Poll says fans wanted Ryan to go - but it's close
By Cherry Tree
June 15 2009

BR - in charge

The deed has been done, Dean Ryan has been shown the door and Bryan Redpath has been installed as Gloucester coach in his place. But only a small majority of Glaws fans believe that Ryan should have left, many of thgem feeling that he should have been given another chance to guide the team to some silverware.

That's the result of our end-of-season poll here on Shedloads.
We asked whether Ryan should quit as coach if he failed to win anything last season, and fans voted as we would have expected following the upsurge of unrest at the end of a disappointing season.
But it was close - t
he figures were 52.87 per cent in favour of Ryan going and 47.13 saying that he should stay.
Even allowing for the sort of friendly sabotage that goes on with such online polls - come on, who hasn't tried to sabotage a vote on Barf or Brizzzle websites? - we feel that is much closer than might have been expected.
Anti-Ryan feeling was high when the season ended, and he didn't help his situation with his comments on fans and their knowledge of the game.
We have now introduced a new Shedloads poll to tryo to guage support for Redpath. It's fairly simple - is he the man for the job or not, or could he do better if and when a director of rugby is appointed to take some of the wright off him?
Can Bryan Redpath get Glaws back on track?