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Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
Sue Supporters Club (IP Logged)
07 April, 2008 10:33
First started watching Bristol in 1992 with my brother, many memories good and bad,
The year we finished 8th, beat Leicester, Northampton and lost to Glos in the final, but made it into Europe.
Away trips to Biarritz and La Rochelle with the SC.
Those who are no longer with us Albert the kit man, Ken Coggins, Steven Murphy, Fred (danny t/boys grandad)Dave Tyler and of corse Arnie the cat.
Meeting such players as Simon Shaw, Josh Lewsey, Robert Jones and many more.
Some of my happiest moments were working for the club and meeting and making freinds with many of you and one of my saddest was when the new management decided to make me redundant.
Used to stand on Centenary Terrace with my dad and brother and then we moved into the West Stand.
Will remember the Memorial ground with fond memories and will miss it terribly and the Worcester game will be quite sad for me.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
fitzeee (IP Logged)
07 April, 2008 10:55
The first game of rugby i saw at the Memorial Ground was not a Bristol game but the South West vs All Blacks. We ended up watching the game sat on top of the breeze block toilets behind the old shed (which is now the Centenary Terrace). The atmosphere at that game was electric and I was hooked.

The best Bristol games seen:

The draw against Bath when I think Frank Bunce gave away a penalty that Bath converted to draw the game. I thought it was going to be our first win against them in the league and the sense of anticipation that we had finally beaten them only to have to snatched away at the last minute seems to sum up the club over the past 10-15 years.

The draw against Leicester after Julian White got sent off
The Northampton Zurich play off
The Exeter game
Last years Glos game

I am looking forward to many more great days in the new ground. Whilst we all like the memorial ground because it holds so many memories, when you look at it in the cold light of day it is a very poor facility not in keeping the GP. Onwards and upwards.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
Chris_N (IP Logged)
07 April, 2008 11:59
1981 away at Weston (as mentioned in the Cardiff programme)
not a memorable game and then after went to the Liverpool February 1982 home game which we lost 10-12 as a 4 year old.

Not a bad introduction as we didn't get beaten again that season.

Earliest memories at the mem - Gloucestershire in a county semi-final in which the fog was so thick no-one could see a thing let alone Austin Sheppard going over for a try in the same game.

Alan Morley breaking Mike Ellery's record for tries in a Bristol shirt

Seeing my first sending off - John Doubleday against B**h and then witnessing Doubleday and 2 Gloucester players being sent off in a derby soon after.

all the "Pomphrey specials" from tap penalties

Hoggies silly little drop=outs to himself.

Crayton Phillips carrying half the opposition on his back to score a winner against Bridgend.

Alan Morley's half time kissogram against Clifton

the corgi's

William Blessing (trousers still rolled inside socks even then)

Witnessing Ashley Reay lose control of a united game in the late 80's when the opposition flanker was sent off and nearly broke down in tears becuase he'd never got sent off before.

The Newport George Crawford game where John Edgar started off the brawl that lead to a walk off.

Seeing Erik Thillet score 3 for the first time against London Irish reserves.

beating Quins 16-0 in 1992

witnessing the cat get hit by a simon painter touch kick.

so many many more amazing memories I'm sure

I will put some old photo's on the flick-r group soon

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
UAH (IP Logged)
07 April, 2008 12:00
Comical anouncements are great. "Attention, attention, this is an important announcement for everyone in the stadium."

I remember the announcer before the London Scottish game. "This is Bristol rugby club, we don't have no gimmicks and no pop music here, but what we do have is your voices!".

And then we got relegated!

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
07 April, 2008 15:35
I remember playing at half-time as a 9 yr old and scoring at the Centenary end and then getting to use the changing rooms.

When I was a ball boy, Arwel Thomas called me on to bring the tee, as I was just about to pass it to him he took a quick tap and as I looked up the Leicester forwards had started to run towards me!

Bringing out a cup of sand so Dusty Hare could take a kick at goal.

The flood lights failing on more than one occasion during an evening game because someone hadnít paid the bill.

Nigel Redmond and Andy Blackmore fighting in the mud for about 5 mins while the game carried on down the other end.

