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Chris Stirling
Maid 'n Mouthy (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 11:05
I can't put into words how sorry I am that Chris is leaving the Pirates for good. Let's all turn out on Sunday and give him a great send off after his last game in charge.
Many thanks, Chris, for the many hours of excitement and pleasure!

Re: Chris Stirling
*Stalwart (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 11:11
It's a big blow, but Chris deserves our best wishes in his new venture back home in NZ. Since he took over we have seen the very best from The Pirates that we have ever seen. Good luck, Chris - we will certainly miss you.

Re: Chris Stirling
tribute drinker (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 11:14
A massive thanks to Chris Sterling will be missed but never forgotten for his commitment to the Pirates have a great life back home (Sm128)

Re: Chris Stirling
Sennen Lad (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 11:15
I think Dicky says everything that it's possible today in his wonderful piece on the offy.

Thanks to Chris for everything he's done. All very best wishes to him and his family for the future, and also good luck to Ian & Harv' moving forward for us for the rest of the playoffs.

Re: Chris Stirling
Expat Pirate (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 11:25
I reckon that you are probably as sad to leave a job unfinished, as we are to see you go. Thank you for all that you have done for the Pirates, you have revolutionised the club and made it truly professional.You leave us some amazing memories but more importantly, your true legacy is that the Pirates are now in a far better position to move forward and achieve their dream. Your work with Ian and Harvey has certainly made that possible.Thank you for everything and I wish you and your family all success in your new venture. Who knows, you may even come back to us one day !!!!

C'mon you Pirates !!!!

Re: Chris Stirling
Mrs Woll (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 11:30
I echo all that's been said before. Chris is a top-notch professional and we'll miss him; but family comes first, always.

Ian and Harvey are worthy coaches and I know they will take the team forward.

Good luck, Chris from all us supporters.

Re: Chris Stirling
SJP (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 11:59
It's hard to add to what has already been said above and by Dicky so I will just say to Chris, if you read this, a big THANK YOU for what you have brought to the Pirates and wish you
all the best and success in your new job.

EDF Trophy Winners 2007
B & I Cup Winners 2010

Re: Chris Stirling
portreath21 (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 12:29
Hear hear fully endorse all sentiments expressed. Chris would wish you luck but given how good you are at what you do you don't need luck, bon voyage.

Re: Chris Stirling
Berts Pirates (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 12:51
Congratulations and thank you for all you have done for the Pirates, all the best for the future.

Re: Chris Stirling
DKR7Y (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 13:05
Good luck Chris.You deserve the position you have been given by the NZRFU.You also had
a great relationship with the Pirate fans always giving up your time for a chat.We at the Pirates must build on the success you you have brought us over the last 3 years .We owe you that.
1SPY - Bill Rees

Re: Chris Stirling
FMB (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 13:35
Congratulations on your new post with the New Zealand RFU,you will be greatly missed.The only thing missing in New Zealand will be a musical band, can we come? Thank you Chris.

Re: Chris Stirling
Pirate15 (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 13:58
A huge thank you to Chris for what he has done over the last 3 years,he is the ultimate professional and he has brought that quality and so much more to the club and he will always be held in high regard by our club and its supporters.
He has made the right decision for him and his family but he will always have a special place within the pirates family and I'm sure that Ian and Harvey will carry on with the good work that he has started.
I hope that we produce a display on Sunday worthy of his last game and in some way the fans will be given the opportunity to show their appreciation to Chris before his departure.
Am I right in thinking that Ian Davies has been appointed as the head coach from the report on radio Cornwall?

Re: Chris Stirling
cornishbob (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 14:21
What can I add to all that has already been said without repeating all those massively deserved adjectives - nothing other than on a personal front thank you so much for making the past three years as enjoyable as they have been. Good luck (not that you'll need it) for the future and please keep in touch with the club, we'll miss you. THANK YOU (Sm109)(Sm152)(Sm152)(Sm152)(Sm109).

Re: Chris Stirling
Tavi Pirate (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 14:33
A massive thank you to Chris, for taking the Pirates to the high level we are at present.
Perhaps if Chris has a bit of spare time from his other job, he could become the Pirates scout in New Zealand and send over a few players!
Best of luck to Chris & family for the future and thank you.

