Deja Vu
By Monkey1
April 3 2018

  Sportnetwork had a cull this morning, of all sites that hadn’t updated a story for the last 2 weeks or so. I feel a bit hard done by as there was no leeway at all given this time, no gentle reminder, just zap, and it was gone.  14 days, 12 hours, get lost.  

It wasn’t just us out of the Premiership, Worcester & Exeter joined us in the sin bin, and I am sure there was another when I checked lunchtime, but they must have been good little boys & girls as now there are nine Premiership sites up & running. Bristol disappeared too, which I can’t recall happening before, but they are back now.


To put it mildly, I am a bit naffed off. Unlike the people who work for Sportnetwork, I have other things to do apart from keeping tabs on when the site needs updating. Today I have been stupidly busy, and tonight as I write this, I really should be unwinding instead of winding myself up. Tomorrow morning I will be stuck in the office, unable to get on with many of the things that I have going on, so could easily have written something relevant, something about Newcastle Falcons, something perhaps worth reading. Instead I offer up this tripe, about being annoyed, because it is a bit of a critical time for Falcons supporters, with the announcement that our cup semi-final will be played on a Friday night because some selfish person doesn’t give two dumps about the supporters. We also have an important game coming up, people want to discuss these things, but they can’t unless I get the message board up & running again, so tomorrow will be too late.


So the policy of just killing off the message board has backfired, and will continue to backfire. Instead of something worth reading, our readers are offered this instead. But don’t worry, I have a plan. If the message board just gets zapped without warning, and a story has to be conjured up instantly to feed the greedy machine, then I will have a stash of prepared stories which I can post up in a few minutes from home or from work. Unfortunately I can’t do this for relevant rugby or Falcons stories, because they go out of date so quickly. Instead I will have something timeless prepared, and you can’t get much more timeless than Homer’s Iliad.


Homer was a blind poet who wrote about the Trojan War, his Iliad and his Odyssey from 2,500 years ago being the oldest known pieces of literature from Europe. The characters and the adventures that are chronicled in these epic tales are wonderful pieces of writing, and I am sure will be well received by Falcons supporters, so I can publish a few chapters at a time. I am just undecided if I should publish the modern English translation, the more traditional Latin, or see if I can really push the boat out & copy them from ancient Greek.


Next time the message board drops off the face of the earth, and if nobody has volunteered anything else, get ready for the gripping tales, beginning with Zeus & Hera on Mount Olympus and the troubles of the arguments between Agamemnon & Achilles.


Bet you can’t wait.