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Re: I'm Closing ERE
Huxster (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 08:51
All been said. Ta mate.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Wynners (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 09:00
Thanks for everything Glen, you're a top man.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
johnnyf (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 09:17
Really can't find words to describe how I feel about this sad news.
Have not felt the drive to post much of late due to what has been the behaviour of some individuals. It's disappointing that the actions of the few detract from the good-will of the majority.
Enormous thanks to you Glen and everyone else who made ERE possible. Going to miss it!

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Widcombe Boy (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 09:19
Many thanks Glen and all the mods for your time effort patience and humility.

A great site which as others have said has been spoilt by a minority.

Take care and enjoy some increased leisure time!


@nobby50 on twitter

Re: I'm Closing ERE
A.M 180 (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 09:26

I've admired your efforts since the days I used to religiously read your excellent fanzine.

And I admire this decision as well

People have abused this very fine forum, and its only right that they lose it

I've enjoyed posting on ERE, but am happy to step away

Re: I'm Closing ERE
pubtime (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 09:42
Shame given that we are at the start of a new era and there will be a steady flow of interesting and positive news coming from the Club in the next months and now nowhere to share this with (generally) like minded people.. Although ultimately I guess this is done in the pubs/restaurants before, during and after a match which makes Bath Rugby such a great thing to be part of..

Thanks Glen.. I was hoping you'd lead the site back to where it was.. I loved this site but was astounded by the number of people who used it to knock the club I love and saddened by the the impact its had on some of those people who have been working tirelessly to deliver success. No part of the club and its staff has missed the wrath of some people on ere!! Good luck Glen..

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Susanne (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 09:46
Thanks to Glen for ERE in all its formats. Thanks for the friends we have made through ERE. Thanks to all of you who have given into my nagging and written reports whilst I have been coordinating them.

And Lee Bideaux - chapeau for your post on this thread - it really made me roar with laughter and summed up ERE for me at its whimsical best!
Proud to adopt one of our stars of the future

Re: I'm Closing ERE
paul bath (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 09:46
Like some others here, I have only posted irregularly for a year or two. Even during that time I have seen the site ruined by heavy handed post who shout down anyone new to the site.

They know who they are.

However, I appreciate all your hard work

Re: I'm Closing ERE
gloucesterwatcher (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 10:03
Thanks Glen for all the pleasure this site has given in the past.
Understand your decision,good luck and good health.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Melkshamrules (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 10:07
Great shame. Seen this before. A few yobs cause so much trouble in what was your quiet local get in closed down and then just move on to do damage in the next.
Many thanks for your efforts, by which means we non-cognoscenti actually get to understand at least something of what is going on.
You will be sorely missed but I don't think we/they know how much...yet.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
ELT (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 10:09
Very sad to see the demise of ERE. I'm an infrequent poster, but have greatly admired the way you have managed the site, Glen. Thank you, and good luck.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Sam Y (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 10:13
Just got back from a lovely weekend in Devon only to find that ERE is closing down? What a shame but I can understand why and I would like to add my thanks Glen.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Humpo (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 10:16
Understandable - it has become very tiresome having to scroll through the personal abuse, snide comments and immaturity to find the good content you would expect from a rugby FANS site.

Let's have some fun on twitter - @Humpo15

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Toast and Marmite (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 10:29
I can only add my 'hear, hear' to all the praise that has been heaped on Glen already. What's particulary noticeable about this thread is the number of posters who used to be frequent contributors in the past but haven't wanted or felt able to post in recent months. (Certainly, even my infrequent contributions have diminished dramatically.)

I hope someone is willing and able to pick up the torch in the future, but whatever takes the place of ERE will not have the same feel of this site at it's best.

All the best in the future. (Sm17)

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Blocks2u (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 10:39
Thanks for everything that you have done over the years Glen, the ere mag and the board. Your wife has echoed my sentiments over recent years that it is only a game of rugby; an easy thing to say but a very hard habit to kick.


Re: I'm Closing ERE
Miles Offside (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 10:48
Thanks for everything Glen, it's a very sad thing but, as so many have already said, I understand completely.

I'm feeling rather outraged by the posters who have brought this site down. It is very tempting to hurl abuse at them, but then that would only make things worse, wouldn't it. I just hope that they feel suitably ashamed. But I wouldn't bank on it.

Anyway, farewell ERE. Thank you for enhancing the experience of supporting our wonderful rugby club.


Re: I'm Closing ERE
Bod (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 10:59
How many posts will Multi-Mike make to sign off? Any guesses??

Re: I'm Closing ERE
BBWBaaBaa (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 11:09
May I add my thanks to all the others, Glen.

I fear that we won't know what we have got "till it's gone".

How the hell will I find out whats going on at the club, or may be going on, or wish was going on????

