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Match Report: Leinster A 59 - 26 PARFC (B&I Cup)

By North End Rambler
December 15 2014

Albion’s new defence coach will have plenty to get his teeth into following a brutal 30 minute mauling by the young starlets of Leinster during a sizzling display of slick attacking and lethal finishing skills. To their credit, Albion did not completely disintegrate under the onslaught and gradually altered the character of the game to blunt the Leinster attack and impose some of their own w... More >

Supporters Xmas luncheon 3rd. December 2014

For the last gathering of the supporters luncheon of the year it was held in the East stand in order to accomodate the numbers who attended this very popular monthly event.  T... More >

B&I Cup 2014/5 - Round 6

A generally disappointing B&I campaign comes to an end this Saturday when Albion travel to Dublin's fair city. If the fates are with them, they should get to play at Donnybrook... More >

Match Report: PARFC 16 - 18 Carmarthen Quins (B&I Cup)

Following the performance away at Jersey last week, we were hoping that Albion’s recent record would continue its upward trend. However, a cross bar and a late yellow card co... More >

Photo's from the Worcester game 15th. Nov. 2014

Although the boys played well against the favourites for promotion back to the premiership, a win was never realistically on the cards but the way they played was very encouraging ... More >

Photo's from the jersey game 25th. Oct 2014

The last of this rounds B & I Cup games before a weeks break then into the league again.... More >

Match Report: PARFC 16 - 22 Jersey (B&I Cup)

After a very promising start to this game, Albion seemed to huff and puff, looking for someone to take ownership and responsibility for getting them over the line for an elusive fi... More >

B&I Cup 2014/5 - Round 3

B&I as in "beaten (twice)" and "iniquitous (Who exactly were we playing on Saturday)"? Cup as in "scuppered"? Well, the good news is that we're not the worst performing te... More >

Match Report: Carmarthen Quins 29 - 16 PARFC (B&I Cup)

This was another of those “so close, yet so far” results. The afternoon started with a mystery - who were Albion playing? It was billed as Carmarthen Quins, yet co... More >

B&I Cup 2014/5 - Round 2

For better or worse, the B&I is back with us. Better for the "glass half empty" merchants because it gives us some respite from the woes of the C'ship; worse for the purists wh... More >