So now we know (well almost)
By Moorsman
February 25 2010


Details of Exeter Chiefs route map or potentially tourtuous journey to the promised land.

So Now We Know (well almost)

After a protracted selection  procedure the RFU have finally announced fixture dates for Stage 2 of the Championship.  Although they managed to shorten the selection for some clubs whilst others are left to fight on to ensure their place.  Where does this leave the Chiefs?  Well we have the following games to look forward and try to get to Round 3, which is a one-off winner takes all match, which in turn qualifies you for a two match final!!

Round 2 - Pool 'B'
Result *
March 21stNottinghamA42 - 11 (W)
March 27thLondon WelshH13 - 9 (W)
April 2nd - 4thDoncaster or
Plymouth or
A14 - 9 (W)
13 - 23 (L)
50 - 25 (W)
April 10thDoncaster or
Plymouth or
H32 - 20 (W)
30 - 24 (W)
36 - 19 (W)
April 16th - 18thLondon WelshA10 - 12 (L)
May 1st NottinghamH42 -12 (W)
* Chiefs score first

Round 3 Semi -Finals
May 8th1st Pool 'A' v 2nd Pool 'B' (gameX)
May 8th1st Pool 'B' v 2nd Pool 'A' (game Y)

Team with best record in Stage 2 has the choice of home or away for the first leg of the Final.

Round 4 - Final
May 19thWinner game X v Winner game Y
May 26thWinner game X v Winner game Y

The Winner gains promotion to the Premiership provided they meet entry criteria re ground etc,.