Unofficial Coventry Rugby
Coventry 30 - 27 Bishop's Stortford
By Russ (Site Editor)
October 7 2017

Another win. Just.

If Cov thought that the new boys in the league were going to be a pushover, they know differently now.

Cov just about scraped home in a match that I think will probably be best remembered for the number of stoppages rather than the actual play on the field.

Neither team really seemed capable of putting together a consistent period of play, possibly not helped by some very 'enthusiastic' officiating.  I've no idea what the final penalty count was, but it felt like it must be well into double figures for both sides.  Basically, if you weren't happy with the last decision then give it thirty seconds and there'd be another one along to take your mind off it!

Luckily James Stokes was on his game again with two tries, and the forwards came good with a scrum penalty late on which was slotted over by Maisey to seal the 30 - 27 win.

In amongst all of the chaos there was also a nasty looking injury to Pete White, that saw him stretchered off with his leg in a splint.  Later, a supporter was also taken ill and required an ambulance to take him from the ground.

So not the best of days, but another bonus point win, and with Darlington Mowden Park losing to Old Albanians I believe that Cov are top of the league.  More importantly here's hoping for quick recoveries for both Pete White and the gentleman taken ill.