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London Irish Away

By Quins4life
April 28 2016

At the start of the season we had two chances of winning silverware, and whilst we have disappointingly fallen away from the Premiership, we have once again made the Challenge Cup Final after 30-6 win against French side Grenoble. We certainly weren’t at our full flowing best, but in general it was a strong display and in my opinion, by far our best since we beat Sarries at the Stoop back in... More >

Grenoble Challenge Cup SF

After poor, abject performances I hate doing these previews for the next game because I have to look back at them and get frustrated again. Once again Quins were left ruing a poor ... More >

Saracens vs Harlequins or The Goode, the Brad and the Uglies

Looking at the message board in the run up to the game, opinion is pretty evenly split about it. On the one hand there are those of us who become a cross between a GOM and the edit... More >

Wembley Calling

Last weekend Harlequins once again put us through all possible emotions on a tense night at the Stoop. Many thought, as did I, we would win at a canter and comprehensively against ... More >

Harlequins vs Newcastle

Will the real Harlequins please stand up? Harlequins had been in a poor run of form prior to the visit of Newcastle, having won only one of their five previous matches, a home... More >

London Irish Home- Europe Returns

Well that was a lot better wasn’t it? Whilst there is still lots to improve on, you cannot be too unhappy with a 6-try victory against a Newcastle side battling for their liv... More >

Saints bank points over holiday weekend

Dare I say this is another "must win" game, five games left in the regular season and we are certainly not in the position that we would wish. Some would say that the league table ... More >

Newcastle at Home

A promising start to the season had us all believing we could repeat the heroics of the 2011/12 season and win this great championship, but alas a disappointing run which has inclu... More >

Last Chance Saloon at the Gardens?

That was incredibly disappointing wasn’t it? No energy, no tempo. Not one positive can be taken from last week’s game, apart from the fact we managed to come away with ... More >

Quins lose baggage on Ryan Air

Welcome to the roller coaster that is Quins: one week it’s the most exciting game of the season with a five point try fest against Bath; the next, we’re seen off by a w... More >

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