Re: I'm Closing ERE
DanWiley (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 11:09
Thanks Glen, echos of everything people above have said. I feel this point has been coming for a while now, years? Anyway, no complaints

One thing I would say, with the greatest respect for Glen, is that he doesn't own a monopoly on Bath related rugby sites (nor do I think he thinks that) and there certainly seems demand for a forum. It may not be called ERE, but a rose by any other name etc. If sportsnetwork see that demand then I'm not sure how much would actually change?

I'll certainly be looking for one as I've never quite got on with witter for this sort of thing. Perhaps I'll have to try harder.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
recduckboarder (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 11:25
Glen, I am more than sorry you have decided to finish ERE. I won't know where to go to see like minded people who really care about the club. You done the most fantastic job over many years. A great shame, but you done more than your stint, I think we all appreciate that. The latest thread that we have all ignored shows the underlying good humour that most have.
Good luck and mamy thanks

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Tores2053 (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 11:26
Thanks Glen, I have only been here a short time but on the whole it has been a good experience.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
ballsout (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 11:34
Amazing how many posters are coming out to post in this thread, most of whom have just been lurking this past season. I wonder if a small minority with loud/pedantic/repetitive views keep them all away.

Many thanks for all you've done Glen.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Optimist (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 11:39
My first ever post was an observation on the decline in Balsh's form, so that could date it to anytime between 2001 and the present day!

It's been a roller-coaster - but maybe we can end on a positive note with some good memories:

General wit and best EREonym: Lee Bideaux

Bard: C'mon Bath - loved those early Friday posts

Event: the first Moz match - a quite incredible experience with something positive coming from a real tragedy

Flounce: possibly too many and too sensitive to mention, but I'm going to give it to Gareth - a/ because he did it more than once, b/ because he always came back, and c/ because if he decides he wants to punch me on the nose he knows who I am and where to find me.

All-round loon, iconoclast and grassroots rugby man: Bod

Mornington Crescent award for obscure threads: Cerberus' brother (sadly, i've forgotten his ID!)

Actual, genuine rugby knowledge: Hux

Editor: Glen - never a foot wrong in all these years - an incredible achievement. (Actually - one big mistake, but I'm not going to dwell on that!!)

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Dave Picken (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 11:41
Many thanks to Glen for the great job he has done for a long time. He has been a pleasure to work with and deserves all these messages of thanks.

Please don't worry though. SportNetwork won't be abandoning Bath Rugby.

There will continue to be a Bath Rugby site and the message board.


Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 08/05/2012 12:01 by Dave Picken.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Bod (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 11:44
Leat's faux pas.................?????
Out first ball was it Opti?

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Robbinho (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 11:44
As others have said, sad but inevitable really.

I'd hope we can all let the old girl go out with a bit of dignity and not continue the nonsense right to the end.

The greatest legacy for me from ERE has been the Fat Bloke 7s - and I'm sure I speak for all of us in thanking Glen, and extending an invitation to join us at the Fat Blokes this year.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Griff (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 11:49
I Only started posting on ERE after the offy was closed down. I post every now and then and found there to be some good banter. Shame it will be closing. Thanks to Glen and all the mods

"You're going to need a bigger boat"

Re: I'm Closing ERE
TCM2007 (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 11:58
I'm aware of at least one marriage that wouldn't have happened if not for ERE (albeit somewhat indirectly).

I think it's extraordinary that an effectively self managed community went so many years without getting out of control, based on no more than the occasional scolding look from Glen.

It's a great achievement, and probably a missed career opportunity!

I think ERE deserves a permanent memorial; maybe we can set up an archive site containing PDFs of the print issues, for the benefit of future generations? smiling smiley


Former ed.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
fat lock (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 12:01
I think it's all been said by others, but I wanted to express my thanks to Glen for this site, and my understanding as to why he's closing it.
It has undoubtedly added to my enjoyment of supporting Bath.

Thanks again
Best Wishes for the future


Re: I'm Closing ERE
Bob Stainsby (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 12:08
Another Saint here and if I may I would like to add my thanks when trying succeeding to Raise funds for the BHF via Saints With Heart the help and sponsorship I got via ere was a credit too and typical of the Rugby community. Well done ERE and thanks to Glen good luck for the future to you sir!

Top of the League 2014-2015 Season

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Huxster (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 12:16
Optimist thank you, On you suggestion at the first Moz Match I delayed my retirement and fitted in a few more years competitively and 4 as 2nd team Capt and have just retired.
Bubsy is Cerbs brother

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Optimist (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 12:19
Bubsy...that's the one! And I'd forgotten that you actually owe it all to me....'all' probably being a few more aches and pains to take with you into old age.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
alibev (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 12:27
The legacy of ERE for me will be 6 Moz Matches, 3 FB7's, 1 cricket match, numerous tickets for games, many, many happy hours reading nonsense and insight, usually in the same sentence. I also met my wife through ERE and fathered several children whilst reading the threads, not really. Thanks Glen.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Rucking Carl (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 12:50
Thanks for all you've done Glen and to any others who've dedicated their time to assist with this site over it's many years.

I've never played rugby so my knowledge of the finer points of the game has been lacking but reading ERE has been an education.

