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Feel the Love!
Bristol Fashion (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 11:47
Jes, a glance a twitter and it suddenly appears that 70% of fans suddenly hate us following yesterdays announcement. There are some awful comments like:

"Clubs like Bristol are ruining the game"
"I hope they stay down" (a lot of this)

It can only be jealousy, after all...

1) We are still within the cap (Luatua & Piutau will be our two marquee players)
2) This signing is only the equivalent of Saints signing both Picamoles & North or Bath signing Louw & Faletau or Wasps signing Beale & Le Roux
3) No-one other than the club and CP himself know what the wages are so everyone else is guessing and its interesting to see they are guessing to support a dig at Bristol
4) With the pull of Lam and his brother, who knows if he is anymore expensive than North or Beale, no-one does!

Its hilarious supporting Bristol, one minute everyone is sympathising with us after relegation, then they are calling us arrogant in the champ, then they are sympathising again due to playoffs, then they are calling us arrogant because of the Borthwick situation, then sympathy again following relegation, arrogance following Booys comments, now they all hate us because of one signing!

If others don't like what we are doing then they need to lobby the RFU to reduce the wage cap and get rid of the marquee player rule. They won't though because that benefits their own sides.

Other than the odd situation (like Booys totally ridiculous comments at the end of last season) I have always been proud of how down to earth we are as a club and how connected we are with the city and community. Ive been proud of our supporters who are passionate and knowledgeable and respectful of the opposition. Ive been proud of our academy and the amount of top international talent it has produced.

I hope the cynics don't succeed in the picture the are trying to paint of us.

Re: Feel the Love!
Portisteve (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 11:50
Jealously pure and simple. Also may be a touch worried about us coming up with a squad to not be in a relegation fight next season

Re: Feel the Love!
Gray_Lensman (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 11:59
I like comments from B**h fans about us buying the title when that's exactly what they did in the shamateur days and, more recently, attempted to but got caught.

Wilkinson was on over 700k back a few years, given developments in the game it is surprising the million barrier didn't fall before.

Re: Feel the Love!
Bristol Fashion (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 12:03
Lam has just confirmed to the Post that talk of 1m wages are 'wide of the mark'.

As I though, its a lazy bit of speculation to say that because its Bristol they must have paid over the odds.

He's probably on equivalent to Beale, North etc..which would still be a massive step up from his Ulster wages.

Re: Feel the Love!
w4rriorz1980 (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 12:19
No jealousy from this Warriors fan! Each to their own but I'm happy with our players and additions,they did keep us up after all.Plus I'm happy our academy is one of the best.As I said,personally I'm not jealous,I have no need.Good luck Brizzle.

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Re: Feel the Love!
BoA_Bris (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 12:20
It's frustrating isn't it, but we have to have thick skins.

Everyone seems to have really short memories, the wider rugby public seems to think we're some Johnny-come-lately rich club, that's the bit that annoys me most. What about our long, albeit somewhat up and down history, but through everything we've survived as a club and now we're on an upward trajectory and the detractors are all coming out.

We're more than a sleeping giant (sorry for the cliche), we're a proper rugby club that has a Combination to be proud of and young talent coming through as well as these marquee signings. With huge gratitude to Mr. Lansdown we are hopefully going to reach the potential that was always there.

All due respect to Ulster, they're probably at the top of what they can achieve whereas we're on the first step to something much greater. If Lam's Revolution works as we all hope, then we should become great again and sustain it so the like of Piutau, Luatua will come and stay to build legacies and positively affect the vision of impacting the community of Bristol and wider with sporting success.

Saracens started off with massively expensive, mostly South African, signings then learned to supplement that with homegrown Academy talent and now they're a powerful club.

We should be up with them and, hopefully, surpassing in the next 3-5 years.

Sorry, and there was me saying we should have thick skins. End of moan.

C'mon Bris!!!!

Re: Feel the Love!
Jonny thomas (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 12:53
Personally i quite like the fact that everbidy hates us

Re: Feel the Love!
Standardprocedure (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 13:12
I don't care what anyone else thinks about us

Re: Feel the Love!
Jimeno (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 13:13
At least everybody's talking about us...

Re: Feel the Love!
Cidered Abroad (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 13:18

The Millwall of rugby? Nobody loves us?

We don't care!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Feel the Love!
Rich. (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 13:59
They don't hate us at all!! I don't use Twitter so don't know who these people are you are referring to and whether it is 2,3 or 100 people but from looking this morning at the other message boards on the rugby network site there is no hate I have seen at all! People being supportive and understanding is the main thing.

We have a real problem in this country that the media and other people seem to think that what is being said on Twitter is in anyway representative - it is not.

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Re: Feel the Love!
BigO (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 14:21
We have a real problem in this country that the media and other people seem to think that what is being said on Twitter is in anyway representative - it is not.

Well said Rich. I think most rational people in this country would agree. 90% of the stuff on these platforms is pure guff, spouted by 0.00001% of the population. The issue is that a lot of very lazy journalists now see it as representative of the opinions of the man or woman on the British street.

Re: Feel the Love!
Rinkadink (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 14:29
Cidered Abroad
The Millwall of rugby? Nobody loves us?

We don't care!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Said this before over the years, both in the prem and championship. Although the chokers tag gave us a chance to call ourselves the All Blacks of the RFU Championship.

It will just make it all the sweeter when we stick it to the stuffy establishment upon our return.

Re: Feel the Love!
Big Dave (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 15:22
Haters gonna hate - but really they tend to only come from a small number of clubs who have bested us in the play offs. OK we have local rivalries with two prem clubs but beyond that I am not sure we are disliked or even noticed very much.


Because in the last few years we have promised much and delivered very little.

Re: Feel the Love!
Cidered Abroad (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 15:30
Biggest problem with social media is that one cannot see the person saying it.
My comment made with my tongue stuck so well into my cheek that it took me ten minutes to remove it. I don't hate any other club's fans. I just support Bris and City.

Re: Feel the Love!
AGS (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 15:48
In fairness the messages on the warriors board are almost all positive. Also you can understand those that don't follow us closely and don't understand the vision and recruitment of the significant number of young players, so think we're doing an "English Toulon" as one put it on one board.

Anyway, everyone is kind when they think you're not a threat. Therefore I take the animosity in some quarters as a positive as it shows they're worried about us.

Re: Feel the Love!
Big Dave (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 16:09
If we are to be the English Toulon, well fanbleedingtastic.

Re: Feel the Love!
Field marshall (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 19:24
There is a lot to be said for the siege mentality. Looking at the bath board, there is only one major dissenter, and he's a well established richard edward.
English Toulon? Not for me ta, I'd sooner be mid table prem with some players from southmead, downend, lockleaze, redfield, knowle etc as well as some sparkle than a team chock full of SH superstars.

Re: Feel the Love!
Big Dave (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 20:45
Don't think we'd make mid table with that team, Field Marshall. Nor even sure it would get us out of the championship these days

Re: Feel the Love!
Platwell House (IP Logged)
11 August, 2017 22:18
Let everyone hate Bristol, frankly having watched Bath become a professional club pre 1995 and other clubs perform extremely well I just feel it is our time.

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