Unofficial Pirates
New Citing Procedures
By Morladron
September 21 2012

Change to the citing procedures  for RFU Championship for 2012-13





  1. An RFU Citing Officer will not be scheduled to attend each match but will have access to full video footage.
  2. The Citing Officer will also have access to the video footage of the match. 
  3. The Citing Officer will have four working days from the conclusion of the match to bring a citing in writing to the RFU Head of Discipline (Gerard McEvilly).
  4. Only the Citing Officer shall have the power and responsibility to cite a player whom the independent video and/or other evidence shows to have committed an act of foul play whether or not it has been detected by the match officials.
  5. A club participating in a match may refer any incidents in that match that they want the Citing Officer to consider within 24 hours of the conclusion of the match.
  6. Before bringing a citing complaint the Citing Officer must be satisfied that in his opinion the act of foul play merited the award of a Red Card (the ‘Red Card Test’).
  7. If the Citing Officer assesses that a player committed an act of foul play which did not satisfy the Red Card Test but that the incident should be brought to his attention he may issue a written warning (known as a ‘Level 1 citing’). In these circumstances the RFU Head of Discipline shall communicate to the club and player by way of a letter or email, indicating that the act was detected, stating that no further action is intended on this occasion but warning the player as to his future conduct. Such a written warning will be recorded on the club register and may be taken into consideration in future disciplinary proceedings. It will remain on a player’s record for fiveyears and be treated as though it were a yellow card for the purposes of totting up during the relevant season.
  8. Disciplinary hearings will in normal circumstances be scheduled for the Tuesday following the game.
  9. Appeal hearings will in normal circumstances be scheduled for the Thursday following the original hearing.
  10. Judgements will normally be made available within 24 hours of the end of the hearing.