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Having watched the game on Aviva......
Daveyb (IP Logged)
12 February, 2012 21:52
And also listened to BBC Bristol, I was pleasantly surprised. The ref awarded a penalty against Fitzy for not rolling away in the first minute, but the first thing he did after assisting in the tackle was to roll away. Deduct 3 points from the score!

The second try. I do not know where the ref was on the field to award the try but even the Aviva commentators with the benefit of the limited replays availabvle came to the conclusion that it was most definitely not a try.

So, just how different would the result have been for us but for those 2 questionable decisions?

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
telfs123 (IP Logged)
12 February, 2012 22:16
The ref was a long distance away, as was the touch judge, the replays clearly show the ball was slapped into the ground. There is no way that try can be given, and yet it was. terrible decision. What really annoys me is that there was obviously cameras filming the game, and a 4th official who quite easily could have just looked at the video. There is no reason in this modern era why there can't be a TMO at every game.

And in terms of the other decision, quite frankly both teams could be penalised at nearly every ruck in any game. So i have to sympathise with the refs on that one.

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
lukelisa (IP Logged)
13 February, 2012 00:03
I think all games should have cameras there. If it is only at televised games Newcastle Falcons must be at a disadvantage because very few games are on television.

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
bunch of flankers (IP Logged)
13 February, 2012 06:06
I have not seen the clip yet but I was seated maybe 10 yards from the touchline and no way it looked like a try and was very surprised the ref did not ask even his touch judge whether it was a try or not. Poor decision.

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
jarrowlad (IP Logged)
13 February, 2012 09:32
the ref was some distance away and we couldnt see it but some bath fans who were direct in front of it said they couldnt be sure it was a try,,,as home fans saying that read that as it wasnt a try.

i was overall happy with performance before game would have been happy with 1 pt. shows how well they played when disappointed we only got a 1 pt.

in cold light of day sure JG regretting giving penalty try away and being yellow carded...could have stayed on pitch and help defend and perhaps avoding further points being conceeded.

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
Daveyb (IP Logged)
13 February, 2012 09:50
I am not sure that Biggs would have scored the try as the Bath in goal area is very small indeed and the ball bounced up quite a height whilst in there.
On th disputed try, the evidence which was not 100% seemed to suggest two things, firstly if the bath played touched the ball first he did not apply downward pressure but eemed to knock the ball forward and secondly, our winger actually grounded it first.
In the cold light of day it is irrelevant but still annoying.

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
Leipziger (IP Logged)
13 February, 2012 10:42
Shows how things even themselves out though - the referee couldn't have been 100% sure that Fielden scored that late try against Bath last season. It didn't matter to them but the bonus point the try got us kept us up in the end.

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
alas (IP Logged)
13 February, 2012 13:27
Indeed, the Fielden 'try' was very similar. Yesterday's highlights again exposed the Falcons' lack of pace in the back three and Goosen's uncertain positioning. Manning and Fielden can't come back soon enough in my opinion.

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
lizard118 (IP Logged)
13 February, 2012 14:51
Having watched the whole game on premiership rugby, I believe there are a lot of positives we can take forward.I thought the referee did not help. The Woodburn try after the kick-through by Perenise was never a try and I dont think there are any similarities with the Fielden try which rightly was a try. Hufanga clearly gets the decisive hand to it.
That aside, Gopperth was also adjudged, wrongly, to have knocked on after a Garryowen by a Bath player when clearly Gopperth had not even touched the ball, but from this and after a sequence of passes Bath scored through Woodburn for his first try. But anyway we should have defended better.

We upped the game after this and played effective rugby with Gopperth kicking well and the chasers doing very well to pressurise the Bath defence. From the ensuing pressure we scored through Wilson. Simple but effective and I think this is the best game plan in our current situation. We just need to kick better for territory.But there is no need to be expending too much energy passing it in our on half half.

We just need to keep up the pressure and be a bit more patient and clinical in the final third. We had a very good opportunity soon after the second half when we were near the Bath five metre line and came away with nothing, when Louw tackled Swinson. Had we scored at that point, I honestly think the result would've been different.

But as it turned out we spurned that chance and Bath then turned defence into attack and having worked the Ball into the Falcons half then scored the penalty try when Gopperth tackled Biggs without the Ball.Gopperth went to the bin and they seeminly never looked back.

But you cannot fault the players committment to the cause, and we at least got a losing bonus point and showed some real spirit in the final ten minutes. I thought Tim Swinson as usual was immense in terms of general physicality and turning over ball. We really need to sign him up as I believe he is such an underrated player and could quite easily be playing for England in my opinion. The guy leaves nothing on the field of play and him being fit is crucial in the upcoming games.

