Unofficial Plymouth Albion
Our opponents for Saturday - Fylde r.f.c.
By noibla
January 12 2018

In 1987 when the leagues were formed , some twelve clubs found themselves pulled out of the hat and involved in the third tier of the league structure which included both Fylde and Albion, and Fylde like Albion have seen some up and down movement since then with both clubs spending time in the 5th. level with Fylde in the Northern section and Albion of course in the Southern section. Fylde managed promotion out of the National Division Three North in the 2010 - 2011 season and without checking I believe Albion were getting promoted in about the 1998 - 1999 season whilst still at Beacon Park. The result being that currently they are the only two clubs in National One, the third tier that were in the original twelve clubs picked to found this division of the rugby leagues. Well done you two.

Of the remaining ten clubs in the original third tier this is how they stand today :

Birmingham       now in level 5

Exeter                                 1

Maidstone                            6

Metropoliton Police               11

Morley                                 5

Nuneaton                             5

Sheffield                              5

Vale of Lume                        6

Wakefield - disbanded in 2004

West Hartlepool                    6.      so, from these stats as we already know it's not easy to get promotion to the promised land it seems.

And like so many others, Fylde have in the past ran up considerable debts in trying to remain competitive, for them it was whilst in this division during the period 1997 - 1999. Thankfully the club had ground at their current site of "Woodlands" which they sold to redress the financial balance to continue as a club without going to the wall.

It makes you wonder as to how many other clubs in the league structue have over the years been in a similar position trying to just maintain their position then current place and then of course there are many others who have tried to spend what couldn't be sustained in order to climb the greasy pole. Anyway whatever the outcome the desire to improve is it seems something we all need to do if possible, some make it and some don't. But at least from a R.F.U. point of view I guess it's better to have the best players playing for the best clubs, especially from an international selection angle.

Fylde hopefully will be able to improve their league position in the second half's fixtures as they currently find themselves in 16th. position with a playing record of 3 - 0 - 14, and 17 points, 13 points adrift of the safety of 13th. place in the league and as the latest squad news on this site, from the Official web site tells us, they have had some good results against top six teams so far and can call on playes from Sale when available, it would be great for them to beat the drop and maintain their future rugby in National One.