Re: Chris Stirling
1908 (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 15:21
Good luck to you,Chris. Thank you for all you have done for the club and the town.You will be missed.

Now let's give him a real send off on Sunday.....big crowd and a big win are in order.

Re: Chris Stirling
black and gold (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 15:26
Agree with everything said above, thanks Chris for all you have done for the Cornish Pirates. I am sorry that "the powers that be" in Cornwall have let you down by not getting this stadium built so that you could accomplish our hopes by taking the Pirates to the Premiership.

Our best tribute to you, is to finish the job!

Re: Chris Stirling
Barv Du (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 15:57
The news that Chris is leaving us after the Bedford match on Sunday – and as it would seem, not likely to return – certainly knocked the stuffing out of me this morning. Yes, we have heard that he was probably going home for perhaps a year, and then return again when the Stadium was under construction and things were being put into place to strengthen the team and build towards promotion to the Premiership, but this now appears not to be the case.

However, having sat down and thought through the situation, there is still a great future for the Pirates within our grasp. Okay, Chris to all intents and purposes has gone, but we still have an excellent promotion to Head Coach in the shape of Ian Davies who along with Harvey, will continue to guide the team in the right direction, and we as supporters must throw our total weight and support behind them and give them the encouragement they need to carry the team forward and realise our – and RGRE’s – dream of The Pirates playing Premiership rugby.

Listening to Chris talking to David White this morning on Radio Cornwall, which for those who were unable to hear it, should be available again tomorrow on ‘Listen Again’, a major factor in Chris deciding to go was the lack of real progress on the part of Cornwall Council on the delivery of the Stadium.

This has been exasperating for all of us – not only those of us who have been working assiduously for over three years in the S4C group – but those supporters who are putting their faith in us to get this Stadium delivered. I can honestly say that if it had not been for a small vociferous minority of self-opinionated Councillors, we would now be seeing the Stadium well under construction and ready for next season.

I say a small number of Councillors, and indeed this in reality is what it is. The bulk of Councillors are forward-looking and can see the advantages a Stadium will bring to Cornwall, but there are those who seem to only want to be Councillors in order to further their own interests, personal projects and gains, and have no desire to support the wishes and aspirations of others who have elected them.

At the Meeting at County Hall I attended a couple of weeks ago where a motion was tabled for discussion by Councillor Fiona Ferguson requiring that any future financial discussions regarding the Stadium be carried out in Full Council, one Member got up and vociferously and categorically stated that no public money should be spent on the Stadium.

This same Councillor, who is Chairman of the ‘Dual The A30 Now’ (Temple) action group, and when learning that the estimated cost of £60 million for the scheme could not be funded by the Government because of cuts, and that the Council would be forced to find all the money itself, is quoted as saying that he was ‘delighted the Council was considering funding the project itself’.

Here is one Councillor who is delighted to spend this amount of public money on his own pet scheme, but that nobody else’s must even be considered.

These are the Councillors who should be named, shamed and exposed.

So, do not give up on the future of the Pirates, the Stadium, or those who are working towards both these ends. Get behind them and give them your full support. Nothing worthwhile comes if you don’t work for it.

Re: Chris Stirling
cornish cockney (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 16:06
Once again many many thanks for all you have done in turning our club into what it is today,and i'm sure those players that have stepped up or will be stepping up to a higher level will prove to be very grateful to you and your coaching staff.

Re: Chris Stirling
pastitref (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 16:07
Just to echo many of the others on this site and thank Chris for all his sterling efforts (sorry) and to wish him all the best in his new challenge.

Re: Chris Stirling
Long Shanks (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 16:32
I must say thanks for the last 3 years, and all the best for the future graham & maggie

Re: Chris Stirling
Skilly Beach (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 17:20
Chris Stirlings interview on BBC Radio as to the background to his departure


Re: Chris Stirling
portreath21 (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 17:26
The naysayers should be made to listen to that interview to see what a devastating effect they could have on this county if the stadium does not go ahead. Do I think they will listen? NO,
If they did listen do I think it would open their blinkered minds? ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE,but we can always live in hope.

Re: Chris Stirling
artee (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 18:07

I see you wear the Cornwall/Nz lapel pin Chris gave to Debbie for you at Worcester last season. Good on ya.
Just continue to wear it in New Zealand and be proud of being an adopted Cornishman.

