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Start of the season

By Leipziger
October 14 2016

Since we’re at the end of the first block of this season’s Premiership games, I thought I’d take a look at how our first six results compare to expectations and our starts in previous years.... More >

Bristol prospects?

  This isn’t really anything to do with our next home game, although that obviously got me thinking about our newly promoted friends from the South West. For bizarre rea... More >

Five thoughts from Newcastle v Leicester

Reflections on yesterday’s agonizing one-point defeat to the Tigers at KP:... More >

Tweet of the Devil?

  Neil Fissler tweeted a comment the other day that got quite a few feathers ruffled amongst the Kingston Park faithful, and rightly so. Couched in the usual journalistic Twit... More >

Island Wing Wizards

I'm going to be honest: we need a story and I've got very little time to do one.... More >

Book Review: Landing On My Feet (Mike Catt)

“Mike Catt was born in South Africa. How does he play for England?” “Same as he does for Bath: badly.”... More >

Falcons forward to Coventry

Despite losing a game in the Premiership Sevens qualifiers for the first time, Newcastle Falcons still advanced to next week’s finals on a sunny afternoon at Kingston Park.&n... More >

Scrum nonsense

I’ve shouted “Ref, if he doesn’t want to scrum, send him off and they can bring on someone who will!” at games so often that it’s now become a c... More >

Time to relegate relegation?

  As the stakes are raised a little higher each year, is the concept of relegation & promotion becoming untenable? It seems a good time to ask the question as London Iris... More >

The South Stand Choir Awards 2015/16

The good, the bad and the amusing from another season of joy, terror, tension, ecstacy, despair and laughter. Following the Falcons is like nothing else.... More >

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