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How many of the current squad will be around next season?
Dermot66 (IP Logged)
03 April, 2019 10:08
44 players listed in the program for the St. Patrickís game .
Purely guesswork on my part and with no idea on contract lengths.

Bell - Staying.
Campbell - Staying.
Clews - ?, on a bad run of injuries.
Chawatama - Staying.
Cilliers - Staying.
Coman - Retiring. Really hard player, will be missed.
Cowan - Leaving.
Chavez - Leaving.
Ellington - Staying.
Faingaa - Staying.
Fowlie - Leaving, though I think has great speed and could develop further.
Gilsenan - Staying.
Hearn - Leaving.
Awoyemi - Staying.
Hoskins - Staying.
Ioane - Staying.
Keatley - Leaving, should try to keep if possible.
Macken - Staying.
Maddison - Staying.
McKibbin - Leaving.
McLean - Staying, having his best season for us.
McNally - Leaving, big loss.
Matuu - ?, not seen much of him.
Meehan - Staying.
Mulchrone - ?, hope he stays though feel he will go.
Myler - Staying.
Nalaga - Leaving, hardly seen him play.
Green - ?, lot of injuries.
Ojo - Retirement??
Paulo - Leaving.
Porecki - Staying.
Reid - Staying.
Rogerson - Staying.
Saulo - Leaving, not seen much of him.
Schatz - ?, played a few games recently.
Steele - Not sure either way.
Stephenson - Staying.
Tonks - Leaving, not seen a lot of him recently.
Treviranus - Leaving, great servant.
Tuisue - Staying, developing well.
Twomey - Staying, hopefully see more of him next year.
Van Der Merwe - Leaving, his age is against him.
Veitokani - Staying, developing well.

As I say purely my opinion.

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
HMRH (IP Logged)
03 April, 2019 10:35
Iíd heard roughly 25 out so a few more to go - no idea on reliability of the discussion mind

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
Jamiepep1 (IP Logged)
03 April, 2019 10:38
An awful lot of leavers potentially and the now infamous 10 arrivals have yet to be confirmed.

I suppose combined with the academy players who have been promoted (depending on who of the 10 rumoured signings are confimred) we should have a pretty competitive squad.

Props especially looks strong: Reid, Dell, Cilliers, Hoskins, Danny H-A, Elrington, Lovejoy.

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
SirBurger (IP Logged)
03 April, 2019 10:47
In my opinion (and sorry if some think this is harsh).


Chatawama - useful third or fourth choice tighthead. Good in the loose.
Northcote-Green - lots of injuries but worth hanging onto for a season longer.
Ojo - if he wants to stay on I would keep him around the squad for the youngsters to learn off.
Paulo - didn't blow me away in the Premiership last time, but he is a good scrummaging lock and makes big hits in defence. A useful bench/back-up option.
Schatz - has really come on this season. Big work-rate in defence and won't let us down if called upon.
Tuisue - could be a great player for us.


Bell - his boot could be useful, but seems a bit of a way down the pecking order and unclear how good he will be post-injury. Didn't set the Premiership on fire last time out.
De Chaves - I rate him but he seems some way down the pecking order. Again, he underperformed last time in the Premiership.
Fowlie - I would keep as a utility 13/winger, but he seems out of favour.
Macken - not really done enough for me and looks quite small, but a decent back-up option.
Steele - not really developed since his first season, which was probably his best.
Twomey - haven't seen enough of him, but decent pedigree. May be worth persisting with.
Van der Merwe - still going strong. Could be a good leadership figure to have around even if not first choice next season.


Brophy-Clews - injury plagued.
Campbell - not done enough and a bit one-dimensional.
Keatley - would be glad for him to stay, but seems very unlikely.
McNally - big loss but we can cope.
Mulchrone - been a great servant but personally think it's time to move on.
Reid - would like him to stay but think he is off.
Treviranus - has done well when called upon but is now 35. One of my all time favourites.

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
Shawshank (IP Logged)
03 April, 2019 11:55
We need to be realistic about some of our old favourites.

The reality is that we have been relegated 2x in the last 3 seasons with them in the squad, and indeed last time we were adrift by quite some distance.

Guys like Gilly, Fowlie, Topsy, Trev, Bell, Steele and Fergus haven't got any better over the last year, so I can't see much point in keeping any of them on.

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
Mr Bumble (IP Logged)
03 April, 2019 15:05
What about Terrence Hepetema? He's been a very positive addition.
Motu Matu'u was also effective but went off within the first couple of minutes at the Hartpury away game in December.
Would def. like Macken to stay.

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
SirBurger (IP Logged)
03 April, 2019 15:19
Yes, Hepetema should definitely be around next season. Him and Stephenson are forming a lovely centre partnership.

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
Blarney (IP Logged)
03 April, 2019 17:29
Bit harsh on Mulchrone. Our first relegation season he was one of our more consistent, competitive players. When we came back up and battered Quins he was central. Indeed, I still believe that the long term injuries to both him and Coman were a big part of our subsequent relegation. We would not have leaked nearly so many tries with those two playing regularly.

