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Do You Remember?

By Mark Forster
July 9 2019

HOW quickly we forget. I was sent a scan of an old match preview by fellow Cov diehard, Steve Kimberley, which sparked a raft of memories.... More >

Tease Me, Please Me

SO, WORK is advancing rapidly to lay a new all-weather pitch at Butts Park Arena.... More >

To AGP or Not to AGP...

THE cat, it seems, is finally out of the plastic bag. All the speculation regarding the will-it, won't-it be an AGP, has finally been laid to rest.... More >

The Name of the Game

THE handshake and the smile came in the Gatehouse Tavern, a city pub famed for its love of rugby.   A fellow Cov supporter spotted me in a red and gold away jersey and delig... More >

Time to Look Again?

The County Championship.... More >

Pictures from Jersey

Former FA Cup winning Coventry City Chairman John Poynton might be excused for wondering if he put his cash into the right club... More >

Oi! Monkey! Gerroff!

That simian will probably be cheesed off with us talking about it by now...... More >

Last-Kick Despair for Cov

When I saw that we didn't have Tim Wigglesworth this week, I think I breathed an almost audible sigh of relief.... More >

Ghosts of Nottingham Past

In the second of our occasional series looking back on matches against visiting sides via the medium of Match Programmes, this time it's a look at Nottingham clashes of the past.... More >

Journey of the Sorcerer

SCORELINES don’t often reflect games. By all accounts Ealing’s 61-20 drubbing of Coventry at the Butts Park Arena did.    ... More >






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Coventry vs Doncaster Knights

(League - 12th January 2019 - 3pm - Butts Park Arena) 



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