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number Eights/Warriors
telly1 (IP Logged)
13 April, 2017 03:15
ell Well, Our saviour and hero for next season is the great Luke!
I ask you, to compare, Johnny Gardemer, Roy Bomber Evans, Les Rolinson, Godber Robbins, Julian Horrobin. T he great ZINZAN, all warriors/leaders WINNERS!!!
Somehow Narraway doesn't come near, yes a couple of caps in unusual circumstances but nowhere near the mighty man needed to lead us to the promised land of the SECOND division.
Poor Chairman, circas £75 k pa for a player who has no loyalty to the blue n whites at all but sadly only to a cheque book,
The Chairman, Rosie and the electrician, from Bedworth have been convinced by our inxperienced coach that this is the signing that will take us to the promised land, bit like Mike Umaga,who never played once he became a "player coach", oh yes, all you sycophants who lose the reality and understanderbly, live in dreams . Will wake up once the new season starts and see the fear on the players faces as the alight from the bus on away fixtures on the pre xmas part of the season (the business end) as post ex -mas everyone knows each other and job done.
The Chairman , having little or no Rugby experience, will have another false dawn.
The Wasps, take over of CRFC offers the best hope of a "Hartbury" situation and seems the most likely outcome whilst the BPA ecomes a retalers paradise situated on the best location next to the City Centre
Let's face it ,currently we are a biggish fish in a small pool,
Maybe Harry will live long enough to see COV relive better days, hope so!

Re: number Eights/Warriors
13 April, 2017 07:08
Well..time will only tell what happens in Covs desire to reach a higher league position. There are many important decisions still to be made to make Covs long term financial future far more rock solid than the debt/bond approach of Wasps. However im 100% sure that there has not been a major increase in the wages structure to accommodate said player.
The last 9 months has seen a substantial change in communications with the supporters.Which has eradicated a lot of rumours and bad feelings under the surface. We have learnt a lot in this period of time and so have the players and coaches, with some mistakes being made.BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY THE LESSONS HAVE BEEN LEARNT AND TAKEN ON BOARD. What ROWLAND and his team around him have done is transformed the ethos of the team and how it works Of course nothing is perfect , but when i cast my mind back 12 months to the last game of the season at Wharfedale .The biggest shambles of a display by any Coventry team since losing to BEDFORD BY OVER 7O points.The day Wasps or cov city have any meaningful input into the rugby club will mean the end of the club and lots of its supporters would walk away.

Sam Skennel
Re: number Eights/Warriors
Sam Skennel (IP Logged)
13 April, 2017 07:41
Goodness me Telly1! Bit of a rant there. Makes me wonder if you've been to watch any of the games since Christmas or whether you've bothered to take the time to talk with RW - or any of his caching team, come to that.

"post ex -mas (sic) everyone knows each other and job done"

Yep, ready for the start of the new season. It's called preparation and planning.

Enjoy the rest of the season. And the start of next.

Re: number Eights/Warriors
Peter Redhead (IP Logged)
13 April, 2017 14:53
You know that every time telly 1 puts hits the buttons on his electronic gizmo, it's to wind up the dedicated Coventry supporters. I doubt if he has put a foot into the Butts Arena or travelled away to witness how the team has progressed. I can assure him that there are no mega payed players at the Butts Arena, but it is just a waste of time responding to his inane remarks.

Re: number Eights/Warriors
Teddy60 (IP Logged)
13 April, 2017 15:11
Iím quite happy to take the bait. What an ignorant set of comments from telly1. It sounds like he hasnít been a supporter for years and is still living in a parallel universe where Coventry should, by divine right, be eating at the top table. Do you know anything about rugby? It is about assembling a team (affordably) who become a big family and where players will not let each other down, on the pitch and off. This past year has been the first step and many people who care about the club and it's future have been quietly impressed. The club has to get on a sound footing financially and improve year on year before an assault on the Championship. Only then will forward progress be assured. If you feel you want to be part of that progress then get down and support your club. If not then itís best you keep your ill-informed comments to yourself and donít post.