I think we will need his grit and stability to help us survive next season.

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
Bazzo (IP Logged)
03 April, 2019 18:48
Iíd keep Tommy Bell over Vikotani any day of the week. Not even close.

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
Florida (IP Logged)
03 April, 2019 18:59
Iíd keep Tommy Bell over Vikotani any day of the week. Not even close.

Agree it's not close, but I think I'm looking from a slightly different angle.

Bell, generally quite solid, not exceptional except with his kicking accuracy. Pretty well established don't see him adding a massive amount more to his game.

Fred, got pace, footwork and hands. Let down massively in other areas of his game but improving week on week, lots of raw potential.

I'd like to keep both, but if I had to choose I think I'd choose Fred. Neither will keep us up next season, but Fred has the potential to be a game changer in a few seasons. Bell will keep the scoreboard ticking over if we're winning penalties but I don't see him offering a lot more, more steady Eddie than game changer.

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
Smudge21 (IP Logged)
03 April, 2019 19:53
Agree with Florida. Would keep veitokani for sure, huge amounts of potential. Has improved week on week

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
Margin_Walker (IP Logged)
03 April, 2019 20:24
25 senior squad players out the door would be a huge turnover of players. Will be interesting to see what the final number is. With no knowledge of salaries or contract lengths I'd look at/expect something like this:

Elrington - Plenty to offer.
Hoskins - Stand out tighthead for the past two years
Porecki - 1st choice hooker unless they sign someone better. Very tidy player
Paulo - Good for those winter months when you need a massive unit in the tight and packing down behind the TH in the scrum
Maddison - Has looked a decent signing and will be a good squad option
Rogerson - Another good signing. Will be interesting to see whether he can step up
Ioane - All action, even if he is an accident waiting to happen on the high tackle front
Tuisue - Looks very solid. Big performance against Pirates at the weekend.
Myler - Been there, done that.
Macken - I've been impressed with him. Likely to be a squad player, but is versatile and has an eye for the try line.
Hepetema - Nice all round skillset at 12
McLean - Revelation this season as a solid defensive wing.
Stephenson - Another great signing.
Veitokani - Potential to be a real threat. Hopefully a little safer defensively next year
Mulchrone - I a fan. Always ultra professional and rock solid in defence
Meehan - Huge improvement this season. Will be pushing for the starting jersey.

Reid - Would keep him, but get the feeling he may be off. We'll see
Fainga'a - Seems a good bloke, but not really made much of an impact
Matuíu - Honestly not seen enough of him
Chawatama - Think they'll perhaps keep one of him and Cilliers. I'd go with Lovejoy
Cilliers - As above
Cowan - Getting on a bit, outside interests and injuries this season.
Gilsenen - Good character to have around, but he's never really forced his way up the pecking order.
Schatz - Coaches seem to rate his utility value. Probably see him staying
Bell - As others have said, steady but not sure whether we need more game breakers.
Steele - Depends whether we go with 3 or 4 senior 9s. Get the feeling he may leave.

Hobbs-Awoyemi - Would hang onto him if fit, but two serious injuries in three seasons...
de Chaves - Not really happened for him since that first season
Coman - Sad to see him go
Hearn - Was always a bit of an odd re-signing
Fowlie - Just not happening for him. Hasn't really stood out playing for LS either.
Campbell - Don't really see it.
Treviranus - Not sure he's got another prem season in those legs
Twomey - By default really. Hasn't featured
Saulo - As above
van der Merwe - Could do a job, but age not on his side.
Brophy Clews - Real shame, but injuries again. Not sure where he fits either as we have several better 10s and 12s
Keatley - Will be a shame to see him go. Think he's fairly committed to the move though.
McNally - Would have loved to keep him
Northcote-Green - Not had much luck. Has looked decent in spells
McKibbin - Back to Oz
Nalaga - Terrible luck with injuries
Ojo - Will be 34 next season and has been a while since he's been a threat.
Tonks - Solid player, but down the pecking order.

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
MarkS (IP Logged)
04 April, 2019 09:06
So looking at the number of appearances that each player has made - assuming that teh coaches trust them if they play often especially as starters - and excluding those that are leaving or retiring (McNally & McKibben), I think the players that the coaches will be keeping are:

Luke McLean - brilliant all season and started 16 games
Ben Meehan - starts when available and getting better
Matt Rogerson - nailed on No.8 (curious Trev started last week)
Ollie Hoskins - nailed on No.3 and regularly goes 80 minutes an scores
Tom Stephenson - again picked when available and in great form
Gordon Reid - I hadnt heard he is leaving but if he is thats a huge loss
Topsy Ojo - maybe retiring or switch to coaching staff
Dave Proecki - First choice hoooker
Teofilo Paulo - stated 11 matches and sub 3 times more - reliable in the tight
Jake Schatz - for me, surprise of teh year - 19 apps with 1 as starter
Brendan Macken - very reliable with 5 tries
Franco van der Merwe - always starts when available - dont care what his age is
Ben Loader - the break-through player of the year
Stephen Myler - good at the start but I think Keatley is better - fitness?
Pat Cilliers - 16 apps, 8 as starter - both sides of scrum
TJ Ioane - mr dynamic - penalty waiting to happen but good carrier

