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Release the Passion

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December 29 2009

I have taken another message board post frrom CJB and given it wider exposure. He makes an impassioned plea for the Chiefs to throw off the shackles and play with passion. Something I'm sure will have echo's for supporters of other teams.

Release the Passion

In the days before ‘Safe Sex’ young men said making love with a Condon was like
‘Washing your feet with your socks on’!

Yes there is a point for Chiefs rugby ?
More of that later:

If you have the stamina read on –
There IS a point!

The “Winning Ugly’ tag I used to describe recent Chiefs performances doesn’t feel so comfortable when the opposition score more points than us !

The 'Ugly' style of our game in recent weeks remains a truism and it's not so palatable when we lose. BUT in the context of this seasons big picture our Rabbit is still in the bag and the Cat and Mouse game continues to build to the end of season Play Offs.

The first thought I'd like to share with dissapointed Chiefs fans is RELAX -
Exeter are still in GREAT SHAPE.

Were promotion predicated by winning the Championship League, I believe the result at Sandy Park on Sunday would have been different!

My opinion remains firm -
Ex ARE the best team in the League !
I hear the cry from Bristol ringing out,

‘Oh No they’re not.
BUT in this the Pantomime season I'm hapy to chant back
"Oh yes they are" and come the Play Offs all will see
WE ARE the best team who WILL win promotion !

I saw enough on Sunday to tell me that at our best we have little to fear from Bristol!

In the dying minutes of that lamentable game when the towel had been well and truly thrown in by our leaders, the Ex players cast care to the wind and played with a pace, passion and fluid freedom that made the first 65 minutes look very much like our lads had been
'Washing their feet with their socks on’

OK…. from the start we we did little more than go through the motions we showed enough to tell me we certainty have the beating of Bristol

BUT we DO need to be playing for real with so much more attacking ambition to win games like this.

Release the bit, take the brakes off and play with heart, soul and confidence.
Believe in yourselves Chiefs!

From top to bottom in the Club –
It's time to Release the Passion.

There is a time for Management and
A time for Leadership.
Now is the time for inspirational LEADERSHIP and not cautious management!!

Robbie….. I think it was tough for you, a proud man, to face the microphones, cameras and probing questions after Sundays reversal?!

Having to say the right things to hold the line; needing to keep journalists, probing for the sensational story, at bay whilst maintaining poise and dignity is not easy.…

Add inevitable questions from above- Directors and sponsors demanding winning ways to satisfy their ambition and justify investment....
Yes the glamor of being DOR is more often a very real 'Pressure Cooker' of stress and tension.

Robby… this is precisely where you want to be…
This is where real quality shine through, where true leaders are separated from the ‘Also Ran’and reputations made. Legends are born in the short weeks at the end of a season especially the 2009/2010 season !

Hold your nerve Robbie.
Don’t be phased or pressured into hasty quick fix answers.

See clearly what is in-front of you
NOT what is behind you.
Make the right calls!

I know how good your team are,
I saw the resolve, grit, skill, pace and power in two games against Sale;
a much better team than Bristol.

I saw the way your lads raced to a devastating scoring spree at Moseley with runners supporting runners and dazzling offensive patterns moving the ponit of attack from one side of the field to another with an ambition and intensity that ripped holes in a mediocre Moseley BUT with the potential to expose any defense this league is capable of mounting.

Defenses WILL struggle to hold a FREE FLOWING PASSIONATE fully fired EXETER offense in full cry! Conversely most reasonable top flight defneses will have little trouble in stopping the limited ambition we have shown in recent weeks.

Chiefs progressive withdrawal from the early season confidence and ambition has seen us change from a team with real attacking menace into one comfortable to retreat into a negative shell with limited attacking ambitions seldom exceeding limited aspirations of the Pick and Go patterns I hoped we had left at the County Ground some years ago.
Add repeated kicking for position and you've summed up our game plan. UGLY!

In honesty it's not just Ex who resorted to this aerial Ping Pong kicking for position we see in the modern game. Many teams usde the tactic waiting for the odd mistake or fluke bounce to gain an advantage....Boring and UGLY
It has a place but not as the entire script!

We've seen us carved out Ugly wins to go top of the table in an unbeaten run where only CJB raised a challenging voice to question our winning Ugly style?!

Results at Brickfield and our Christmas holiday game at Sandy Park the limited aspiration of winning 'Ugly' MUST move on!!

