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By noibla
August 17 2016

The first monthly luncheon of the revamped 200 club was a BBQ meal held in the YGS marquee on the clubhouse patio on the 2nd. August with a good attendance of over forty folk. This was my first time for one of the regular monthly lunches, partly because as I normally go the annual BBQ functions I thought this was a repeat of the old annual function and again I wanted to be there for the first get ... More >

Whats been done in the last two weeks at Brickfields?

It seems a bit slow these days, at least from the point of view of the FAB group projects under the new management. But what has been done has made a big improvement to the appeara... More >


How many of us have used the play area that has been designated for any small children to use safely during games?... More >


Are you a Plymouth Albion supporter, would you like to become a registered fan as part of the new Fan Zone at Plymouth Albion, receive a Monthly/bi Monthly Newsletter about what is... More >

Behind the Scenes at Brickfields

Along with the new owners taking over and stamping their own footprint at the club this coming season they are among other things having a tidy up and reorganizing various areas in... More >

Improved facilities in the Supporters marquee

This time around the men on the roof of the Supporters Marquee are improving it and not damaging it, that makes a welcome change for the club and the FAB team who have done many a ... More >

Service with a smile

Another "200 club and supporters luncheon" was held on Wednesday last, the first of the month, at Brickfields which was as usual well attended and enjoyed by all those present on l... More >

The work continues around Brickfields

As per usual now that the rugby season has finished on the pitch and what a brilliant season we have had.And of course all the behind the scene jobs have been going on unannounced,... More >

Are we going to get our own referendum at Albion

And more importantly will the clubs future be decided by a final vote from the shareholdes having been given the exact details of the proposed takeover. As of course the shareholde... More >

Christmas Eve brunch at Albion

This years traditional Christmas Eve brunch was again held in the clubhouse and was once more well attended with some 50 odd place settings being laid, and all credit to ... More >