also staying

Alveriati Veitokani - getting better every game and the coaches like him
Tom Parton - brilliant before his injury
Terence Hepetema - ever present when available - really top-class 12
Barney Maddison - again a great 2nd line 2nd row
Albert Tuise - made the no.6 jersey his own since his arrival
Ollie Hassell-Collins - limited chances but always takes them
Fergus Mulcrone - when fit is used (80 minutes last week)
Jacob Atkins - really come on this year
Harry Elrington - good energy when on
Ben Atkins - academy
Isaac Curtis-Harris - academy
Rory Brand - academy
Jack Cooke - academy
Brandon Baker
Sam Collingridge
Ben Donnell
Caolan Englefield
Austin Hay
Reuben Knight
Izzy Moore-Aiono

probably staying

Matt Williams
Scott Steele - firm No.2 to Meehan, may go else where for more regular rugby
Lovejoy Chawatama - has been selected as a rep a lot recently - good energy

Probably going
Danny Hobbs-Awoyemi - injured a lot
Mott Matuíu - injured but trusted when available
Saíia Faingaía - Van Vuuren as a upgrade?
Van Vuuren - see above
Theo Brophy-Clews - concussion problems
Tommy Bell - injured - Freddy and Parton now installed?

Sebastian de Chaves - slipped down the rankings
Ofisa Treviranus - good servant but Matt is firm No.1 and SOB is coming
Greig Tonks - out of favour
Ciaran Hearn - never plays really
Manasa Saulo - 8 minutes of rugby all year??
Max Northcote-Green - havent seen him
Tom Fowlie - time has passed
Napolioni Nalaga - injujred and then unfit
Sam Twomey - never seen him
Mike Coman - retired
Brendan McKibben - retired
Josh McNally - Bloody Bath
Bryce Campbell - better player available
Blair Copwan - time has come to an end?
Connor Gilsenen - has played 9 times but better players available?

if only
Ian Keatley - off to Italy I think

If you take the going and probably going lists that's 21 players - also dont forget DuPlessis has also left. I thinkwe need a big lock-forward and another No.6 as a priority

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
stnick88 (IP Logged)
05 April, 2019 15:52
Van Vuuren as an upgrade on Fainga'a? behave.

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
Shawshank (IP Logged)
05 April, 2019 16:01
Fainga'a has been pretty underwhelming.

Porecki is streets ahead of him, and in the only game I've seen him play VV looked great.

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
SirBurger (IP Logged)
05 April, 2019 16:37
Fainga'a maybe isn't the best carrier, but he is a really strong defender. I watched him closely the last few times he has played and he helps to lead the defensive line and tackles low and hard. His set piece is solid as well. Maybe not first choice, but definitely a good option to have.

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
DaveTVT (IP Logged)
05 April, 2019 22:03
Agree with Sirburger - I'd keep Fainga. Fearless in defence and a decent finisher.

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
Marbo (IP Logged)
06 April, 2019 14:09
Very puzzled by this sudden lack of faith in Fainga. I think him and Porecki have been a pretty solid 1st and 2nd option for us at hooker this year. Hooker is one position I don't think we need to any recruitment for next year as we all ready have two premiership standard players at that position and the younger Atkins brother sounds like he's developing well.

In regards to Theo I know he's been injured but I'd resign him I think he will come good. I just fear if we let him go, he will get over his injury problems and we will never hear the end of, "how did London Irish let him go he's brilliant for X team".

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
SixNineOne (IP Logged)
06 April, 2019 15:27
I think Theo is a bit of a conundrum. Iím not qualified to judge his potential long term fitness - Iíll leave that the medical team at Hazelwood. I agree he has real talent in open play, but I do think that if heís going to ďcome goodĒ he needs to work hard on his kicking. Out of hand heís looked decidedly shaky the last few times Iíve seen him play, and he also hasnít been reliable off the tee. If you look at other promising youngsters like Marcus Smith, their tactical kicking is very accurate and theyíve got a goal kicking percentage of 80% plus, which is the standard Theo needs to aim for if heís to be a primary goal kicker. While the tendency has been to play him at 12 rather than 10 recently, Iím not convinced thatís the right answer for him.

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
Steelman (IP Logged)
06 April, 2019 18:47
I'm sure Theo has many talents,but could he ever be a footballing fly like Smyler,Keatley or Atkins,definitely no. Could he be as good at centre as Terence,Stevo,or Fergus,again no,and this is only the Championship.He needs to find his level and play his rugby there.

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
HMRH (IP Logged)
07 April, 2019 06:53
Reid is leaving. Article in Times has an interview with Gordy. His family didnít settle in London and moved back to Scotland so he only sees them once a month. No club in place as yet.

Re: How many of the current squad will be around next season?
Margin_Walker (IP Logged)
07 April, 2019 07:27
Back to Glasgow you'd expect. Rennie mentioned the other day that he was bringing a loosehead back from England iirc.

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