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Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
Downleaze (IP Logged)
04 May, 2008 21:07
I have been a supporter since 1970, my most vivid memory was of Ken Plummer on the right wing, land a drop goal towards the Clubhouse. He was what is now the 10 metre line, almost on the touch line, that was the only kick I ever saw Ken have. Too many memories to list, however I can remember saying I am not going to renew my season ticket after a bad season, but I still renewed my ticket.After 38 years I am afraid I will not renew as I am not in favour of travelling to Newport on a Sunday afternoon. May reconsider when back at the Memorial Ground.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
Bog (IP Logged)
04 May, 2008 22:28
Tantor - Newport or no club at all?

With all the Bristol and SW options investigated and rejected that's what it seems to boil down to.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
grasmith (IP Logged)
05 May, 2008 21:15
My memories over the years,

circa 1980, taking my son to see Glos. and being told by the gateman when I asked for one adult and a child,"When we have to charge lads like that to come into the ground,it will be a sad day for this club." Then standing on the terrace while he stood up against the fence with about half a dozen Glos lads cheering their teams on and leaving at the end the best of mates.

Alan Sharp winking at the crowd as the ref resets the scrum for the umteenth time and his opponent pleads for a penalty.

Travelling to the Ground in 1969 with the Springboks as part of the security detail. Then being hijacked by a massive Boer whom I think was called Tiny, who appointed me as his personal bodyguard and insisted that I sit with him in the stand with Mike Titcombe amongst other people, watching the game and supping whisky, while my colleagues hung around in the cold waiting for an emergency which never happened. At the time I was 5'10 and 10 stone soaking wet, but I felt pretty safe.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
SW (IP Logged)
07 May, 2008 19:23
That Springboks match was the first I went to at the MEM. There were barriers, demonstrators ( I think led by Peter Hain?), lots of police. One man invaded the pitch and tried to scatter broken glass.
Back in those days it was known as Bristol Football Club. Players from that era were Pullin ( remember the Cup Final when JP was carried off in the first minute?), Rollit, Watt, Morley, Munden - I used to enjoy watching the Welsh sides come over, including John, Edwards, Bennet, etc- I didn't mind too much who won as long as Bris beat Newport!
In the 70s there were "Discos" on a Saturday night at the clubhouse - Andy Munden was occasionally a bouncer and I think the DJs name was Aiden J.

It was in the clubhouse my dad first met his second wife in the early 70s. I assume it will be demolished along with the rest of the place now?

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
Graham_U (IP Logged)
08 May, 2008 00:46
Biffo's run up from the half way line to score from a 5 m tap.
Sharpie pulling out one of his own teeth in front of the Cent. Terrace.
The corgis.
The U21 winning match against Sale for the biggest punch up I've seen at a rugby match.
The many great people who have shared our little bit of the back of the Cent Terrace behind the barrier at the back, just to the left of the half way line.
Walking on the pitch after a match on Saturday for the first time since another match against Wuss (when we won the D2 title and went up for the first time).


C'mon Bris,,file=399.jpg

Stand out in a crowd, wear the Hoops!

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
little stinger (IP Logged)
08 May, 2008 12:53
I must have started watching at the same time as you Downleaze - my first game was an end of season Presidents XV match which starred Colin Meads amongst many; then went along whenever I could and did not miss many first team games. I wnt along to several United matches aswell (Cinderford etc). Always enjoyed standing on the rail alongside the pitch when the old shed was there, grabbing a seat in the old press box stand or in the main (wooden )stand at half time. Also; you could always rely upon good mid week games agains the Welsh clubs; the noisiest game was always against St Lukes college - and you always had some where to go on Boxing Day and Easter Monday !!

Also I remember watching Gloucestershire against various counties in the County Cup semi / finals with the wooden chairs on the inside of the rails and an England Probables v Possible game featuring Dave Watt and Dave Rollitt.

Alan Morley was always my favourite winger along with Roger Knight.

And yes - I remember John Pullin being taken out at the start of that cup final against Coventry and having a chat with him (along with my dad) at the end of the game as he made his way back to the team on crutches!