Other than the penalty conceeded for coming on the side, I thought Ryan Shortland also put himself about and was constantly looking for work. I'm aware he has not scored many tries for us but I think he has been one of our better signings in terms of his work rate and attitude.

Fondse, Vickers and Gopperth also played well I thought, although the latter's kicking for territory could be improved.I also thought Goosen didnt have a particularly good game especially with his kicking game.

Having said that If we can keep the same level of intensity and commitment that we had in the first half, I think we should be able to put Irish away at KP. We didnt win but there a lot of positives to suggest we can win the games required to stay up. A win against Irish should hopefully set off the Falcons juggernaut. C'mon Falcons!!

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
CountryMike (IP Logged)
13 February, 2012 15:41
Its easy to review a game and come up with dozens of decisions that may or may not be correct for each side, and will depend which coloured tint you have on your specs.

The Woodburn "try" in my opinion wasn't the correct decision. He didn't touch the ball from the clips I've seen, but if I put my blue black and white tinted specs on, I could argue that the Falcons winger deliberately batted the ball out of play, potentially meaning a penalty try to Bath. However, without the back up of the TMO the ref has to go on instinct, and I do feel that you were hard done by on that one.

Any suggestions that the ref could have done anything other than award a penalty try for the Gopperth challenge on Biggs are quite frankly crazy.

Having said all that the Falcons fought like few teams I've seen this year and thoroughly deserved the BP at the end. Good luck for the rest of the season; we've got Wasps to come so hopefully we can do you a favour!

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
sour (IP Logged)
13 February, 2012 17:31
Dai young made a comment similar to several regarding the ref in this thread. That sides who are perceived to be better generally get the 50/50s - which I think is a fair statement.

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
13 February, 2012 18:15
There's a retired referee that has admitted as much. Unfortunately I can't remember who it was!

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
geordie205gti (IP Logged)
13 February, 2012 18:55
Our winger should have got there first, he had a head start. I didn't think he was exactly "eyeballs out"!

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
Horus (IP Logged)
13 February, 2012 20:38
I haven’t seen any TV clips of the match, but I had a superb close up view of the second try awarded to Woodburn. I stood on the front step of the terrace fronting the clubhouse, with the uncovered Novia stand at a right angle. From the terrace, I has an unimpeded view of the corner where the ball was grounded behind the try line. A Falcon hand got to it first, and just got enough downward pressure on it to ground the ball, but he did not control it. A split second later Woodburn’s momentum carried him over the try line, enabling him to snatch the the ball away and ground it for a second time. No try. The nearest official, and he was some way distant, was the touch judge. He seemed to be consulted by the ref , but he just shrugged his shoulders. This did not stop the more distant ref from awarding the try. If any incident cried out for a TMO, as has been said, this was it. By this decision the ref cost us the match. So at the Rec we won a moral victory, 23-24. But such victories don’t help keep you in the Premiership. In a previous post, about an hour after getting off the bus at KP, I had doubts about the pen try. After checking the law, the ref at least got this one right.
The ref needs to take a refresher course on scrummaging technique. He missed several slipped fbindings by Bath, usually by their loosehead, up against Euan Murray.
All this is now water under the bridge and pointless to agonise over.

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
north angel (IP Logged)
14 February, 2012 10:08
Watched highlights last night ,NOT a try thought that Sat was about 20 foot from it. All Bath fans round me said no try,its just poor, touch judge had a great view, it is and was a travesty.Good performance at a tuff place to win ! . Bring on Irish!!!!!Was proud of my team, C O F !!!

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
davidmc (IP Logged)
14 February, 2012 11:06
Slightly off the subject, I have just been looking at Bath's home results this season - only Saracens, Leicester & Quins have scored more points than we did on Saturday, but none scored 3 tries - their points were mainly from penalties. In fact, I don't think any other team has scored more than 2 tries at the Rec all season, so not a bad return overall especially considering where we have come from.

Haven't seen any of the Bath game yet, other than a fleeting clip of the disputed "try" for Bath - I wasn't convinced that Woodburn had grounded it, the comments on here seem to confirm that.

Here's to Saturday & a positive result against Irish.

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
lizard118 (IP Logged)
14 February, 2012 12:23
It was never a try and this can be confirmed if you watch the game on premiership rugby. I reviewed the play just twice just to be sure and it was as clear as day light, no try. But we cannot go back it's just unfortunate that such a bad decision can be the difference between winning and losing.

