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Is it time.....
wombles222 (IP Logged)
09 August, 2018 19:01
That we really started putting our Wasps colours and style on the Ricoh?
I know things have been rather sensitive since our move between us and Citys supporters, and i certainly understand the careful approach. But this is our 5th season at our home, and maybe it is time to make more changes. Maybe it is better to have wasps rugby in place of CCFC and sky blues written into the seats, to change the outward facade from blue to black and gold? This is just a couple of ideas, but i feel they are ones that should be made.
I know this will generate opinions aplenty, but what are your thoughts? I personally feel it is time to start this.

Re: Is it time.....
ricohchezwasp (IP Logged)
09 August, 2018 19:20
Until SISU cease to exist as a pain in the Ar£e I canít see this happening......

Not a Doctor and not a troll!!

Re: Is it time.....
wombles222 (IP Logged)
09 August, 2018 19:28
Until SISU cease to exist as a pain in the Ar£e I canít see this happening......

I certainly understand that aspect if this, and the reasons behind it. However if we are the owners (which we are) and they are the tenants (which they are) should it not be the case that the permanent colours and badges be that of the owners and the temporary colours and badges -to which they are very welcome to display when they are playing - be that of the tenants?

Re: Is it time.....
Shugs (IP Logged)
09 August, 2018 19:37
I sense this is less about being sensitive to the football club and more about cost. Re-seating a stadium is a costly business as is re-branding the outside. There is also the issue of the sponsorship of the ground with replacements for Ricoh apparently being sought. I think the movement to a Wasps branded arena will come but I'd rather sit in a blue seat and watch world class players at the moment.

Re: Is it time.....
wombles222 (IP Logged)
09 August, 2018 19:39
Could not agree more shugs, however woukd it be that expensive to repaint the outside and put the wasps name in the seats (replacing the ccfc and sky blues ones, yt leaving the rest blue until we can afford it)?

Re: Is it time.....
Heathen (IP Logged)
10 August, 2018 06:50
Priority of expenditure. It's not broke so unless it becomes a real issue, I have not got a problem with the way it is.

Re: Is it time.....
Shugs (IP Logged)
10 August, 2018 07:34
Could not agree more shugs, however woukd it be that expensive to repaint the outside and put the wasps name in the seats (replacing the ccfc and sky blues ones, yt leaving the rest blue until we can afford it)?
No, I guess that would be very do-able. I agree with your original sentiment, we should be taking steps towards making the whole arena more Wasps orientated.

Re: Is it time.....
ElliesBoss (IP Logged)
10 August, 2018 07:45
Be nice to see a black and gold stadium but I am happy to sit in a Sky Blue seat. Seeing Wasps winning is my reason for going to the Ricoh.

Re: Is it time.....
IggyIreland (IP Logged)
10 August, 2018 07:52
Politically it would be the wrong decision at this moment in time.
We need CCFC to buy into a long term deal (suggest 10 year rolling deal) with Wasps at the Ricoh, with or preferably without Sisu. Not going to happen with all the legals going on.
It's security for both and perhaps then the stadium can be developed for the mutual benefit of both clubs, It's big enough.
Club just need to hang fire until Sisu nonsense has finished and then CCFC need to join the party.
For information I am both a CCFC and Wasps Season ticket holder every season since both have been at the Ricoh.

For those frothing on Sky-blue talk about this ..........Italia can't comment on it because Nick(admin) has banned him for politely disagreeing with him on lack of information on Sisu accounts.. He hasn't even the decency to say that when posters ask. No free speech on SBT and slowly becoming a board of Wasps hating nodding donkeys.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 20/08/2018 16:43 by IggyIreland.

Re: Is it time.....
Nigel Med (IP Logged)
10 August, 2018 12:46
Didn't someone ask the club about this a few years back and were told that to change all the seats in the stadium it would cost around 1 million?

As other have said, far more important things that money could be spent on. Invest in the team and coaches, win trophies and market the club. That will attract enough supporters to park themselves on the seats so the colour becomes irrelevant as you won't see them. Frankly I couldn't care less what colour they are when the stadium is empty.

