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Is this a new trend or what ?

By noibla
July 24 2014

Whilst checking for any news on the new goal posts I stumbled across the latest accessory's to the latest Peugot such as the one that Shanners has, care of Vospers, and very ingenious it is as well, with an automatic sun visor incorporated along with extra effiecient windscreen washers in matching colours.    ... More >

The posts have arrived

After the R.M. concert needed to have the goal posts removed for their very successful show the replacements have arrived. They are I believe some seventeen metres tall and are hin... More >

Guess who's coming to tea ?

The season gets off to an early start at Brickfields this evening, and for the next three evenings, with the R.M. 350 anniversary performances to be held on the pitch. If the club... More >

Work goes on in preparation for the new season

There is always something to do to maintain or maybe to improve things at the ground, it's a bit like washing up, never ending. ... More >

The work goes on at Brickfields to improve the club

Although we are now in the close season before Albion once again take on the other Championship teams for 2014/15, the work goes on in order to maintain and improve things.... More >

The changing face of the North End

Today was the start of the dismantling of the North End terracing that has graced Brickfields for some six years providing the supporters with the best view of the rugby albeit at ... More >

The Presentation Evening 29th. April 2014.

The players presentation evening is of course all about the players and coaching staff being recognized for their year long efforts for the club. That said I want to take this o... More >

Match report Albion .v. Ealing

On a bright spring afternoon with a reasonable turnout, an expectant Albion home support thought many tries were going to be scored and another home win recorded. Ealing knew a... More >

Rally around the second flag

Good news, the funds for the replacement club flag have been raised and it is now being made to order with the intention of it being presented to the club on the occasion of the "P... More >

Rally around the Flag

Greetings, At Wednesday's luncheon some of us were talking of a new Albion flag to fly on match days as the current one is in tatters from the bad weather we have had recently... More >

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