As a youngster playing on the pitch with my friends after every game while my parents had a couple of drinks in the bar.

Being on the pitch with a tear in my eye after the first time we got relegated.

Hugging my Dad at the end of the match after the first time we beat B*th.

Arnie the Cat
The Corgiís chasing the ball
Albert the kitman
Having a pasty to get rid of my hangover

And all those sunny evenings after the game where we stood on the terrace with a pint or three talking about the game.

So long and thanks for the mem.
Canít wait for the new and improved version!

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
shendy (IP Logged)
07 April, 2008 18:35
Not quite what you're looking for, but the Saints winning after being 16-0 down with about 10 minutes left! (Sm100)

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
Peter D (IP Logged)
07 April, 2008 22:27
David John running back to tackle the (I'm pretty sure it was) Leicester winger who was so sure he was going to score that he had started celebrating just prior to being bundled into touch on the line. He went like a heat seeking missile from what seemed to be one corner to the other in a diagonal line.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
our home (IP Logged)
29 April, 2008 23:32
Any more memories out there?

Come on, it's the end of an era! Let's remember the old place.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
leonardsway (IP Logged)
30 April, 2008 14:12
Blimey....I reckon it would take me a week to type all of my memories but hey here goes.

First memories were in the eighties and playing midweek games against Toshiba from Japan and Pete Stiff not having too much trouble in the lineout and also the annual fixture agains Begles Bordeaux which always ended in a huge punch up.

Crayton Philips 5 metre tap penalties. Did he ever fail to score??

Being a ballboy and getting to meet all of the players in the old west stand changing area. Having a cup of tea in the groundsmans (John Carmack) room with his mum (Dump - RIP) and Albert (RIP). Used to sit around for hours listening to Alberts stories and believing every word of it. Richard Harding used to come and ping a fag from Dump to have with his post match tea.

Dr Andy Dun looking at my nose after a ball was thrown back to me (ballboy) from the crowd and hit me in the face. Getting £2 from Tom Mahoney for drying every seat in the Cent Stand before a very wet game.

Meeting the Australian team after the game against the South West in 1988 and collecting there autographs. Campese took us into the changing room and gave me some socks.

A Bath offical giving me 50p to ring a cab for (I think) Graham Dawe from the old payphone under the west stand. Can't remember ringing the taxi firm though!!!

Becoming a steward - being paid £8 to watch Bris - that was my idea of heaven. Working the old score board a few times when Steve (forget his surname) was away. Will always remember the announcer pointing out that I had put a 6 upside down and the crowd laughing and cheering!!

I guess thats a few of my fondest memories

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
Red Triangle (IP Logged)
30 April, 2008 23:09
I first went in 1983 to watch us play Leicester and remember as a 15 year old saying "hello" to Peter Wheeler and Les Cusworth before the game. Didnt start going again until back in the area and watched the odd game during Malcolms era with Phillipas great try against Northampton being the highlight when he took his seat in the South Stand.The other one was wilkinson standing out for ages after a game with two black eyes signing all the autographs.

Took out Centenary stand season tickets in Div1 days after my son upgraded his free one for attending numerous holidays camps run by the Div 1 players!! We have been there ever since

Div1 highlights- Sauls try against Exeter but also the gane we lost to the Pirates in the promotion year when the Pirates fans were fantastic and their team played as if there lives depended on it .Who was there number 8 that day??

European highlights- Stade!!! but also seeing the Viadana fans still smiling after they had been hammered by us.Wonderful supporters.

Premiership- Lee Robinson against Bath first game back in the prem,Lima chasing Varndell into the Centenary Terrace
and the first half last year against quins after watching my son play minis on the pitch. We absolutely murdered them Alfie was amazing.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
PercyGwlad (IP Logged)
30 April, 2008 23:23
I came to college in bristol from cardiff and have many fond memories of watching anglo welsh games in the old days especially agianst Cardiff RFC -I rmember the cardiff v bris game years ago whne the refs watch stopped with bris ahead and the players and crowd screaming at the ref who was oblivious

It has been good to see the Anglo welsh cup back even though some clubshavent got the resources or desire to take it seriously

the games in the HEC this year were great ( i would say that)

I will be there on Idiots Corner on saturday to see the old place for the last time - good luck bris -may you prosper

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
ceedee3 (IP Logged)
01 May, 2008 10:13
It will be quite sad on Sat. Have so many happy memories going back nearly 30 years.