Funnily enough, I feel that my posting has started to be more frequent recently.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Benger_Boy (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 12:59
Shocked and quite upset to see that you want to close the site Glen. I like many read allot more than I post for similar reasons to those that have all ready been stated.

On a personal level I don't know where I will find all the latest info on new players, past players, match reports, photos of games, jokes, ticket sales and buyers, social events, general good chat and so much more!

However more importantly I am very sad that the site has become a hassle rather than a joy for you. I feel bad that I didnít realise how bad things were and I should have tried to quash these petty arguments and resolve differences rather than just stop posting and ignoring threads.

I still have loads of copies of the fanzine in my loft and my pictures from the Moz match I got to play in and when ever I look at them I will remember the great effort that you and others have put in to ERE. Thanks Glen.

Genuinely gutted!

Players wanted! Any one who wants to get into or back into rugby or just fancies the odd game for Sutton Benger RFC, PM me.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
mines a black rat (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 13:06
Thanks for everything Glen, ERE became a daily staple for me being one of the few sites that my work firewall does not block (fools).

Hope to meet up with you all on another site.

Have you found the Black Rat?? I have!!

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Dorset Boy (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 13:36
Thank you Glen for all your hard work over the years, and also to the other mods for their input. Ere will be sorely missed by many - hell I might have to do some work for a change!

It has been a long road and has been a pleasure to have been part of that journey for a dozen or so years.

I have met many great people thanks to the site and have had my experiences of following Bath enhanced massively as a result.

Thank you again.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Mike the Taxi (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 13:39

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Convex Hull (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 13:41
Sorry to hear this Glen and I hope that the extra time you will now have provides you and your wife with lots of fun.

There are many rugby supporters who follow other clubs, like me, who log in to ERE to see what is happening at Bath.

I hope that some Bath supporter(s) with broad shoulders and a thick skin can keep a Bath site running.

Regardez mon visage. Suis-je bovvered?

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 08/05/2012 17:42 by Convex Hull.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Bath Fan Jack (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 13:53
Sad but sort of inevitable.

In the last month or two things had really gone in to a death spiral.

Right decision Glen albeit very sad.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Mark_C (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 13:58
Thanks from a Leeds Carnegie Lurker.

The eclectic nature of this unique site will be sadly missed.

Miserati - and Proud to be!

Re: I'm Closing ERE
08 May, 2012 14:07
Thanks to Glen and all of you that have kept on under the pressure of the last few months. You will be sorely missed!

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Huxster (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 14:21
Too True Opti, where theres blame theres a claim !!(Sm151), I don't regret a moment of it.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Ickle (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 15:07
There's not much to say that hasn't already been said, but like many here, I've made some great friends through ERE, and it's helped my sanity (or lack of) in those long summer months when visits to the Rec are few.

Thankyou Glen, for all the time and effort you've contributed, and to all those who have supported Glen as moderators, contributors, posters and even lurkers, for maintaining ERE as one of the most visited sites on SportNetwork.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Masa (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 15:11
Thanks for all you have done,Glen,but am not surprised by your decision to close the site which in recent times has sunk to the depths.I met some great people through this site - Coochie,Gareth,Fud,Stir,Annie,TRG,and Susanne to name but a few.
Thanks again Glen and my best wishes for the future to you and Lyn.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
pingg5 (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 15:13
Sad but inevitable I'm afraid - will now return to Fud's corner with a pie and a pint.
Thanks Glen

Re: I'm Closing ERE
jojo (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 15:33
Occasional poster as a Tiger and am sorry to hear that the site is closing. Was struck that normally this a balanced site.

Hope it is resurrected soon and a salutory lesson is learned that these sites are run by volunteers who should be applauded and supported rather than having to mediate in what are sometimes quite hatefull posts.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
m0rris (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 17:50
Thanks for all of your time Glen, your effort is certainly appreciated. Few can have done as much for the Bath fans community.

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Frome Lurkers (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 17:53
thanks Glen ditto ditto
I still think the paper versions were the greatest since sliced bread!!

Re: I'm Closing ERE
Andy R (IP Logged)
08 May, 2012 18:12
I'm probably very typical of those who were involved during the hey day, from the paper editions all the way through.

I'm very much more of lurker these days, as I got fed up with having any opinion I expressed shouted down. So like others I find it sad but inevitable that the site is to close.

I have many great memories of the site and have made many good friends through it too (I would list them but I'd be here all night, you know who you are).

The highlights for me are the first Moz Match (I participated in the first 3), and the FB7s (I organised the first 3, I think). I also remember sneaking Glen and his wife, into the Old Arcade before the Powergen Cup semi final at the Millenium Stadium, meeting G&T and her Dad, and Fudpucker that day. Was a great day out even if the result didn't go our way.

Sadly the Challenge Cup final in Gloucester is the only final I have attended in my nearly 20 years of support that we've won.

Many heartfelt thanks to you Glen, for everything. I hope we bump into each other again at the Rec sometime soon.


Come on you B A R R T H !

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