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Stadium For Cornwall Latest
Pirate15 (IP Logged)
06 October, 2018 16:20
The Stadium Partners have released the following statement due to media speculation yesterday that Truro City Football Club may not be able to provide their share of the stadium funding.

Press Release: STADIUM FOR CORNWALL UPDATE 6 October 2018.

Dicky Evans, on behalf of the Stadium Partners, said,

As the two long time partners in the Stadium for Cornwall project we would like to update all interested parties on the current situation.

Primarily the progress on the site development is on track with the recently completed site investigation revealing no surprises and in fact the ground conditions are better than expected so there will be no extra foundation works such as piling to support the West Stand.

Obviously that means budgeted costs for earthworks below ground will not be exceeded.

In the meantime we have interviewed potential local consultants to undertake the final construction design and contractual drawings for Civil works, M& E design, as well as quantity surveying consultants. Appointments will follow shortly.

We hope to have all key tender documents including contract drawings and Bills of Quantities ready by December when we will go out to tender to approved pre - qualified local contractors.

The final legalities in connection with the land handover are at a very advanced stage and we are looking to have ownership of the site from the original developer by the end of October.

The private sector finances are in place from the two key partners (Cornish Pirates / Truro & Penwith College) who can confirm that £6 million is available going forward.

Originally this was due to be £4 million ( £2 million each ) but over the last few weeks there has been doubt raised about the other £2 million coming through Helical to TCFC and onto the stadium.

Consequently the original two partners have made arrangements to increase their contribution by at least £2 million to cover any possible shortfall arising from delays / non performance of Helical in assisting TCFC with their promised contribution.

We will obviously accommodate TCFC to play at the Stadium when it is completed.

Should the money actually come through then that will be very helpful but the project success is not dependent on this money at any stage.

This is important as we need to keep to the programme of works.

In addition the contribution from the Government is due to be confirmed in the budget and we are liaising with the powers that be and supplying all information required by them.

In summary therefore, we are fully on track to get the stadium funded and built as per programme by April 2020.

THE STADIUM PARTNERS ( Cornish Pirates & Truro & Penwith College)

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
Pirate15 (IP Logged)
06 October, 2018 16:26
Clearly this is great news and puts an end to the media speculation that was reported yesterday on radio Cornwall that the stadium may be in jeopardy.
Words fail to to express how much gratitude we owe Dicky Evans and Truro & Penwith College for their ongoing financial commitment to this project.

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
*Stalwart (IP Logged)
06 October, 2018 17:48
It's pretty sad that the media are so keen to jump on anything negative and splash headlines about the project being in jeopardy, without bothering to ascertain the facts. Thanks again to RGRE fore his steadfast support and amazing tenacity over so many years. The first game at the new stadium will be an incredible event for all of us, but especially Dicky.

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
SJP (IP Logged)
06 October, 2018 19:31
Having lived here for twenty three years and not being Cornish I am still puzzled as to all the negativity in the Duchy against the Stadium.

Thank goodness for the people like S4C and especially for Dicky Evans who have battled on and made this dream come, almost, true.

EDF Trophy Winners 2007
B & I Cup Winners 2010

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Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
AggiePirate (IP Logged)
06 October, 2018 20:24
Population of Cornwall 400,000 plus.
Pirates supporters at the last home game 1400.
Wish I knew the answer SJP.
I can recall huge crowds from Cornwall at Twickenham in the late 1990's. Last one out turn off the lights.
So what has gone wrong, people? Not like there are suddenly more things to do in the Duchy, is it?

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
cornishbob (IP Logged)
06 October, 2018 21:28
At the risk of being accused of being personal, but Aggie pirate not for the first time do you seem to be the doom monger, for goodness sake man be positive for a change. The Mennaye although the theatre of dreams for a few it isn't for the many, we are a very parochial tribe here in Cornwall, hence the meagre support in PZ, BUT build the stadium, market it properly and given it's excellent accessibility from almost anywhere in Cornwall and the crowds will come. BTW SJP was puzzling the negativity towards the stadium not the attendance. I lived in Exeter for years and saw the same rhetoric towards the Chiefs selling their old ground and the negativity towards moving to Sandy Park, bad move wasn't it?