A half decent Bristol handled our limited offensive aspirations and raised their game once to score a good first try that defined the game. Once in front they contained and controlled us eventually well beating our limited game plan on the day BUT NOT beating our players.

In the dying minutes when our lads dented pride showed individual skills surfacing to show the real quality, pace and power we have in our ranks. Bristol looked ordinary and extremely vulnerable when our lads played... just a bit!. Oh that we had started with that level of commitment and offensive ambition!?

We played the game we played and we lost!
OK that's that, over and done with.
BUT lessons MUST be learned!!

Robbie, your Rabbit is still in the Bag!
Bristol learned little about us in this game. They beat us on the day and they think they can beat us again in the play off!

BUT IF you and your back room boys release the confidence, vision and quality I believe you have, then the reality is that Bristol, nor any other team in this league have enough to beat us!

Play the TOTAL RUGBY game we are well capable of and WE ARE THE BEST in the Division.

Do this and it will be Chiefs singing the promotion song at the end of the season,
BUT only if management come out of their shell and get it right from here on in.

Having proverbially taken our
socks off to wash your feet,
Having made love without any barriers to dull the sensations

the feeling is so much more intense, satisfying and fulfilling

Release the passion and lets start doing it for real Chiefs !

Let the Rabbit out of the bag, leave Cat and Mouse psychology to others and raise our aspirations to hit new heights.

Inspire your players, fans and directors Robbie.

Coaching is a two way street son.
Calm, confident restraint needs now to make room for more passion, fire and vision.

Banish winning Ugly to a waterlogged County Ground of yesteryear

Embrace the ideals of the Beautiful Game we all want to see at Sandy Park with Leicester, Wasps, Saints and all the Premiership giants coming here to play on our turf to be beaten by the TOTAL RUGBY that should define what Chiefs rugby is all about. We know we are capable of so uch more Lets go for it !!

Time now to step up a gear
Time now for Leadership
Come the moment come the man

Come on you Chiefs
Believe and achieve !

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Release the Passion (IP Logged)
29/12/2009 18:41
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Re: Release the Passion
POSTS (IP Logged)
29/12/2009 16:26
But your problem is pressure games.History shows this is your big problem.

r u kidding?
Re: Release the Passion
r u kidding? (IP Logged)
29/12/2009 17:47
That comes across as a totally arrogant post

Roving Ron
Re: Release the Passion
Roving Ron (IP Logged)
29/12/2009 18:00
Arrogant post!? - that's rubbish!

Well said, CJB, and well written.

Re: Release the Passion
POSTS (IP Logged)
29/12/2009 18:08
Sorry you think that but over the past couple of seasons i have watched Exeter every now and then.In some games you have been good.In others you have been over cautious.The Leeds game at Sandy Park last year was a prime example you had them on the rack should have beaten them but failed to use your wingers.Josh D in that game turned his winger inside out but never saw enough of the ball to cause them enough problems.Against Pirates and according to a lot of posters on this site you kick to much ball.You win more than you lose and all credit to you for that but its the big games that you need to win to get to the top.I dont think iam being at all arrogrant i think your quite a go forward club but this is a discussion forum and these are my thoughts.If you win promotion i will be the first to congratulate you.But i feel you will have to lay far more an open game to go up.

Re: Release the Passion
clalan (IP Logged)
29/12/2009 21:59
Posts I think this unreg user RUk was talking about good old CJBs musings being arrogant. As you say its a discussion, the Leeds match was a case of one wrong decision in my opinion, but thats history.

I do think there is a plan to "keep our powder dry" and unlike previous years we have more experienced players from the top flight leagues.

So where in the past we may have failed, I think in this Lottery league when we get to the must win games, we have the whit and the talent to overcome.
But I would not go so far as to say we are the best as I have not seen other teams play, we did play some wonderful rugby on the first match but Mose aren't the strongest.
But I know we have a quality backs coach, as the saints faithful confirmed so when he joined us (that is one crew who know their rugby) so I will believe in my coaches and my team, they will do it (fingers crossed)(Sm151)

Re: Release the Passion
kernewek (IP Logged)
30/12/2009 09:37
Pure Hubris.

Re: Release the Passion
ChaderExe (IP Logged)
30/12/2009 10:08
Never mind release the Passion how about release the backs. It comes across to me that when we play an expansive and inclusive game we can win comfortably and more importantly control the game.

