Meeting your rugby icons
By Aidan Berry
November 20 2017

a run on the wing

What is it about meeting the players that makes them seem like good fella’s? Is it that they are totally comfortable in their own skin and their evident self confidence makes them appear at ease, or is it that they are genuinely nice folks who will be happy to collide on a pitch but then leave that there?      

I’m going to start with Rob Andrew whom I met on a couple of occasions and was always delighted to have a chat with.  When he first came to the Falcons I was lucky enough to be in the players lounge after a game and was able to chat with him.  Back then he had a good giggle with me when I reminded him of a letter my club had sent back to the Falcons. The Falcons had written to all clubs in the area asking them to get behind the new professional set up and also to make sure their star colts were pushed their way. I reminded Rob that at Jarrovians we couldn’t help them because Westoe poached all of our best players but he could help us by coming and having a run out for us when there wasn’t a Falcons game on the Saturday. I even said we’d look after him and let him start on the wing to see how he settled into the game.


My favourite memory of George Graham was him being injured one time and having a walk around the ground during a game. He came upon us guys from Jarrovians and we’d had one or two; the only problem with that was his wife had been chatting with us for ages and we were able to mercilessly tease him about the lack of tidying up etc in the house. He and his wife were great company and just stayed and had a right good laugh with us all. His wife always made a point of saying hello to us after that and George just gave us the knowing look that he’d been done by a combination of his Mrs and a bunch of drunken Jarrovians.  Long live the little cube


The drunkenness leads me on to a certain Viaga Tuigamala, who approached our little corner spot on the south terrace with a tray of sausage and chips from one of the vans. A certain Archy then happily asked for a chip and was delighted to see the plastic tray offered. The look in the great man’s face was priceless when the sausage was scoffed rather than some chips.  I can still hear him laughing now and saying we’d probably done him a favour.


So what tales do you have of Falcons icons ?