Tigers v Bristol Rugby Match Preview
By Tiggs
February 11 2017

Well, on paper at least, this game should be a comfortable win, and should help to relieve some more of the pressure on the Coaches and Players.

However, the reality is that everyone will be expecting a comfortable thrashing of Bristol, and anything less will appear to highlight all the failings of both Coaches and Squad, and heap even more pressure on the Board, to look at making even more changes, perhaps even from the top down ?

The recent upheaval at the club, and high-profile injuries, will make no difference to the expectations at home for this game, by the supporters, that is for sure.

Bristol have been well beaten by most teams, at home, and especially away, and anything less will be seen as failure by most. As a struggling Quins team away from home, proved last weekend.

So, this game is a bit of a no-winner for those involved, although we can all hope that it will see us rise up the league table closer to a top 4 place, that is the usual minimum requirement for all involved at Tigers.

If nothing else, this game is vital in playing a part in the progression of the Coaches, and helping to build the confidence, and belief, in the players for the run-in, that will determine the Coaches future, one way or another, if it hasn't been decided already.

It will also be interesting to see how Freddie performs for the run-in, as his form seemed to disintegrate when it was announced that he was leaving Gloucester to come to Tigers ? I am sure that we all hope that he will be able to keep up his standards this time around, but he will no doubt need the crowds support as well.

I am sure that we all hope for, as well as expect, a great result, and will cheer the team on till the end, lets just hope for all concerned, that it will be enough.

Go Tigers !!!!!!!