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Sunday 16 December v Edinburgh Rugby at Kingston Park, 3.15pm

Sunday 23 December v Gloucester Rugby at Kingston Park, 3.00pm

Last result: Edinburgh Rugby 31-13 Newcastle Falcons

Exiled Falcon (IP Logged)
25 November, 2017 10:08
Having read the various posts after the last few games I am wondering if quite a few people need to have slightly more realistic expectations of where we are as a team. Thereís a lot of criticism (a lot justified) of the recent performances but look at the oppo; did anyone really expect us to win any of the last 4 games? Gloucester just beat Sarries and are on a great run, defeat to them is no huge surprise surely.

After numerous seasons finishing 11th we had a much better season last year and in general played really well. However if you looked at the teams below, Gloucester have proved they werenít going to be that rubbish again and Sharks have some really good players now. The teams above recruited well, maybe our level is really 8th to 9th at least for a few seasons while we continually inprove. If you look at Worcester, they have some really good players and maybe itís a good job we opened up a gap earlier on. Canít see them staying bottom two all season.

Anyway, just think we should maybe calm our jets a little, weíre on an upward curve after many a year in the doldrums and really, realistically, how many of our players would really get into any of the current top 6/7 teams if weíre being honest. Yes last night was dire but weíre still doing okay if you look at the table, things could be (and for lots of years have been) far worse.

Re: Expectations
dick g (IP Logged)
25 November, 2017 10:16
Well put. I am as guilty as anyone of getting carried away. I think I am now starting to catch myself up. Still a long way to go. Keep the faith. WWW.

Re: Expectations
Northumbrian (IP Logged)
25 November, 2017 10:36
Probably finish 9th or 10th this season, but there's a realistic chance of winning the Anglo-Welsh cup.

Re: Expectations
Exiled Falcon (IP Logged)
25 November, 2017 10:47
I would be more than happy with 9th place and the Anglo Welsh cup tbh, donít think you can overstate the momentum a cup win generates.

Re: Expectations
DB23 (IP Logged)
25 November, 2017 11:53
Itís not the unrealistic expectations of what we can achieve this season, whatís frustrating is the manner of defeat in the last four premiership games.

We have played some great rugby, had outstanding defence, a creative try-scoring attack and then produce feeble, half-a*s*d performances shipping a shed load of points to Exeter, Leicester, Wasps and Gloucester.

Most supporters are reasonable in understanding we will lose games but to see our performances drop to an unacceptable level will see the hard-earned goodwill generated soon evaporate if they donít sort it out.

The players need to man up and the coaches need to look at themselves to see what needs to change. There is enough experience on the field to change it up when itís not working, and that requires leadership from the captain too.

We have some good players, and coaches, they are simply not delivering. We are being outfought and outthought right now.

It can change quickly, and hope that happens against Northampton next week.

Re: Expectations
pityacker (IP Logged)
25 November, 2017 12:45
The footfall at the gates tell the story of recent showings , after a bright start to the season over 10,000 came along to see the attractive Tigers fixture only to see Falcons outclassed by them and then a severe walloping at Wasps didnt help matters and last nights crowd a much reduced 6,700 saw a dreadful performance against Gloucester.Much was made pre season of the quality signings for the backline but with the season approaching half way Van de Merwe has spent most of his playing time for Canada not Falcons and Mermooz only played a few times and hardly impressed and Toby Flood apart from his goal kicking a shadow of the player he was and Matavesi has shown glimpses of quality but not getting a decent run with the same midfield partner. After all the nice things being said and printed in the media and the chances of a top half finish things have quickly turned and once again Falcons head to the lower part of the league. fortunately we have a few points in the bag and perhaps if the international players return without injury and the early season form returns we could move back up the table to achieve a place at Europes top table next season , I sincerely hope so.

Re: Expectations
telfs123 (IP Logged)
25 November, 2017 12:47
I feel as we finished a point off 7th last year, expectations were top 6 competition. And very simply, we are still in that competition. Our next 3 games are Saints (a)- who are currently a total mess (like us), Quins (h)- who are currently getting battered by Bath, and Irish (a).
Win 2 of those games (and hopefully 3), and boom, back in top 6 race (which, despite the doom and gloom, we are still tied for 6th in points at the moment).
Having Takalua, DTH, Goneva back will help a lot. IMO Takalua is our Houggard- everything just runs a lot better when he plays.

I may be tempting fate, but I reckon this message board will be happier come December.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 25/11/2017 12:49 by telfs123.

Re: Expectations
25 November, 2017 16:11
I would be happier if they jut put on a decent performance each game not the tripe we got last night.

AND yes Glaws defense was superb can't deny that but we never looked like the outfit of a month ago.

We looked ordinary and as for Flood not sure we will get the monies worth out of him. Just like when he played with England ......... he is gobby can talk the talk but????

Re: Expectations
Rafpilot2000 (IP Logged)
26 November, 2017 19:09
It seems that we all got carried away with a good string of results at the start of the season, at which point we were talking about top four Finnish. After a couple of poor results, it now appears to be doom and gloom which is somewhat binary and a bit unfair given the efforts the club are going to.
After seasons of struggling to score tries, we seem to be scoring regularly . We have had a player on the pitch for England and have a level of depth that we havenít had for years.
The match at St James Park has been lambasted but ultimately anything that raises the clubs profile in the Toon has to be great for the Falcons.The Great American adventure got slammed for depriving us of a home game that we would likely have lost, yet has funded some fantastic ground developments that we all think are going to be fantastic. - I m starting to think the management know what they are doing and need the plaudits for taking bold decisions that seem to be paying off.
On the pitch we are a mid/bottom half , but not relegation team. Simple maths states that with crowds of around 7,000 we canít compete with the big boys , but we are there or thereabouts which is great.
Gloucester played well the other day and our efforts didnít pay off and didnít work. Not earth shattering and it would also be arrogant to Ďexpectí to win. Itís certainly disappointing but a bit harsh to troll the team.
Mid table Finnish in the premiership 6-8, and a good cup run is perfectly possible and a great stepping stone for next season .
Címon Falcons !!