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
AggiePirate (IP Logged)
07 October, 2018 08:10
Sorry you don't like my style Bob but last time I checked this was a forum. Ie where people express views. Yes I do play devils advocate, but the facts are that almost 40,000 attended the old county championship final in the late 90s, almost ten per cent of Cornwall population, the whole county was behind the team. So a genuine point about why the antagonism towards the stadium now.
And once again the Pirates regularly had gates of 1900 in the old third division.
I don't know the answers, and that is why I post on here.
Might I suggest Bob that instead of having a go at me, you express your opinions on the points raised here. I would genuinely like to hear them.

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
Cowship Pirate (IP Logged)
07 October, 2018 08:45
Perhaps fans will return when the stadium is built— providing we win most games.
Back in the 40’s , early 50’s , I was afraid to go to the Mennaye on my own — why ?
Because of being crushed by the crowd— often many thousand.Today we have shops open on Sunday and sport on the tv —might have some effect.

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
07 October, 2018 09:48
Shops open on Sunday, sport on TV or Pirates at the brainer...COYP!!

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
*Stalwart (IP Logged)
07 October, 2018 10:34
I struggle to understand why we don't bigger crowds. This team is playing brilliant, exciting, attacking rugby and a day out at The Mennaye is a great experience. I don't think the marketing has been good up to now and the club's profile isn't great, even in Penzance. If you were a visitor you would have no idea there was a professional sports team here, even on match day.
I'm sure all this will change when we move to S4C, but we could be doing more now. I suppose, to be fair, we've been concentrating on getting the stadium project on track - and achieving that is a massive achievement.
The next few seasons are going to be incredibly exciting and the first game at the S4C will be quite a day!

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
Pirate15 (IP Logged)
07 October, 2018 10:45
Times change and its not just the Pirates that's been affected. Cornwall regularly played in front of 10,000 people at Redruth in the old championship days. Recently there was less than 2000 at best, the last time they were at Twickenham it was less than 20,000.
I recently saw some premiership stats showing that average crowds are down this year yet there have been more tries scored per game,how do you work that one out?

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
cheshire exile (IP Logged)
07 October, 2018 11:25
There’s more and more rugby on the Tv. A BT Sport add-on to my broadband package is I think £5 per month, for which this weekend you could watch four Premiership fixtures.
In such an environment we absolutely need to increase the marketing effort. Sensible spending would get a good return and more than pa6 for itself.
This season in the Championship looks more open than for several years. Irish are unbeaten without apparently looking convincing (BTW How have they avoided sanctions for causing the postponement of their trip to Jersey because they “couldn’t f8nd suitable accommodation”?)
and there were only six points in it at Ealing last week.
We could be on the verge of something very special this season.

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
1spy (IP Logged)
07 October, 2018 13:36
Media in Cornwall thrive on Negativity. They hate success.

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
Caradon Pirate (IP Logged)
07 October, 2018 16:21
Unfortunately the media in Kernow have this negative streak when it comes to the S4C, why I do not know but it doesn't take a Bsc to realise that it is a positive move for Cornish sport. The amount of people who are against the stadium astounds me, all naysayers spouting reasons that are unfounded and it is obvious they have not really looked in to the facts.
I was a regular on pro Cornish / nationalist forums on facebook and the amount of these people who are against the project used to annoy me. How can you call yourself a person who is for all things Cornish if you are against the S4C which can bring nothing but positiveness to Kernow in all sectors.
We obviously need a modern all seater stadium for our premier rugby team to progress in to the premiership and a fabulous venue for all finals of Cornish sport to be played on. Our national rugby and football squads need a modern stadium to play in, one which will install pride into all who play on the pitch and watch from within, not saying that that doesn't apply to our present grounds, but this new home will have a much larger capacity and more modern facilities.

