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By Andrew Collins
February 8 2006

Just 1 month after breaking all records for this site, you've done it again! Last month i reported that you had made the most successful it had been, but once agin, you've beaten all records!

Previous records, shown in red below, were were literally thrashed after what was the worst month in the Blues short history. We lost 5 from 5, scored no tries in 3 games, crashed out of Europe and Dai Young came very close to leaving! No wonder you lot had so much to talk about!

But on a serious note, thanks again, you're comittment to the site in nothing short of remarkeable and it's a pleasure working on the site knowing people are using it.

Site History
              Story     Forum   Total     Unique IPs

1/2006 32976 26054 59030 4128
12/2005 24493 13204 37697 3264
11/2005 17753 13679 31432 2706
10/2005 20667 15600 36267 3163
9/2005 15422 10121 25543 2201
8/2005 15058 9082 24140 2279
7/2005 11470 4297 15767 1861
6/2005 12717 7652 20369 2221
5/2005 13546 6241 19787 1951

Incase you were wondering, here's what each colum means.

1. The date!
2. Story - This is how many time people clicked a link onto any stories on my site within the last month.
3. Forum - This is how many clicks were made on the sites forum within the month.
4. Total - That is the total combination of Story and Forum clicks together!
5. Unique IP's - This is the great one, it means how many different computers visted the site at least once. To explain, my computer is just 1 of those even though i veiw the site lots. Mike Rayer Fan Clubs computer would also be just 1 of those, so 4128 differnt computers checked out Thats not too bad is it!

So thanks again!

Kepp up the great work, and lets see if we can beat this one soon too!



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