Barv D
Well said. These few bleddy Councillors have been getting away with murder. It is about time the residents stood up to them a bit more.

Ian and Harvey
You are good enough, believe in yourselves, the players, old & new and the supporters. We will all be in the stadium yet...and you will be in the Premiership.

Re: Chris Stirling
truropirate (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 18:19
I can only agree with all that has been said about Chris by everyone on here and what Dickey said on the website. Good luck in what ever you do in the future.

Re: Chris Stirling
Hohookee Chief (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 18:30
The power is in your hands to get rid of them. They are after all elected to the post. Get enough people in their wards to change their loyalty towards an opposition councillor in favor of the stadium. Its not as easy as it sounds but if you work hard with the opposition counselors you can change things. After all local issues should not be about party politics more about getting the right people to work hard to develop local communities.

Good luck.

Re: Chris Stirling
POSTS (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 18:40
Thanks Chris for all your work in turning the Pirates into one of the most entertaing sides in the country.The brand of rugby your teams have played over the last 3 years is a credit to you Ian and Harvey.When you fly out next week you can leave with your head held high.You my friend iam sure wll be welcome back to Penzance and Cornwall at any time in the future.Best wishes in your new job i am sure you will be a great success.The foundations have been laid and great credit must be given to Dicky Evans in bringing you over in the first place,With Dickys support the premiership dream is still achievable.

Re: Chris Stirling
Yog (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 18:47
Looking back over recent years, it's amazing how much things changed over Chris's three short years.
The step up from amateur to professional is a lot more than just money, it's about attitude, belief, having a strategy and the vision to bring about change. Chris has brought all that to the club and more. We seemed to have gone from a club that has aspirations of going somewhere, to a club that believes it can reach it's goals.

Thanks Chris.

Why are we called "The Pirates" ? ....... Because we Arrrggghhh!!!

Re: Chris Stirling
ascloseasthis (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 19:09
Best wishes Mr Stirling, fantastic job to take on.

Re: Chris Stirling
blazie pirate (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 19:37
Chris, best of luck with everything you do in the future.
Your knowledge, enthusiasm and honesty has been a breath of fresh air over the past three years.
You will never be forgotten by a large number of people in Cornwall.
Best wishes to you and your family, we all love you.

Re: Chris Stirling
w0ll (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 19:48
The King is Dead...Long Live the Kings!!

I shall have a lump in my throat on Sunday afternoon for several reasons and regardless of the result; although if Karma is a real phenomena, it will be a win and a spot in the semi's nailed with a game to spare!

Chris has been the figurehead of a team of coaches and backroom staff who have taken the Pirates to the verge of something big. He should have been able to see it through to a conclusion and been able to build further on that.

He can't and solely due to a few narrow-minded, self interested, pretend politicians, who have revelled in the media attention they have attracted for their actions!

Reason to be angry? It would be understandable, but far better and more productive to get EVEN...with interest.

How? By getting that stadium built and work harder still till it hurts, to make it a sustainable success. That, and only that, will ram it down the Neggies throats once and for all.

Oh, and along the way. On 3rd May 2013 we can all vote the bu99ers out! No excuses.

Thanks Chris for all your efforts and all the enjoyment this has given along the way. Ian and Harvey will I'm sure continue with the job seamlessly.

Keep in touch mate

Re: Chris Stirling
Spike's Miaow (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 21:00
Thanks Chris. It has been an absolute joy to watch a true professional ply his trade so effectively. I talked to you once or twice at various locations (mainly as you walked decisively towards, or from, your vantage point high above the Newlyn end. You have been inspirational. Best wishes - see you at our first Premiership game - my round! Mike

P.s. Forgot to mention how well your interview came across. True gentleman!

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Re: Chris Stirling
Penscawn Pirate (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 21:01
At the risk of being shot down in flames again over the issue of our council being incompetent, the squabbling and infighting over the pros and cons of the stadium have now cost us our High Performance Manager who clearly stated in his interview that he would have remained in situ had there been a degree of certainty over the future.

That uncertainty is also driving our best players out of the county and will no doubt prove to be an obstacle in attracting suitable replacements though we do have a good record on that front.

Let's be clear, the Pirates need a stadium but so do all of the other up and coming sportsmen in the county. Which is the best stadium in Cornwall? Camborne, perhaps? That probably equates to a non-league football club and rugby is supposedly the national sport of Cornwall. No disrespect to Camborne but that is a disgrace.

