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England? What Now?

By P G Tips
October 6 2015

  Four years of meticulous planning and constant media briefing have ended in failure. The post mortems have started, the rumours whispering and knives are out, but the tournament continues and while the question “What went wrong” has to be investigated, “where to now?” is even more important.   So, what should English Rugby do to put this sad period behind the... More >

More Minnow Bites?

    Every World Cup has it’s minnow or shock upset story so it seems. It started in 1991 with both Canada and Western Samoa making the Quarter finals. A physic... More >

Bath RWC Players Hot or Cold

Let's have a quick look at how Bath's international players have performed so far in the Rugby World Cup:... More >

Player Adoption 2015/16

It's that time of year again - player adoptions.... More >

Star Parts or Bit Players? Bath’s England World Cup choices

  The auditions are complete, the cast chosen. There are less than three weeks to go to curtain up on the main show, with one preview this weekend to give further clues to th... More >

Where are the Reinforcements? Baths’ World Cup Hopefuls (3)

  A brave come back and two fine tries cannot hide the paucity of England’s performance in Paris. There is no comfort in the gallantry of the last 10 minutes –thi... More >

A barrack room lawyer speaks

So progress, or so it seems. But what did the Upper Tribunal actually decide? And does it have wider implications?... More >

Destiny Days in Denver: Bath's World Cup Hopefuls

  Last summer I wrote about the chances of 14 Bath squad members hoping to  make the England World Cup Squad – all with some reason for aspiration that they might ... More >

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