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Gloucester fans prefer new shirts to hoops .. just

By Cherry Blossom
July 18 2007

In the latest Shedloads online poll, Gloucester supporters have backed the modern style cherry and white shirts ahead of the old-style hoops. But the voting was very close and there's still obviously a lot of support for tradition amongst the Kingsholm faithful.

The poll attracted more votes than any of our other online votes, and the split was very close.
It finished at 52 per cent favouring the modern shirts, and 48 per cent backing the trasditional hoops.
However, when the voting first started the hoops raced into the lead with a landslide early victory over the more modern design.
Later voting, though, closed the gap and in the end the modern look prevailed.
Such polls, of course, have no influence on the design the club chooses, but perhaps retailers will spot a trend and make hooped shirts available for traditionalists alongside the official shirts which have gradually grown in popularity.
Shedloads does not want to further ignite the argument between supporters of the two designs, because it all boils down to a matter of taste anyway. But the closeness of our poll and the number of people who voted certainly suggests the situation is not cut and dried.


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