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
tantor (IP Logged)
11 May, 2008 17:02

I don't believe that if we had played at Glos or Barf we would have gone down, or gone bust. I think it is HRH joining in on the sales job, I feel Nweport had been decided a long, long time ago.
The only clubs you could possibly lose home advantage to would be the club you are sharing with. And as for making a place that people find as unwelcoming as the mem, at least six clubs found the mem very welcoming this year.
All those who have bought into this corporate con job please say baa.

I will miss the Mem, but many great memories have been tainted by this whole affair.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
Cricket lover (IP Logged)
11 May, 2008 19:30
I don't think Newport was the preferred option until quite recently.

I know someone who works at the cricket club who saw people from Bristol Rugby visiting the County Ground to look around as recently as February or March.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
11 May, 2008 21:23
Look this might seem a stupid question but i'm interessted to know with you move to Newport do you get a pass that allows you over the bridge to wales or not???

Sorry it's daft but i'm but i'm like that.

Some say he has a Tykes flag with team signatures on.
Others say that he's doing the same to the Carnegie flag,
All we know is that he's called Leeds carnegie signed flag.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
Kate 1978 (IP Logged)
11 May, 2008 22:00
Old times: Aged about 10 drinking Bovril in the old terrace with my Dad about 20 years ago...

New times: - Bristols emphatic win over Exeter - I promised my friends a close run game, Lee Robinsons try against Bath, being beaten by Northampton in the last 3 minutes, THAT drop goal, the directors of Bristol singing 'Simply the Best' after we beat Ex in the clubhouse, Hobbo attempting Kareoke... anytime, Wasps in ND1 in the cup to the wire....

I can't promise to be there at every game in Newport but it's definitely the time when the supporters will be needed the most so work permitting I will get to as many games as I can.

Come on Bristol!!!

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
fred birmingham (IP Logged)
16 July, 2012 12:20
as a ballboy from 1960 - 66 and also helping the groundsman on matchdays - the smell of linament in the changing rooms and meeting famous players like Tony O'Reilly (gutting a fish before playing for Leicester). Meeting with Len Corbett (when he wrote for the Sunday Times).
Teams that contained Hosen, Sharp, Redwood, Dovey, Thorne, Neate, Watt & Rollit -best ever??

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
Peter D (IP Logged)
16 July, 2012 13:24
fred birmingham
Teams that contained Hosen, Sharp, Redwood, Dovey, Thorne, Neate, Watt & Rollit -best ever??

Great teams indeed. Rugby was different in those days - and Bristol played it differently to almost everybody else - but I'd love to see that sort of quality turning out in the navy and white hoops again.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
WilliamBlessing (IP Logged)
16 July, 2012 17:20
"William Blessing (trousers still rolled inside socks even then)"

Fame at last! Of a sort. Happy days. Thanks for bringing this out of the family shoe box.


Sir Winston Churchill - Funeral (I Vow To Thee)

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
Tim, Son of Tom (IP Logged)
17 August, 2013 00:55
Late 1950 I was first taken to the Memorial Ground. My father was playing his last season for Bristol before becoming Team Secretary. I still had 9 months to wait to be born.
I have hundreds of memories of that wonderful ground, the players that played on it, the events it hosted and the people who witnessed all that happened. Most are happy memories, some are embarrassing and lots are funny. Mine was a very privileged experience as I got to see a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff. Here are a few highlights, in no particular order:-
TOURING SIDES including:
The All Blacks (particularly 1964 when Fred Allen their coach taught me the Haka).
The Springboks in 1969 and the Anti-Apartheid demonstrator who spread tin tacks over the pitch during half time.
The Irish Wolfhounds annual visit and stories of the ‘Sherry Breakfast’ at Harvey’s Cellars in Denmark Street with Tony O’Reilly, Andy Mulligan and Mick Doyle who married one of the ‘Bristol Tea Ladies’, Tessa Thompson, daughter of former player Vic.
Helping Dad organise the matches and helping out on the day.
Meeting numerous International players and collecting some unique autographs.
THE GYM, which for many years doubled as the club bar, with a huge tarpaulin dividing it in half. We kids played touch rugby behind it as kids and I remember my mother, Pat, washing my face in beer so that I was clean but sticky! Watching the fox family that lived under it playing on the pitch at night before ‘Dad’ went hunting. The groundsman would fill in the holes they dug every morning only to find them re-dug next day!
ME, marching up and down the touchline to the military music (no royalties had to be paid) before matches dressed as a guardsman.
JIM PURNELL the trainer who was once not allowed on to Twickenham with his bucket and ‘magic sponge’ – it had to be a jug of water on a tray and he had to be wearing a blazer!
BEING A BALL BOY and being told by Jim “if we’re losing get the ball to them quick. If we’re winning, take your time”. Also having to knock on doors in Alton Road to ask for the ball back when a kick sailed over (or through) th netting.
THE HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS with Meadowlark Lemon and Curly who played under floodlights in the middle of the pitch.
AMERICAN FOOTBALL game between 2 USAF sides- the players, fully kitted out, started to warm u 3 hours before the start of the game.
THE ANNUAL CARNIVAL on what is now the car park and was, then, the home of Bishopston RFC with many of the stalls staffed by players and committee plus an 11year old.
THE ENGLAND TEAM training on the ground before touring South Africa in 1971.
BETTY CRABB and the tea ladies.
THE NEWSPAPER MAN selling the Evening Post and Green ‘Un and Pink ‘Un shouting what sounded like ‘Froudy rank tank’ as he circumnavigated the pitch. And NO, I don’t know what it meant!

