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Rugby in Africa 2016 kicks off with the Bhubes iPride
By Richard Bennett
January 22 2016

Bhubesi Pride Foundation is about to embark on its biggest project to-date. Joining us in nine African countries, we welcome 38 volunteers representing 16 nations around the world.  Our participating volunteers, male and female, range in age from 18 to 60. And more coaches helping the charity to achieve its goals equates to greater impact on the ground.


Last year, we reached 3,853 children across 50 schools and community projects and worked with 183 local 'buddy coaches'. We hope to meet or surpass this, enjoying the opportunity to re-visit partner schools and organisations, while continuing to initiate long-term legacy projects with our strategic partner, G4S Africa.

Visit our volunteer coaches' individual profile pages

Rugby in Africa 2016 - Meet the team


We're very pleased to officially announce the introduction of Mark Cole to the charity. An experienced teacher and rugby specialist, Mark joins Bhubesi Pride Foundation as Project Manager for our Rugby in Africa 2016 expedition. We've known Mark since 2012 and we're so excited about the new dimension he'll bring to this year's program.

Meet Mark in a video interview with BPF

Rugby in Africa 2016 - Mark Cole

Joined by Oliver Munns (and featuring lots of past footage), Mark discusses his motivation to manage our 2016 project; our partnership with G4S Africa; and BPF's Pride Ambassador Program, launching soon


Oliver Munns
- Bhubesi Pride Foundation's influential Operations Director and past volunteer - becomes a Trustee at the charity. Joining him on the board is Rugbydump founder, Grant Constable.Read Grant's Q & A interview here...

After successfully having University of Hertfordshire student George Nock join the charity in a partially-funded intern role for 6 weeks last year, Finn Sims - a young self-employed videographer - takes up the position for our full 5-month mission in 2016. We wish him well and look forward to the exciting photos and videos Finn will take and produce this year for BPF. Before then though, we'd like to share with you a 2-minute montage video George produced for his university portfolio, showcasing his time with the 2015 team in Namibia and South Africa...

Watch George's video

Rugby in Africa 2016 - George Nock

Look out for the launch of our Pride Ambassador Program in the coming weeks. And, with such an exciting and transformational year ahead for the charity and all involved, we invite thoughts, ideas and suggestions from you, to help make what we do even better. We look forward to hearing from you.

Richard Bennett
Bhubesi Pride Foundation | Founder
& Managing Director