol Bring on their new scrum half who like Gavin knows all the tricks and played Tom off the field . At 17 33 i thought we are going to loose this !! (Its something that i must stop doing) Well done Bristol great game Not a good weekend two teams loose (Glos) Just home, Fish finger sandwich in the Hotel £10-50 !!! By the way look out for the latest speciality's from Cornish Pasty outlet- Hippo Steak and Girraffe Pasties (comeing in straight from Kenya!!(Sm109))

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 22/11/2011 07:29 by Black Pig.

Re: What a game!
not to be a killjoy (IP Logged)
21 November, 2011 20:49
As much as the come back was great to watch we can't gloss over the poor display for the 50 minutes before the poor defending the lack of physicality at the breakdown all need to be addressed asap.

Re: What a game!
JimboFB (IP Logged)
21 November, 2011 22:44
Indeed, sooner or later, we're not going come back, and end up getting totally smashed!!!

Def need to sort out the physicality at the breakdown, and my word, what happened to the line out? Thought Rhys has been excellent this season but didnt play well yesterday.

Ovens shoul dhave come on earlier, but thought perhaps, Grieve should have come off for him.

All in all a good comeback but plenty to work on!

Re: What a game!
elegia (IP Logged)
22 November, 2011 08:38
tell me more about these hippo steaks & giraffe pasties, never tried either of them
the ace of bass

Re: What a game!
chris d (IP Logged)
22 November, 2011 16:19
I thought our physicality at the breakdown was good. We turned their ball over several times by driving over their ball carrier and won a couple of holding on pens. If anything I thought that the Pirates physicality at the breakdown was weak, to the extent that we wondered if it was a deliberate tactic (i.e. not commit too many players to the breakdown).

What killed us in the first 50 mins was the appalling lineout and at least two badly missed first-up tackles in the fly-half/centre channels (and an inability to deal with their very good rolling maul).

What we need is Rob Higgett back to organize the defensive line!

Re: What a game!
snakehips1 (IP Logged)
22 November, 2011 19:27
Ithought grievsy was awesome the big hits he put and his run which led up to one of the tries where he ran through and over was a delight to watch and looks even better on you tube. The defender looks like he had been hit by a steam train

Re: What a game!
Hoopsy (IP Logged)
22 November, 2011 19:33
Grievsy and Ovens.....absolutely immense !!

Re: What a game!
hooter (IP Logged)
23 November, 2011 16:01
the result was never in doubt once the final whistle blew 1

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