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
Daveyb (IP Logged)
14 February, 2012 12:44
What it does though, is give us hope. We went to Bath and nearly came away with a win, which must help the confidence stakes of both fans and squad when it comes down to the Irish game.

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
north angel (IP Logged)
14 February, 2012 16:21
Should have come away with a win were it not for incompetence!!!! Why not use TV,The ref could not see he was at wrong angle and to far away, the touch was close and he said he could not see a disgrace this is top level, not some level 8 game !!!! C O F !!!

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
Leipziger (IP Logged)
14 February, 2012 17:44
On the other hand though if we had scored more points or not conceded others then it wouldn't have mattered. Don't want to be argumentative but we benefit from as well as lose out to wrong decisions and I hate referees or TJs being blamed by losing teams. To me it's just a way of trying to draw attention away from that team's inadequacies.

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
Daveyb (IP Logged)
14 February, 2012 19:06
Leipziger, where your thoughts fall down , is the quality of blooper made by the official. We all know that on the whole, very few understand scrum problems in the front row. We all know that they miss things from time to time, but, I cannot see how anyone can defend a decision to award a try when they simply are not in a position to make that judgement.
It is a little like a ref asking the TMO to officiate on a try by video replay. the ref can say anything from, 'is there a reason why I cannot award the try' to 'did he ground the ball'. Surely if the ref asks if the ball was grounded then the TMO cannot mention the knock on he saw in the build up.
For the ref to have awarded the second try, then he must have been able to see downward pressure being applied to the ball by the Bath winger. If he could not see that, then he ought not to have awarded the try. Simple as that.

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
ninjaboy (IP Logged)
14 February, 2012 21:10
Falcons fail to close down half time lead (again), and this time down to the ref, as opposed to their own poor play, which sounds more encouraging on this occasion. Easier to blame the ref, though. Decisions tend to get awarded to the attacking team, they are the ones playing the rugby. Match reports and comments from Mr Gold indicate the only whingeing is what is going on here.

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
sour (IP Logged)
14 February, 2012 21:20
to be fair to the lads, how many times have they been leading by 6 points at half time this season - not many by my totally unscientific and nonchalant calcs

unusual situation

didnt deal with it well...

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
Daveyb (IP Logged)
14 February, 2012 23:31
Falcons fail to close down half time lead (again), and this time down to the ref, as opposed to their own poor play
thats the whole point. If the second try had not been incorrectly awarded, then we would not have failed in closing down a game we were winning.

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
lizard118 (IP Logged)
15 February, 2012 00:12
To be fair ninjaboy it's not whingeing and Mr Gold is not saying anything because frankly it wont take us anywhere as the result stands, and also there is a fear he might start sounding like his predecessor(s).A lot hinge on these small margins and I think it's important that the referee only awards a try or penalty if he or the touch judge are 100% convinced there is a try or an infrigement to award the same, otherwise decisions should be referred to the TMO.

Nobody is trying to make excuses for the team and I think such an assertion is insulting to the guys who put their bodies on the line if you saw the whole game.Credit to them they never let these injustices get to them and got on with the game and in my books they have restored the pride I once upon a time had for the Falcons.

The two crucial mistakes that the referee made Bath scored two tries.That's ten points.It's all well and good saying we shouldnt use the referee as an excuse but these are facts of the situation. It's not moaning it's higlighting the inequality and inconsistencies.Why should we keep quiet and suffer in silence?

It's annoying because the boys could not have given any more(and when was the last time anyone said that about a Falcons team?) and I feel we were short changed.Anyway, we lost, but I believe we can put it right against London Irish, no use crying over spilt milk

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
Getitright (IP Logged)
15 February, 2012 08:02
History and crying over spilt milk!

Does no-one else think this thread has run it's course and become tedious. Time to move on!

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
lizard118 (IP Logged)
15 February, 2012 08:21
Agree with that GIR, can't change the past.We can now concentrate on the Irish game.

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
steve1888 (IP Logged)
15 February, 2012 16:34
One last point , at the time of the try in question it was against the run of play and we were the team playing the rugby?

Re: Having watched the game on Aviva......
north angel (IP Logged)
15 February, 2012 17:29
last word from me also I was never crying or making excuses for my team. I was very proud of my team its a different side all our boys worked hard for the cause.And Steve is right it was against the run of play.But we have to stop going down to 14 its 2weeks on the run and its hurting us. C O F !!!!!

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