Re: number Eights/Warriors
Peter Redhead (IP Logged)
13 April, 2017 16:04
IT isn't long ago that administration stared the club in the face. Many of the current board sat around the table at each board meeting, passed the hat around to pay the most pressing invoices from their own pockets. These are the guys that telly1 seems to take pleasure in having a dig at. Then you look at Saturday's match, were you there telly1? I was and for many of the other home and away fixtures. We scored the highest amount of points against a side that were really up to it. RW has looked around and made some great signings for next season, but he, telly1, really wish he had the guts to put his name up instead of being a spineless non entity, and with the current team and the new signings we have what promises to be an exciting season ahead of us next year. I agree with free speech but draw the line at goading people with complete drivel.

elmo's hero's
Re: number Eights/Warriors
elmo's hero's (IP Logged)
13 April, 2017 21:16
I believe Cov have got a great team for next year and should be very hard to beat.
RW has made some very impressive signings, especially in the back row,
Lattu is a cracking player, very physical, strong, plenty of experience. He trains really hard and always gives 100%.
Jack preece is a out 'n'out 7, extremely determined and very fit, plenty of experience. Not the biggest but don't let that fool you, championship dream team twice says something.
Luke Narroway will put the icing on the cake, he will lead by example and still got plenty of fuel in the tank. That combination will be a great contribution to a already exciting team full of good players.
Looking fwd to next season already.

Re: number Eights/Warriors
Cov_InPeace (IP Logged)
13 April, 2017 22:53
@telly1, there's something about that word 'sycophants' that gets right under my skin.

Sometimes people are going to hold different opinions to you. Sometimes you may even feel that everyone holds a different opinion to you. That doesn't make them right and you wrong, but it also doesn't make them sycophants.

If you and I were stood at the bar next Saturday and I said something like, "Isn't it brilliant that we've signed this bloke Narraway?" would you reply:

a) "Erm, in truth I'm not so sure. I've heard he's a bit injury prone, is getting paid an awful lot, and actually I'm a bit worried about where the club is going."


b) "No, you're just a sycophant."

Now let's be honest here - which answer would you really give, to my face?

Given that, what makes you think that saying something different here is in any way acceptable?

And let's just say for the sake of argument that you really did call me a sycophant to my face. Do you think that I'd actually be interested in anything you said after that?

So if you believe that you've got a genuinely important point to make, then you're defeating yourself straight away with the approach you're taking because no one here is likely to take you seriously. You're laying into them so they'll give a bit back and it'll just turn into a pointless slanging match which goes nowhere (a.k.a. 'The Internet').

Ah, I guess this is just a very long winded way of saying something that I've mentioned here previously. Different opinions are great but personal insults are unnecessary and out of bounds. I'm asking you as nicely as I can here, please leave it out.


Re: number Eights/Warriors
14 April, 2017 08:37
I absolutely agree with you, Russ, and I have no doubt that all other supporters do too.
However, such is the belligerent and confrontational content of the illogical rankings of telly1 that, your rebuke apart, surely it would be best to simply not bother to take him on and to reply to his posts?
A case of - if you ignore him he will, hopefully, go away.

Rob C
Re: number Eights/Warriors
Rob C (IP Logged)
14 April, 2017 08:48
Nicely worded Russ.
Can I just add that were I to quote past players names I would at least check the spelling - it's John Gardiner, not Gardemer.
Perhaps a second read through to correct spelling might also result in a rethink on how a post is worded...

Re: number Eights/Warriors
Moosemagic (IP Logged)
14 April, 2017 09:07
If you look at the time of the postings, add in the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes *Hartbury* rather than Hartpury etc, it well resembles the inane ramblings of a person who has had a little to much to drink?