There is one, yes one footballer in the Premiership that hails from Cornwall (Matthew Etherington). Does that mean that the Cornish can't play football? No, of course not. What it reflects is lack of suitable facilities and exposure.

There will be many more sportsmen and women from the Duchy who rise to the top if our councillors can unite behind this "once in a lifetime" opportunity.

And as Chris Sterling alluded to, the spin offs in terms of revenue being spent in the county by visiting fans would be significant.

Businessmen much smarter than me have posted letters in support of the stadium with regards to increased income into the county, so I don't understand why our elected representatives cannot unite "One And All" behind such an iconic and revolutionary opportunity that is within our grasp.

County Hall, get your act together. Recognise what this means to the county, stop dithering, unite behind this project and make it happen........(Sm109)

Re: Chris Stirling
Hedfal (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 21:09
I have posted this on S4C also....

A line of thought for the ones on the fence. in the 1908 Olympics, Cornwall represented Great Britain as the top county in this country, playing Australia at the White City Stadium in London (built and run by PUBLIC money)

In this year of the Olympics just for a second IMAGINE the S4C filled to capacity with the torch bearer entering the Stadium to a Cornish welcome.

I dispise the nay sayers and objectors for delaying this facility, that could bring so much joy and pride to our County.

To those of you that say you represent the people in County Hall, i say you are not of the people to make such judgments upon us, your card is marked.....(Sm109)

Re: Chris Stirling
black and gold (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 21:38
Re Penscawns post about grounds.

I can remember when France A played at Redruth 2001, they trained at Camborne, despite the showers being on they elected to shower back at the hotel!

Sums up what they thought of one of our "premier" facilities even back then.

Funny how Cornwall hasn't hosted a representative fixture since!

Re: Chris Stirling
Expat Pirate (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 21:51
Thanks to Skilly Beach for the link to Chris's interview on Radio Dreckly earlier today.

TBH, it brought a lump to my throat........ typical Chris, no bullsh*t, no bragging, no politics, no evasiveness, just an honest, modest, straightforward, positive, down-to-earth and loyal guy!!!! If you haven't heard it, spare 20 minutes or so to listen to it.

Top bloke !! Great legacy !!! We have a great future just around the corner !!!

C'mon you Pirates !!!!

Re: Chris Stirling
KarlMarx (IP Logged)
10 April, 2012 22:05
What more can be said, that hasn't been already.

I remember when Chris came over for a few weeks the season before he joined the Pirates to assist in the understanding of the ELV's, and you could see the impact that he had on the team in that short time from that scintiliating performance at Bedford in the torrential rain, where the Pirates not only outplayed the Blues, but completely outclassed them that day. Since then, we have witnessed a professionalism brought to the club that had not been seen before, and I'm sure this will continue with Ian and Harvey at the helm.

Those of us who were present at the evening with Chris and Ian back in January received a brief but fascinating insight in what goes into making a successful professional rugby team and the minds of two fine coaches. As Woll has said above 'The King is Dead, Long Live the Kings'.

On the way out of the ground at Cross keys on Saturday, I wished Chris good luck for next Sunday against Bedford - Little did I know at the time, how prophetic that now seems.


I may have been born a Londoner, and it may have taken me thirty six years to discover my destiny, but one thing is certain - I was born to be a Pirate! (Sm109)

Re: Chris Stirling
JANNER (IP Logged)
11 April, 2012 09:24
Thanks Chris,you and the boys have made the last 3 years,those that will live in the memory forever,best of luck to you for your future roll,just remember that a little of that big heart you have will forever be Cornish!!

Re: Chris Stirling
Sennen Lad (IP Logged)
11 April, 2012 09:34
Thanks for the link Skilly!!

Re: Chris Stirling
cheshire exile (IP Logged)
11 April, 2012 12:06
(Sm152)Thanks for everything Chris . Wonderful memories.

