Sunday 16 March 2003, Newcastle Falcons 24 - 22 Leicester
By Aidan Berry
October 16 2017

One of the Falcons best

Kingston Park, Newcastle, Attendance 9105 Referee AJ Spreadbury       Newcastle Falcons Tries Noon, Stephenson Cons Wilkinson Pens Wilkinson 3 Drops Wilkinson                      Leicester Tigers  Tries Booth, West 2 Cons Booth, McMullen Pens Booth Drops none






Newcastle Team                                              Leicester Team

15        FB       Joe Shaw                                 Steve Booth

14        W        Tom May                                 Leon Lloyd

13        C         Jamie Noon                             Ollie Smith

12        C         Mark Mayerhofler                   Rod Kafer

11        W        Michael Stephenson                Freddie Tuilagi

10        FH       Jonny Wilkinson (c)                Craig McMullen

9          SH       James Grindal                         Tom Tierney

1          P          Ian Peel                                   Perry Freshwater

2          H         Nick Makin                             Dorian West

3          P          Marius Hurter                          Franck Tournaire

4          L          Mark Andrews                        Martin Johnson (c)

5          L          Stuart Grimes                          Louis Deacon

6          F          Epi Taione                               Martin Corry

7          F          Andrew Mower                      Josh Kronfeld

8          N8       Hugh Vyvyan                         Adam Balding



16        Hall Charlton                                      Graham Rowntree

17        Gareth Maclure                                   Neil Back

18        Phil Godman                                       Darren Garforth

19        Micky Ward                                        Ben Kay

20        Craig Hamilton                                   Jamie Hamilton

21        Phil Dowson                                       Glenn Gelderbloom

22        Matt Thompson                                   Sam Vesty


Look at the hair

As we build up to the next league home game I thought I’d throw us back to 2003, pre world cup and have a look at the sides


The standouts in the Falcons team that day. May, Noon, Mayerhofler, Wilkinson, Stephenson and the excellent and under rated Joe Shaw. So essentially our whole backline plus Peel, Andrews, Grimes, Taoine and Mower. Sorry Hugh Vyvyan but I don’t think I ever saw you do anything of note.  Our bench had some class in it with Charltonm Godman, Ward and Dowson.


Now get a look at that Leicester team, a Rolls Royce of a team with the half backs being the lesser lights in their back line and then a bench of superb quality. If people said playing Sarries recently was like playing The Lions, then this Leicester line-up fits that mold also.


So what happened?

We only went and beat them with Tries from Noon, Stephenson. Have a look at who dropped a goal that day also.


As usual the best thug in the world that day had a cracker of a game but our own Mark Andrews proved his with against the Ferengi (Martin Johnson) and a monumental tussle saw the Falcons come out on top. But being outshone by these big names was acertain Stuart Grimes who was an excellent player.


Now does anyone remember what Kronfeld did that day because I vaguely remember feeling less than whelmed at his performance?