Player Survey Results: Harlequins vs Bath
March 13 2018

Hardly a surprise there were some good scores here. Our game against Bath was a fine example of how you can never quite tell with Harlequins. People certainly felt the forwards did better than the backs, with a good average score of 3.79 for the forwards and 3.53 for the backs. 

Certainly, when you see a score like 4.00 for Mark Lambert, then you know he must have had a heck of a game and he did. Joe Gray will always get marked down because of lineouts but 29 votes for a "3" and 19 "4"s, can't be bad. James Horwill came in with a very respectable 3.61 25*3, 25*4, 4*5 a pretty serious vote of confidence! However the out and out winner in the pack was James Chisolm with 4.54 achieved by 3*3, 19*4 and 32*5 - that last may be a record! Luke Wallace was also in the 4s, with a score of 4.19. Demetri Catrakilis deserves a mention for 3.89. I'm sure he will go on to improve on that. J P Doyle even got a 3.59, no-one gave him a "1" but someone gave him a "5".