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END OF SEASON POLL 2013/14 part 1

By Darraghgirl
July 18 2014

So here it is, the first results of our End of Season Poll. Many thanks to everyone who voted. Part 2 to follow next week.... More >

2014-15 European Odyssesy Part 2 Limerick

The City of Limerick, capital of Ireland’s mid-west region, and of course part of the Province of Munster, will be familiar to many of us who made the trip to Thomond Park ju... More >


Better late than never, here is the end of season poll for 2014. We looked at using surveymonkey but the cost is too high so instead here is the Poll, long hand as usual. Please se... More >

2014-15 Euopean Odyssey: No 1 SALFORD

the time has come to stop looking back to what might have been and start looking forward to what could still be. So here is a look at some of the places we can enjoy on our Europea... More >

A lawyer writes; and without submitting a fee note!

The opinion of your "Learned" solicitor adviser follows. I hope it's of greater merit than a recent attorney general's opinion about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in... More >

So close, so close and yet so far

In the end Saracens' season was defined by two games and ten seconds. The demolition of Clermont was certainly the finest game ever played by a Sarries' team, and led to the beli... More >

Stand Up Mr Borthwick

Steve Borthwick will lead out his Saracen's Wolfpack for one last hurrah at Twickenham on Saturday in the Premiership Final. Northampton Saints stand between him and the Trophy he ... More >

Toulon too Good

So, ultimately, Sarries fell short of winning their first European trophy to an outstanding Toulon team. In recent years Saracens have fallen to French teams when they, metaphorica... More >

I believe

I have written a preview for each of our big games this season, and each time we've won so I'm not tempting fate by stopping. Anything can happen if you believe. (With apologies t... More >

One down, Two to go!

Saturday 17th May is my birthday. Mr DG gave me a gorgeous emerald ring and a lovely bouquet, the sun shone upon the righteous, could Sarries give me a birthday present to remember... More >

Saracens Poll

What is your view on Saracens playing home games "further afield" outside the season ticket?

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