Clearly Jnr showed that by having Centres running at teams the team goes on the back foot. Why dont we play the backs more? Passing the ball is a skill, kicking it gives the opposition the ball. Always keep the ball!

We brought in Ali Hepher to expand the backs game - we did that early on and play quick ball now we are playing slow ball which is giving the teams enough time to set their defences.

I think some of the backs have lost confidence in themselves and need a couple of games where it requires speed and good handling. We showed that by running at Bristol we captured the game for that brief spell.

I thought the crowd was really poor in not being able to do a Mexican wave around the ground. We shouldnt blame players until we can at least the supporters can support Oggyman with his passion/ support. Until we win pressure games, we are not ready quite yet but if we win the final 10 games - will we be ready for the GP?

r u kidding?
Re: Release the Passion
r u kidding? (IP Logged)
30/12/2009 10:11
sorry posts should have made myself clearer i was refering to the posting from cjb

Newbury Chief
Re: Release the Passion
Newbury Chief (IP Logged)
30/12/2009 11:40
Game 2 of hopefully 3 and this round went to our cousins up the Motorway. It has to be remembered that conditions in the depths of December are likely to be very different than conditions in the middle of April and May. Trying to throw a greasy ball around on a windy Decembers day is likely to invite trouble. Whereas the same tactic on a sunny April's day will lead to glory.

The season still looks rosie for us. We are still one of the 8 teams in the mix for the end of season play-offs and the lottery is there to be won. I'm looking forward to the up coming game against London Welsh which should be a cracker. Come on Ex, come on the supporters, let us all keep the faith.

Re: Release the Passion
chiefswatcher (IP Logged)
30/12/2009 12:46
Newbury Chief
It has to be remembered that conditions in the depths of December are likely to be very different than conditions in the middle of April and May. Trying to throw a greasy ball around on a windy Decembers day is likely to invite trouble. Whereas the same tactic on a sunny April's day will lead to glory.

my simple concern is that other teams backs have shown they have the potential to throw it around on an april day a lot better than we can.

i keep reading here and hearing the crowd there asking our players to run the ball back. with the laws as they are at the moment this is not a good policy. an isolated player either gets turned over or penalised for hanging on.

so kicking is key.

both sides kicked on saturday. bristol kicked intelligently and with skill, our lot didnt. we need to find space with kicks - we didnt. we need to chase, compete and catch better if the ball does go up in the air. they outdid us on this as well.

finally i thought we were going to get a big hardhitting centre to join us? jnr showed the value of a powerful and tricky inside centre didnt he?

Re: Release the Passion
chiefswatcher (IP Logged)
30/12/2009 12:54
[quote ChaderExe]I thought the crowd was really poor in not being able to do a Mexican wave around the ground. We shouldnt blame players until we can at least the supporters can support Oggyman with his passion/ support./quote]

cant agree with this - a mexican wave is almost always the product of a bored crowd trying to liven things up. i dread the day i see one at sandy park.

i do think the travelling tribe should get a block booking at home next year. they were outstanding at bristol and if we could put them all together it might generate some enthusiasm. however to be honest, i dont think the majority of the current crop of sandy parkers are the type to join in a chant. far too conservative, with a small 'c' of course :O)

but a big up to oggyman and his mates for doing their very best.

Re: Release the Passion
30/12/2009 15:35
Bristol managed a rousing one word chant, going all around the ground, as I've said on another thread, we make a lot of effort in pockets around the ground, but never seem to be able to link up in unison. Perhaps we do have a greater proportion who would rather not join in, who would rather watch in silence, or maybe our chant is too short lived to pull everyone in to it. I don't know the answer, but sure would like to hear what sort of noise we could make if those that do join in in all sang or chanted together.

Re: Release the Passion
clalan (IP Logged)
30/12/2009 18:00
The biggest chanters from Bristol were a great bunch of about 20 Santas to our right in the East terrace north.
As you say our chanting was a bit disjointed but if you only have one chant and say it long enough, the rest of your supporters can get the timing right as with Brriissttoolll.

I know give all us chanters a bib so we can spot each other(Sm151), we definitely won the singing at Bristol.

Big Tom Tom
Re: Release the Passion
Big Tom Tom (IP Logged)
30/12/2009 18:04
Clalan, you may have hit on an idea - we could call them 'chear leaders' dress em up in short skirts, tights so that they would be easily seen & get them to whip up a storm in the East Terrace.(Sm100)

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