Phil Reynolds

Re: number Eights/Warriors
Kimbo (IP Logged)
14 April, 2017 10:41
Charliebravo (Cliff Bennett)
I absolutely agree with you, Russ


Re: number Eights/Warriors
covkid53 (IP Logged)
14 April, 2017 15:55
Tried to read telly1 rant, but.... Yawn, fell asleep. Boring nonsense.

Re: number Eights/Warriors
HoboAl (IP Logged)
14 April, 2017 21:01
Sycophants or cynics?

Yes we have had dark times and mistakes made. But a new direction seems to have been found and some lessons seem to have been learnt. An inexperienced coach or a developing coach? Well many seemed cautious and sceptical at the beginning, but he seems to be delivering.

It has been a season of frustrations but also one enjoyable of progress.

Personally I am on board for next season, when I expect 4 or 5 battling for promotion rather than the predictable one horse race.

Re: number Eights/Warriors
titchywinger (IP Logged)
16 April, 2017 00:50
Luke Narraway. 160 plus games for Gloucester in the premiership. Won the European challenge cup and the LV cup. 7 caps for England. Captained England Saxons. Perpignan in French league.Captain of London Irish and now wants to come to Cov. He sounds like a winner in the modern era to me Telly1.

Re: number Eights/Warriors
Roger Fox (IP Logged)
16 April, 2017 16:25
Rowland Winters and all of the people at the club are to be congratulated on the impressive improvement this season. They have the potential to be challengers for promotion next season if the squad and coaches can be retained. Rowland does certainly seem to have the knack of attracting people who can create a team with great potential for a successful future.

Re: number Eights/Warriors
telly1 (IP Logged)
19 April, 2017 04:25
roblem is that some people are far more abusive, wicked even beastly in response to a constructive (maybe a bit provocative) comment but certainly not as nasty as their barbed replies.
Thing is, Telly 1 is a 3rd person, not at all like his master,
Telly has lots of information and stuff that would be very damaging to our great club, but, prefers to keep things "above board"
Maybe a bit of playful leg pulling comment is just to much for certain people, but, this board is in existence for open debate and comment.
That's par for the course in a club like ours.
COV 'S biggest problem is and always will be its history,A Yoke to carry forever and that's what might always be a millstone dragging on us.
Telley actually thinks that the RFU/Premiership will soon structure the game so that it will be impossible to gain promotion.
Hence his thoughts on a WASP's tie up so as to keep us in the championship and provide a pathway to the top for Coventry bred players.
We still have them coming through the thousands of Mini sessions every Sunday , yet we stand by and helplessly see them snatched away from us by the Worcester's, Tigers, Saints etc,
Our local clubs are producing quality future stars ,that in the old days were the bedrock of COV's history and success. Alas. No longer,
Telly would rather watch a team of COV kids , bleeding blue and white, than a few imported stars playing cheque book rugby at end of their careers,
Currently, our playing/coaching/physio/managers and uncle tom cobbley cannot possibly be costing less than £1.5million PA.
Phil Maynard says turnover(inc VAT) is £1-25m pa.
Telly is not an accountant, but even he can work out that means a massive deficit?
So let's have some transparency from our owners, give us the facts
It appears that(from their joyous public comments) that they have aquired a wonderful facility BPA,
Where/what is the business plan/model they are adopting that will finance £1.5million budget.
Of course none of this matters to to everyday punter who justs wants a pint and a game every two weeks or so.
But it does matter to the bucket shakers who were in the precinct not so many years ago.
Comments invited, nasty if you like, as I said Telly is not a person so no pain.inflicted.

Re: number Eights/Warriors
Teddy60 (IP Logged)
22 April, 2017 00:51
I still donít get what you think you are playing at? You say you know stuff but most of your comments are inane and just donít stand up. If you have the courage just come out and say who you are and what you Ďknowí and let us all discuss. As it is you are a charlatan!

Rob C
Re: number Eights/Warriors
Rob C (IP Logged)
22 April, 2017 11:42
Possibly been watching too much Harry Potter as well?

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