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Carry on, carry on

By Leipziger
March 31 2014

When I got home last night it was just after 7pm, and Mrs Leipy and I decided to take advantage of the extra hour of daylight and walk up the hill near our house. We discussed yesterday's match and I explained that I was undecided about what to write about the game. I mentioned the sarcastic impersonations of Steve Bates I did a few years ago.

In the end, with my blog having been very negative, I decided to write something more positive here, because I don't have any inclination not to go to the London Irish or Saracens matches, despite the loss to Worcester.


The emotions I put into my blog yesterday were, I think, similar those felt by a lot of people at Kingston Park – anger and simple confusion at what we had seen on the pitch.

These were also clear from posts put on this message board. It is quite understandable that people will be upset and question whether or not they really want to renew their season tickets.


Whether they like it or not, the powers that be at the club must realise that they are in the entertainment industry and that the main product they sell is what we watch on the pitch. If people are not enjoying what they pay £20 or £30 for, then they may well take their business elsewhere and that is their right. We don't have enough "hardcore" support to ignore that market.


But for those of us who have supported the club through thick and, more often, thin over the years, who have a deep affinity with it, for whom it generates huge emotions of all kinds, and for whom supporting the team is part of who we are… we cannot give up.


We need to keep up our support and believe that things will change for the better. Whether that is under a different management team is probably not important right now, not least because I do not expect Dean Richards to be leaving any time soon.


If we want a Premiership rugby club in the North East then we have to back it. We have to do our part financially by going to the games and if enough of us do that, then we will be OK. We might not win the Premiership every year – we may never win the league again – but we will have a sustainable club that will be competitive in the top division and able to challenge at least every now and then.


However angry we were yesterday, isn't that what we all still want?


I believe that Newcastle Falcons represents the North East's only chance to have a regular, competitive Premiership club. Tynedale and Blaydon will not make this level. Darlington Mowden Park has a big football stadium, but lets not forget that that ground has already been a millstone for one club, and if the Falcons cannot attract more than 5,000 people very often, there is no reason to believe that DMP would if they ever made it to the Premiership.


Yes, we need better communication from the club, and we need signs that the passion that was shown on this message board last night exists inside the club too. But instead of having three weeks of moaning and doom and gloom, and then only 3,500 turning up against Saracens, lets show a bit of blind faith.


Lets fill a bus for London Irish and give the team a loud backing down in Reading. Lets get Kingston Park rocking against Saracens and make sure that if the Fez Heads do leave with a win, their ears are ringing all the way back to Barnet.


Lets show Semore Kurdi that he is not the only one who believes that this club is worth saving. If you care about the club, and most of us do, then now is the time to show it.


Just sitting and moaning from behind a keyboard never helped anyone.


It's not easy. The easiest thing in the world would be to find something else to do on Easter Sunday, and watch games on BT if you really want to see a Premiership match. Keeping the faith in the face of adversity and even logic is never easy and since many of us did so two years ago, when the club appeared to be on its knees, then it may well be harder to do so this time.


If you want to quit then fair enough, and if yesterday has put you off the Falcons then maybe it's time to find a less stressful and more reliable hobby. But if you are angry, then it means you probably still care. The thing about sport is that there is always another game, and who knows how close we could be to a vital and morale-boosting win?


The club needs to provide a better product to entice new customers and those in charge need to show existing supporters more regularly that there is passion there and a will to improve things. We can do our part by proving that Newcastle Falcons is worth keeping alive and worth improving.


If you have a season ticket, cancel any other plans for Easter Sunday. If you don't, then ring up the club today and get your ticket for Saracens. Show some faith. Faith is always rewarded, not necessarily as you would expect, but it will be.


And when the Falcons run out at Twickenham in the 2025 Premiership Final, those who stuck behind the club in the darkest times will feel so much better for having done so.

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Carry on, carry on (IP Logged)
31/03/2014 12:32
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Re: Carry on, carry on
Monkey1 (IP Logged)
31/03/2014 12:50
Part of me wants to agree Leipy, but another part is thinking that the best message that we could possible send to the club is an empty Kingston Park on Easter Sunday. If the ultimate aim is to keep the club going, then it seems to me that blind faith will simply allow things to carry on as they are.

If we could somehow get less than 1,000 people to turn up for the Sarries game they would finally, after totally ignoring us & treating us like an inconvenience for so very long, have to take notice.

I really don't know at the moment, still too bloody angry, and yes I am man enough to admit to being too upset too. Right now I feel that blind faith is part of the problem rather than part of the cure.

Re: Carry on, carry on
pityacker (IP Logged)
31/03/2014 12:51
Thank you , a very good article sensing how people are feeling and perhaps how to respond despite all the dark thought.

Re: Carry on, carry on
Leipziger (IP Logged)
31/03/2014 12:53
I didn't expect this post to be universally popular, Monkey! I can see your point of view about a low crowd, but I think we need to continue supporting the team, even if I'm also still a bit annoyed at what happened yesterday.

