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The Premiership-A Visual Guide

By Bath Salmon
August 15 2018

With the new season only a couple of weeks away it feels a good time to brush up on our history. Over the last few weeks I have sourced data going back to the 1987-88 season and have put together an interactive visualisation detailing various elements of the English premiership's history. That's 31 seasons crossing from the Amateur Era to Professionalism. This has been created ... More >


Let’s take a look at concussion, AKA mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI). The brain is made of soft tissue, which is cushioned by spinal fluid and encased in the protecti... More >

Elf & Safety in Rugby

The game, we are told, is constantly looking for ways to improve player safety. No rucking of players on the floor; no contact to the head; constant tinkering with the scrum laws.... More >

Premiership Teams 2018 Squads

This is my interpretation of the pecking order and squad balance for each team in pictorial form and inevitably will be full of errors as I relied on wiki, and my knowledge of othe... More >

Premiership Rugby Finances

There is much discussion of the state of premiership rugby finance. Here is a table of the premiership clubs accounts made up to 30th June 2017. The salary cap was £6.5m in t... More >

Everybody Has a Story: Summer Articles Required

It will soon be time for P G Tips to take his annual break from writing COML articles. The site depends on articles to keep it open (note that Wasps were off air for a week), s... More >

Rec Development

Some months ago we made this submission to the Club for consideration of the developers. The next meeting of the Steering Group is July when more will be revealed of the design bef... More >

Not at The Party: Premiership Playoffs

Once again Bath find themselves with their nose to the window looking in on the party celebrations. For the third year running Bath miss out on the playoffs and this time were fort... More >

Bath Squad 2018/19 updated 15-08-2018

Please advise of any errors or omissions.... More >


Phew! Bath’s season ended with a bang in the sunshine, two late victories securing Champions Cup qualification. Reflecting on the season I am reminded of the famed Punch ... More >

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