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Match Report: PARFC 7 - 65 Bristol (C'ship)

By Flanker 7
April 12 2015

This game showed the gulf between top and bottom; a very difficult 80 minutes of rugby if you were an Albion supporter, however total delight if you were there to follow Bristol Rugby on their travels. With attendance given as 1 985 (among whom a large Bristol contingent was evident), to come away and watch your team tear apart the opposition at will would have been very satisfying.... More >

GKIPA Championship - 2014/5 Week 19

If the Great Escape was on track a week ago, Saturday against the Yorkies was the day that the Goons found "Tom". Complacency, bad tummies, iffy reffing, blue moon or whatever, the... More >

Match Report: PARFC 17 - 28 Yorkshire Carnegie (C'ship)

This could well have been the day the trap door opened for Albion, in what should have been a carnival atmosphere due to many walking and donating funds to St Luke’s Hospice.... More >

GKIPA Championship - 2014/5 Week 18

Can the Great Escape continue? It certainly will if we get the right result against Yorkshire Carnegie who visit Brickfields this coming Saturday. Like Albion, they had no involvem... More >

Match Report: PARFC 18 - 17 Jersey (C'ship)

The score does not lie - this was a very close game with the lead changing hands twice in the final minutes. The weather was crystal clear and bitterly cold, with the strong wind b... More >

Grab yourselves a bargain and watch the lads

The newly rebranded Albion travel club " ALBI TRAVEL " are able to offer the deal of the season for the away game at Worcester on the 7th. March 2015 just two weeks this coming Sat... More >

Live match text reports for the away games

After the lack of the usual blow by blow text report for the Bedford game recently I e-mailed the Sports Editor of the Herald/ Western Morning news saying as to how disappointing i... More >

Crowd management for the U 20's International

Last nights game was a big success particularly in tems of the crowd management and available facilites for the supporters who saw a very entertaing game albeit somewhat one sided ... More >

A special moment for Emily

This afternoon prior to the Rotherham game we had the pleasure of watching Emily,  the young girl who was the mystery donor for the club's appeal for funds in order that they ... More >

Match Report: PARFC 22 - 8 Rotherham (C'ship)

What a week for Plymouth Albion RFC! First, the news that they had avoided administration; then an exceptional effort from the team and bench to secure the maximum of sorely-n... More >

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