Re: Carry on, carry on
Leipziger (IP Logged)
31/03/2014 12:56
Cheers Pityacker.

Re: Carry on, carry on
31/03/2014 12:57
maybe leipy you could have had the age old slogan
Keep Calm and Carry On(Sm73)

Re: Carry on, carry on
Leipziger (IP Logged)
31/03/2014 13:00
Could have done, Kath. I was thinking more about this poem though as I heard it quoted in a story of a great struggle against adversity recently.

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Re: Carry on, carry on
JohnSt (IP Logged)
31/03/2014 14:37
Thanks for this Leipy; a thoughtful and insightful piece. I absolutely agree with you.

Re: Carry on, carry on
limpopo (IP Logged)
31/03/2014 15:17
Quote "But for those of us who have supported the club through thick and, more often, thin over the years, who have a deep affinity with it, for whom it generates huge emotions of all kinds, and for whom supporting the team is part of who we are… we cannot give up".

Very good words and sentiment Leipy, but you know there comes a time when the straw broke the camel's back and many people are feeling that way after a performance which to put it mildly was absolutely dire and as someone pointed out on an earlier thread, was clearly being transmitted to Alex Tait from behind the posts.

Re: Carry on, carry on
Cantabrian (IP Logged)
31/03/2014 16:19
Leipy I feel intense loyalty toward the Falcons and I understand your commendable wish to continue demonstrating it.

However, I believe the Richards regime is doing damage to a once delightful club. I'm not willing to continue shelling out hundreds of pounds to watch more of the depressing rubbish he is orchestrating.

Monkey hit the nail on the head when he said the club needs to come up with something major to give us all hope in September.

Re: Carry on, carry on
bulmer22 (IP Logged)
31/03/2014 17:19
Well said Leipy,I agree with what you say about supporting the club and your sentiments.
The last 20 minutes at Gloss were fantastic to watch, but we played sevens rugby against a team that took their foot off the pedal. Wuss came with a game plan that worked. Don't commit to the breakdowns and flood the midfield.Result we couldn't make breaks either on the outside or through the middle. So we played safe and kicked for territory.Awful to watch I know. Then when Joel came on everyone thought here we go, we'll play sevens again and score tries like at Gloss. But for the last 18 minutes we didn't have a full back as TC was crocked with no one on the bench to replace him. So apart from Sinoti and McGuigan there were no breaks.
Wuss played a clever game and defended like their lives depended upon it. Stuart Barnes predicted in midweek that this was going to be the worst game of rugby this season (or words to that effect) He certainly got that right.
The team needs our support. I know how sick everyone feels but if they did a bit of cold analysis of the game there are reasons for that awful performance. We just didn't have a plan b. I will be renewing my season ticket and look forward to a plastic pitch and the development of our younger players. I would be doing the same if we are relegated. Boycotting games or calling for Deano to resign is not the answer. Please keep supporting the club.

Re: Carry on, carry on
Monkey1 (IP Logged)
31/03/2014 17:52
....Wuss came with a game plan that worked....we played safe and kicked for territory....

I am ever so sorry to disagree, but surely you cannot be serious. Worcester were bloody awful, indeed there were several comments during the game describing them as playing like us.

We didn't kick for territory, we merely kicked. Pennel put some sublime territorial kicks into our 22, we merely kicked straight to Pennel & his pals because we didn't want the ball. That isn't kicking for territory, that is just madness. Rabbit in the headlights stuff, afraid of the ball. They didn't even try to make yards before kicking, just like machines - receive ball, get rid of it.

With less than 2 minutes to go, attacking within metres of the Worcester line, and 5 points behind, the ball was passed to Fitzpatrick and he kicked it. At that point the South Stand quite rightly started to empty. That kick summed up our game.

I know you like to put a positive spin on here Bulmer, but nobody is gping to buy that cobblers.

Re: Carry on, carry on
theblaydonracer (IP Logged)
31/03/2014 19:17
Monkey and Bulmer I think you both have a point there. whilst the falcons kicking was atrocious, that is not necessarily a tactical issue.

Worcester were happy to commit limited numbers to first phase breakdowns, meaning we faced a defensive wall of Wuss players. In turn this brought our attacking line up, as few fancied running into a brick wall, as it must be said Worcester tackled fantastically well. All this forced Fury to box kick or find godman to kick downfield. I was annoyed to hear some screaming at Fury, as a scrum half there's not much point in passing to players who don't want the ball!

However, what frustrated me was the awful kicking out of hand, especially straight to Pennell as monkey has pointed out. Whether a lack of confidence or poor tactics, this was horrible to watch. I'd have loved to see Tait returning some of the kicks with interest, but he seemed afraid of making a mistake. I agree that Fitzpatrick's kick at the end was madness, don't know the player that well but he doesn't look like a player who kicks often!

Overall it was never going to be a classic, I just hope fans realise this and don't get disheartened. George McGuigan looks a fine prospect, and along with the likes of Wilson, Barrow, Hodgson and Kibirige, the Falcons have a bright future!

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