Re: Is it time.....
neils (IP Logged)
10 August, 2018 12:58
Yes Nick Eastwood said it at one of the early ST holder meetings that it would cost over £1m to replace the seating. There was no point in doing so whilst they were perfectly serviceable and would only be included in the rolling maintenance programme along with all aspects of the stadium. If a new sponsor was brought on board I could see the need to de-Ricoh the place including seats.

Re: Is it time.....
StevieWasp (IP Logged)
10 August, 2018 16:01
I found an articles where a year or so ago Sunderland football club were looking to replace 10,000 seats and were expecting it to cost a few hundred thousand.

We have over 30,000 seats to replace, and I'd think that we'd probably consider rolling out padded seats everywhere too.

So i'm not surprised that it would be £1m+

Re: Is it time.....
wombles222 (IP Logged)
10 August, 2018 16:08
I certainly understand the seats being replaced only when needed, makes good financial sense. I suppose my thoughts are that replacing the seats that are used to say sky blues and CCFC will be a darn sight cheaper, and would be a nice touch to see Wasps or WRFC written large. Also repainting the outside would be a lovely touch, especially to see black and gold adorning our stadium as you approach. I imagine that will cost a bit as well. I do not think I am being hasty as I have waited 5 years so far, but i can also understand why it may take longer from a financial viewpoint.

Re: Is it time.....
hookender (IP Logged)
10 August, 2018 16:31
Remember that ccfc have only a one year contract at present.if nothing is resolved with SISU they may not be there next season and that may be when signage could change,along with any new stadium sponsorship.

Re: Is it time.....
Marconi (IP Logged)
10 August, 2018 16:52
Whilst the cost is a big put-off, always love the look of the gold seats in the Westpac Stadium

Re: Is it time.....
Andy1210 (IP Logged)
10 August, 2018 20:17
Itís more than just seats though. Outside the ground we have walls dedicated to ex Coventry players with bricks bought by fans and families, a statue of Jimmy Hill and a Coventry memorial garden.

Itís a minefield and the only way that can be sensitively resolved is for SISU to take a hike and Wasps and Coventry amicably share the ground.

Re: Is it time.....
Speach (IP Logged)
11 August, 2018 07:06
Perhaps I'm just plain weird but I couldn't care less what colour the stadium, bogs, seats or anything else is. Meek them stadium sponsor's colours for all I care. Change if you like but only as planned maintenance. It really doubt matter.

Take a look around. There is plenty of permanent Wasps branding. The stadium shop isn't shared. The proportions of the logos are correct for tenant and landlord. Put bums on seats is the better answer.

This particular thing ain't broke and don't need afixin.

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."
Sun Tzu

Re: Is it time.....
Gaz (IP Logged)
11 August, 2018 07:20
I'm ambivalent about it, it would be 'nice' to see more black and gold.

Just wanted to add that there are intangible business benefits to having a strong identity, big premiership football clubs have a strong link to their stadiums as part of their identity, and it is the reason big corps spend so much on flagship HQs.

Re: Is it time.....
FishingWasp (IP Logged)
11 August, 2018 07:53
Not really bothered by the colour of seats, the rugby and general facilities are more important to me. Though by all means, when they require replacing, then use black and golden coloured.

However why not have both Wasps and CCFC on the seats, at different ends/sides, a la Ospreys and Swansea at the Liberty Stadium...but only after CCFC have no relationship with SISU.

Re: Is it time.....
Sea of Gold (IP Logged)
11 August, 2018 12:26
Yes, it would be nice to have black and gold seats. But agree that money is probably the main reason for not chaging them rather than politics. For me though it's not so much the colour of the seats, more so the fact they spell out the name of the previous owner. I'd like to see these seats changed, even if if just replaced with more sky blue ones (or even to a stadium sponsors name I suppose).

Just think after years of being 'homeless' it would be nice to NOT still look like we're the bloody tennants!

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 11/08/2018 12:27 by Sea of Gold.

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