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View from the south stand: Sale 46 Gloucester 41

By Major Bloodnok
May 21 2019

A common saying—a refutation—joyous beginnings—inevitable continuations—mayhem and bewilderment—deja vu—expecting the worst—a magnificent finish.... More >

Taking a break...

Sorry, bad pun. Thanks to WiganSaler for helping reinstate the forum by providing a tale of kindness from adversity.... More >

View from the south stand: Sale 6 Bath 3

Several drafts—Difficulty starting—Problems continuing—A terse summary—Describing tedium—Positives?—Looking forward... More >

View from the armchair: Stade Rochelais 24 Sale 20

A partial relief—end of the road—what if?—move on.... More >

View from the south stand: Sale 28 Harlequins 17

Truisms—Expectations—A familiar start—A battle won—Indiscipline—Refs and TMOs—Improvements—Future needs... More >

View from the south stand: Sale 20 Connacht 10

A welcome return—A mojo regained—An oddity—Prime position—The future—Heavyweight—Problems remain—Questions... More >

View from the armchair: Newcastle 22 Sale 17

The bitty nature of the season continues, as we come to the end of a short set of GP games before heading off to Europe for a week, then popping back here for a bit and then back t... More >

View from the south stand: Sale 32 Leicester 5

Q&A—Miserable weather—Hopes and fears—Miserable start—A turn-around—Taking control—A satifying end—Prospects and pitfalls... More >

View from the south stand: Sale 14 Exeter 20

Noises off—Portents, Omens, Premonitions—A promising start—Same old, same old—Back into it—Hopes squashed—A nasty collision—Disappointment... More >

Gosh, it's a long time between home games

The problem with having to produce copy on timescale shorter than that between home games is that I end up publishing a bit of old drivel just to fill a gap.... More >