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Meet the Family - monoblock

By Griff
June 27 2016

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London Irish Season Review - Part 1

  The London Irish 15/16 season started in unusual fashion. The retirement of Andy Goode, months after signing up to Irish for one final season in the Premiership, was unfort... More >

The Farewell...

And so we finally got to the end of a long, hard season for all, relegated with nothing to play for other than pride. Why go?, well it was almost like the feeling you get, when you... More >

I can handle the pain, its the hope that kills me

Arriving at the Madstad the first thing that struck me was the line of away coaches snaking down the hill outside the stadium, Quins were here in force! and with the team-sheet in ... More >

Falcons v Irish

  I've always struggled with the phrase "all but". It caused me lots of problems as a child as I never understood what was being said. If you get the good old Thesaurus out on... More >

Quins Match report...TMO listening to music...

As I walked to the ground I saw the rain clouds gather and wondered if my front row seat in the north stand was a good idea.  I relaxed when I sat down to see clear sky above,... More >

So its goodnight from me and goodbye to the Prem (probably)

When I was 18ish my mates and I, as a rule, went out on a Saturday night after we had played rugby or football and have a time of it. Fridays were a different matter, that was when... More >

Bye Bye Balti Pie

Let’s start with a simple fact: I don’t want to write this match report. Nobody enjoys being the bearer of bad news. London Irish may be able to stay up this season fro... More >

It's all about the rugby!

The traditional St Patrick's game at the Madejski is very much the Marmite of the Irish season. Some love it, some hate it. It's hard to argue that as a club we shouldn't do it, it... More >

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