Dad will be spinning in his grave.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 17/08/2013 11:39 by Tim, Son of Tom.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
Tim, Son of Tom (IP Logged)
17 August, 2013 01:32
I can't believe the bit about getting £2 from Tom Mahoney.

He never gave me £2 ...... and he was my dad!

He must be spinning in his grave with what has happened on and off the pitch in the last few years. He spent almost 60 years as player and administrator with the club and all for free.

No rugby on the Memorial Ground? The World must be coming to an end!

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 17/08/2013 11:33 by Tim, Son of Tom.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
EC Boy (IP Logged)
17 August, 2013 07:47
What a fantastic post. A real pleasure to read it. Thanks.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
JW Taljaard (IP Logged)
17 August, 2013 07:55
England B v South Africa with my dad. Being South African but having left in the 1950's he thought he would never see them play live again. Marko's tap tackle after running the length of the pitch. The Powergen game against Wasps and that win against Bath when Robinson sliced through their defence.

come on Bristol.


Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
twice bitten twice shy (IP Logged)
17 August, 2013 09:38
Another one remembering the old tin shed, and being covered in rust droppings when the ball landed on top of roof, at the start of each season.

Same era - the voice in the crowd who always came up with some dry and humorous comment, usually directed at the ref. One of the best was Bristol v Gloucester, and Ron Nicholls being blown for not throwing in straight at the line-out, and the voice calling out 'Go easy on him ref; he's only learning!' - and there was Nich's gnarled old face, with his nose pointing in another direction from where he was looking, having a grin. The voice always seem to have impeccable timing and always found a gap in the general hubbub for his comments to ring out, loud and clear. Does anyone know his name or remember him.

Standing on the terrace with a few old Bristol players watching us lose to Scottish, and knowing that another world had just started up - one, from which, Bristol have never recovered. Not a word was said. We just stood there in silence.

Memories - Watt going up in the line-out, Pomphrey coming on the charge from a 5 YARD penalty, Morley's lethal finishing inside the 25, Pearn, neat as ever, with his buttoned up collar, landing another penalty, one-eyed Bill Redwood - the list goes on - of the modern players, Lemi scoring another try, and everybody thinking 'how did he do that?'.

Beating Leicester with 14 men, and the glorious drop goal after a neverending, nailbiting series of carries against good old Glos.

Memories - where are you Barbra Streisand now that we need you.

But bring on new players, a new ground, and another set of memories - I've just about got room.

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
Here it is (IP Logged)
17 August, 2013 10:54

Re: Your memories of the Memorial Ground
bennystoon (IP Logged)
23 January, 2016 00:32
1. Being a Ballboy between 1983 - 1985 seasons
2. Ref walking off pitch v Newport game
3. Zimbabwe national team v Bristol
4. Toshiba Japan v Bristol
5. England B V South Africa Game
6. Working for Bill Redwood and building the turnstiles

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