Re: Expectations
steve1888 (IP Logged)
26 November, 2017 21:02
It's a close league this year and there's no easy games, just look at Irish v Wasps and Worcester have had 2 big results on the trot.

Re: Expectations
Exiled Falcon (IP Logged)
26 November, 2017 21:41
I said at the beginning of the season I thought weíd finish similar or lower than last year but wanted the cups to be taken seriously. Iíd happily sacrifice the league for a trophy this year, just look at the momentum Exeter gained from their cup wn a few tears ago.

As Steve says it is a close league and the beauty of it is everyone can beat everyone else, albeit with a little luck and a following wind. You just have to look, at the table, a win or two and we rocket up the table.

Re: Expectations
Monkey1 (IP Logged)
27 November, 2017 07:04
I would be concerned if people were not complaining about Friday night's performance, especially after a simply awful display at Wasps, and being outclassed by Tiggers. It shows that people care, that they hurt when we don't perform, and surely that is a good thing.

That was for Friday however, it is now Monday, and people can reflect a little more on where we are. We have had a great start to the season, then we lost a couple of key players to international call-ups, and the wheels came off. Indications are that we are perfectly capable of getting the wheels back on again.

Keep the faith.

Re: Expectations
Bedlington Lad (IP Logged)
27 November, 2017 08:48
We were on TV and the team failed miserably.

I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for some attacking nous and verve. Gloucs defence was excellent but no effort was made to chip over the top, nudge a grubber through and the only time someone tried to cut a different line Socino bounced the ball off Sinotis's shoulder.

Re: Expectations
Leipziger (IP Logged)
27 November, 2017 09:00
That was for Friday however, it is now Monday, and people can reflect a little more on where we are. We have had a great start to the season, then we lost a couple of key players to international call-ups, and the wheels came off. Indications are that we are perfectly capable of getting the wheels back on again.
Keep the faith.

I remember reading a few years ago that one of the problems with the financial system is that people get carried away in good times, and way too pessimistic in bad times. Essentially, people think good times will last forever and bad times will last forever. As so often happens, sport merely reflects society.

As you say though, keep the faith. The Falcons haven't become a terrible team since the middle of October, just as we weren't world-beaters in September. Things will go up and down, but it'll all be OK in the end.

Re: Expectations
nick holder (IP Logged)
27 November, 2017 10:07
i still think you'll be in the top 6

Re: Expectations
dksniper (IP Logged)
27 November, 2017 10:12
Remember we are doing the hard part ok. 65% possession on Friday!!!!
Just gotta work out what to do with it against certain teams.

Re: Expectations
trummy200 (IP Logged)
27 November, 2017 10:42
First job is to tighten up the defence surely. Over the last two games the opposition have not had to string many phases together to score.

Re: Expectations
Bedlington Lad (IP Logged)
27 November, 2017 10:52
First job is to tighten up the defence surely. Over the last two games the opposition have not had to string many phases together to score.
On Friday all they had to do was throw it to the front of the lineout!

Re: Expectations
Getitright (IP Logged)
27 November, 2017 20:46
Pick the right man in the right position would be a good start.
Squad rotation is all very well but the picture has become very messy recently

Re: Expectations
GeordieFalcon (IP Logged)
27 November, 2017 21:17
I think its a bit of consistency that is the issue.

We all know we have the players and the ability to play a high tempo, attacking game (we've witnessed it many times) so its very frustrating when we have a run of games where we don't show any of it..not even a glimpse.

It just makes people wonder why?

Our defence was an absolute brick wall at one stage, and yet now it looks like a sieve!

Its not so much the expectations...I for one certainly didn't see us as a top four side, its the fact that rugby we were watching has disappeared of the face of the earth, and sometimes not helped by odd selection decisions.

We would probably be happy if the brick wall defence was still there as Gloucester showed...defence wins games...but we haven't even showed that!

Re: Expectations
Monkey1 (IP Logged)
28 November, 2017 07:05
Those who made it to KP last night would have learned a lot about all the points discussed above, from the viewpoints of Dave Walder, Micky Ward & Tim Payne.

We are not suddenly a team that has become rubbish, just as Glos were not a rubbish team that has suddenly become good. Lots of little things add up to make a Premiership quality game. For our particular squad we have had a bit of disruption recently, and we are simply not a robust enough squad to cope with that very well. As mentioned above, consistency helps us a lot at the moment as we don't have enough combinations up to speed to simply slot one player in where another has been doing well.

We are also playing a completely different brand of attacking rugby this season, and it takes time for players to feel natural with it, which may explain why Toby Flood for instance doesn't look sharp. When you hear it explained by people who know the Falcons game inside out, you realise that there is a lot more to it than a lot of the simplistic judgements on here would suggest.

Re: Expectations
Bedlington Lad (IP Logged)
28 November, 2017 08:29
I don't buy this we're not a robust enough squad business. How robust does the squad have to be to realise going from side to side isn't going to work? Joel been a part of the squad for two years so is he not robust enough to try something different? Gloucester were good but we were totally unimaginative and lacking in any nous about how to get over the gain line at all.

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