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
retfordpirate (IP Logged)
07 October, 2018 19:48
Caradon. Well put. I am for people putting forwards opinions and criticisms, all debate needs this but it wears me down when some of the old un-researched rubbish is recycled over and again. On the plus side they are in a fast diminishing vocal minority. (Sm109)

Remember the past. Aim for the future.

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
Porthusek Pirate (IP Logged)
09 October, 2018 20:03
I originate from North Cornwall (Port Isaac) and whilst The Mennaye might be a great day out for those within a reasonable car dive or train journey (no trains in the North) or even walking distance I simply don't think the Mennaye offers the experience (Cornish) supporters want when they have to travel so far west.

The new stadium is a must.

I now live in Hampshire and I am awaiting the day when I can book overnight accommodation to see the Pirates play at a top notch facility and hopefully in the Premiership.

The need for a stadium a no brainer.

I also lived near too and worked in Exeter for many years in the nineties and before their move to Sandy Park, different club, different finances (and different council!) but they have shown the way.

BTW I am not entirely surprised at the requirement for extra financial backing, thank you Dicky and all those connected with this keeping this project going.

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
cornishbob (IP Logged)
11 October, 2018 08:55
With due respect Aggie I have posted regularly on a variety of subjects including 'lost' crowds shame you didn't see them!! We Cornish may be ardently 'Cornish' but it's also a veneer, we are very parochial as well. We still have loads who can't seem to grasp the S4C and what it means or the fact that the 'Pirates' are for Cornwall not just for PZ. Times also change and the times you constantly talk about are in the past, as someone else has already said we now have shops open on Sundays, more leisure activities to choose from and lots more to distract the youngsters. The only way we can attract more is to model ourselves on Exeter, they have got it spot on. I lived there at the time they started to think about selling their old ground and just like here the outcry was equally (if not more) vociferous in their worries about the location, anticipated crowd sizes etc etc. They moved despite all the negativity, the rest they say is history. There is no reason why that shouldn't happen here as well. The S4C is a must, then maybe these doubters will realise what has been happening and become hooked and come aboard. This IS the only way the Pirates can survive long term. To end with please don't think I'm always having 'a go'- as you said this is a place for debate and if you post something then expect to be criticised as well as praised. Todays watchword POSITIVITY

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Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
*Stalwart (IP Logged)
11 October, 2018 09:21
Well said Cornishbob.

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
rgre (IP Logged)
13 October, 2018 02:32
We counted c. 1400 last Sunday.
We are restricted by the powers that be to just over this number unless a senior CC crowd expert based in Exeter is in attendance.
Hence we have changed the Ealing & London Irish game to Saturdays so this crowd control chap can attend when we can accommodate up to 3000 á la Exeter game as nobody will believe we have c.1400 in attendance.
We fully expect to attract a very big crowd for these games.
We also tried to change the London Scottish fixture at new year to the Saturday for the same reason.
However,we will try and get the school monitor at that game so we can let more than 1400 into the ground.
We have had to shut the south shed due to roof issues being sorted as we speak - which will help us increase the ground capacity.
All I can say is that we are much happier all round with our attendances this season.
And before you criticise this post read the post slowly again please.

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
*Stalwart (IP Logged)
13 October, 2018 10:18
Thanks Dicky - it's good to know about some of the stuff the club has to deal with. Personally I'm not bothered too much about the games being Saturday or Sunday. The necessity to have the official in attendance is a very good reason for choosing the Saturdays for the big games. Good to see attendances at a satisfactory level - the people who come are certainly getting their money's worth so far.

Re: Stadium For Cornwall Latest
Jolly Woodhouse (IP Logged)
13 October, 2018 10:32
Well said Dicky. People should pay attention to what YOU say, not general chatter!

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