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By Bill the Chip
March 16 2018

As someone who goes to every Irish game home and away, and also an avid reader of the Craic, I thought I should step up and help Griff's regular pleadings and do a match a write up!... More >

Get Tom Cruise on the phone!

London Irish's preformance in the Avivia Premiership has been disappointing. After the glorious victory over Harlequins in the opening day at Twickenham everything felt good but si... More >


LI Bohemian steps-up to produce a match report for a truly terrible game of rugby, played in front of few people, in the cold while the Six Nations is on elsewhere.... More >

We are taking hospital visitors!

I don’t tend to go to games away from the Madstad, except Twickenham, and in fact the only games I have been to prior to this were the little home game in New York and a prev... More >

Another Unexpected Journey

I had no intentions of going to the match this Saturday and it was pretty much the same story when Irish played Krasny Yar at the Madstad two weeks previous to this game, but I sti... More >

LI Youngsters Step Up…

Round 5 of the European Challenge Cup saw London Irish welcome Krasny Yar from Siberia to the Madejski. Shawshank reports on the match.... More >

Fading Festive Fizzle

After succumbing to a heavy cough and cold the day game, I was looking forward to some Irish cheer but with the festive fizzle finally fading and the New Year fun not quite at the ... More >

Déjà vu all over again Jeff!

I managed to get to the game, as most of the travelling Irish supporters by having some time off work, we drove up and parked in an adjacent rugby ground, car park and walked throu... More >

A Tale of One City

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... The best? Edinburgh is a fabulous city, I've always liked it and I still do. It's not too big, the people are fantastic and t... More >

Future not so rosy, more cider please.

I boarded the train at Kemble Station aglow with an optimism lit by the price of my cheap day return. Effortlessly the miles sped by ,leaving Wiltshire's blue skies behind as we tu... More >

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