Not rugby I know, but Mr C remembers the Festival of Britain celebrations held at the ground (1951? - showing his age now) and also when the Harlem Globetrotters played there.

Fond memories of the old Shed, the corgis and their owner (nicknamed The Queen), the great times in the bar after matches. Will always remember the fantastic atmosphere when we got back to the club house when we beat Leicester in 1983. The players arrived back not long after us to a tremendous reception and can still see Mike Rafter walking in with the cup held high.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
01 May, 2008 21:46
Starting our family rugby supporting with the kids in the family enclosure,as they got older to the Centenary Terrace and then we moved to the bass stand.

The win against Exeter during a very warm easter.

The introduction of 4 pints jugs.

Nogs and co winning a corporate box for the London Irish game.

Meeting new friends and seeing old ones.

The Pasties.

our corporate box
a cold friday night at the mem

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
sharpie (IP Logged)
02 May, 2008 20:33
i know its very recent,but the wide eyed grins in the bar after the stade game are going to stay with me for a long time.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
elegia (IP Logged)
03 May, 2008 02:15
fitzee that wasn't a draw against leicester - it was a win!

also remember the mass fight between sale & bristol at a midweek game - over 30 players involved!

favourite individual try remains julians effort against quins in the 16-0 win

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 03/05/2008 02:16 by elegia.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
WilliamBlessing (IP Logged)
03 May, 2008 09:07

I think that was an under 21 game and not only was it all 30 players involved, it was both benches and the Sale coaching team as well. The Bristol coaches wisely refrained from joining in a mass brawl that resembled the City Centre on a Saturday night.

I have a feeling I spent my time subsequently verbally abusing from the relative safety of the touch line a young sale player who grew up to be Mark Cueto.

He received my free advice on his parenatage and suggestions as to where he might go for a holiday with a withering sideways look of disdain, much to my further annoyance.

The senior coaches of Sale standing in the terraces including Jim Mallinder, looked somewhat uncomfortable at my criticism of the thuggish Sale tactics that provoked the conflagration which included using a swinging arm rugby league style tackle technique at every occaison.

Bristol's young players were not reluctant to engage in the pitch battle. It was all covered up, as is usual in these matters, possibly before the growth of the Internet.

Happy days when one was free to swing a punch in relative safety.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 16/07/2012 17:37 by WilliamBlessing.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
malvern boy (IP Logged)
03 May, 2008 09:30
Sm125)My first meeting with my girlfriend now my wife. That was back in 72. Were both 16 years old. The only score that night was Bristol!!!!!!(Sm100)

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
gran (IP Logged)
03 May, 2008 11:27
The annual Boxing Day match versus Newbridge, usually a punch up despite the season of goodwill, always great entertainment, often played in hard frost

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
Thorney (IP Logged)
03 May, 2008 11:54
"Standing" on the old east terrace without my feet touching the ground for 90 mins when over 16,000 jammed in to watch South West v All Blacks in 82 or 83. There were even kids on the roof. Memorable but scary.

Watching the county side in the 70s shunt all comers all over the pitch - the only time I have seen a push over try from 20m in a first class match.

Floodlit games against the Welsh sides with a one eyed Welshman stood behind you wherever you went in the ground.

Pomph on the charge.

AJM conjuring tries,

AJM turning and catching JJ Williams in his pomp.

Dave Sorrell's ear...

AJM conjuring tries again,

Mid week matches against Met Police (including one P Ackford)

Corky's enormous miss out passes that fooled defences time and time again.

Oh, and a match finishing with that drop goal in 2006.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
tantor (IP Logged)
03 May, 2008 16:38
all of the good memories are being blunted by a sense of betrayal.

Never Newport.

For a supposed community club, they have given the finger to the community

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