Re: Chris Stirling
Caradon Pirate (IP Logged)
11 April, 2012 18:47
Just read about this, gob smacked! Chris did an excellent job with the Pirates, we will certainly not forget him and his contribution to the club. I wish him all the best in his new post within the NZRFU and i'm very sure he will do well in it. Sad news indeed but we have to keep moving forward, people come, people go bringing with them and leaving us their experience and knowledge that helps us along the way. Ian and Harvey will no doubt continue to do a professional job that will lead the way for us to improve for next seasons challenge.
Good luck to Chris, Ian and Harvey, COME ON THE PIRATES!!!

Re: Chris Stirling
Pirate Bert (IP Logged)
11 April, 2012 22:22
I am gutted that I can't be in Naughty Boys' Corner on Sunday afternoon. Stirlo, you are a consummate professional, a true gentleman, in my humble opinion the best thing that's ever happened to the Pirates and one of us. Our loss is the NZRU's gain. Just make sure you tell all those future All Blacks that if they fancy a change of hemisphere, they'll be made very welcome!

Re: Chris Stirling
DKR7Y (IP Logged)
12 April, 2012 13:29
Before Chris arrived at the club i can always remember the players and coaches always walking by the beer tent at Camborne never really wanting to mix with the fans.Chris changed all that and now the coaches and players always have time for the fans and that is very special.I hope that does not change with his departure.Also lets not forget a lot of credit must also go to Dicky Evans who had the foresight to recruit him three years ago.I am very disappointed to miss the farewell party due to holidays.Good Luck in your new career you will be missed in Cornwall.
1SPY- Bill Rees

Re: Chris Stirling
LadockPirate (IP Logged)
12 April, 2012 13:34
Echo all of the comments above. Good luck Chris and thanks for all that you've done with the Pirates over the last 3 years. I could go on for paragraphs but I'd be accused of plagiarism! OPS tribute speaks volumes also.

Cheers - LP

Re: Chris Stirling
*Stalwart (IP Logged)
12 April, 2012 15:16
"I could go on for paragraphs but I'd be accused of plagiarism"
Or even "sycophantism."

Re: Chris Stirling
cheshire exile (IP Logged)
12 April, 2012 16:20

Re: Chris Stirling
*Stalwart (IP Logged)
12 April, 2012 18:10
I was quoting the esteemed Bert Solomon....

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 12/04/2012 18:16 by *Stalwart.

Re: Chris Stirling
methethird (IP Logged)
13 April, 2012 08:14
I promised myself I would not cry!

Good for Chris he did a sterling job. To quote Dicky "Our loss is their game" or something like that.

Going to bawl my eyes out again!!!!

Act your shoe size not your age!

Re: Chris Stirling
cheshire exile (IP Logged)
13 April, 2012 12:46
I suspect it's "their gain".

Re: Chris Stirling
methethird (IP Logged)
13 April, 2012 12:49
Quite! (Sm133)

Act your shoe size not your age!

Re: Chris Stirling
13 April, 2012 17:54
Thanks Chris for all you have done for the Team over the past 2 years.lets hope they give you a great send off on Sunday with a win finaly over Bedford and lets hope for a big support. Best of luck for the future.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 13/04/2012 17:55 by Padstow Pirate.

Re: Chris Stirling
Gareth_Blues (IP Logged)
15 April, 2012 17:22
Skilly Beach
Chris Stirling's interview on BBC Radio as to the background to his departure


An interesting interview - hopefully it'll wake some councillors up on the stadium front. Congrats on your win today - it was your turn smiling smiley - and we'll see you in the final.

Re: Chris Stirling
DKR7Y (IP Logged)
15 April, 2012 19:51
Well done lads.Well deserved send off for Chris.

Re: Chris Stirling
w0ll (IP Logged)
15 April, 2012 20:34
Gareth: They'll only wake up when they realize their game is up! We're onto em.

Re: Chris Stirling
Penscawn Pirate (IP Logged)
16 April, 2012 21:01
Chris Sterling will always be a Pirate, that was clear after his emotional fairwell yesterday when the great man had a tear in his eye.

But his new appointment in NZ could well be a blessing in disguise.

We've already had some great Kiwis in our squad, JB, Lozza and Blair of recent times.

What if he were to phone Dicky and say "I think I've found the new Jonah Lomu, Dan Carter, Richie Macaw but they need game time?"

The man obviously has an eye for talent as our signings under his stewardship have proved, hence his appointment with the NZRFU.

Is it beyond the realms of possibility that we may see some budding All Blacks in Pirate colours?..............(Sm109)

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