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The Tries Keep Coming

By Blues Ed
October 16 2017

The Blues are becoming big box office with every game now producing lots of tries - for both sides. Fortunately,we are coming out on top in most of them ..... More >

Time To Experiment

The B&I cup may not be top priority but it does provide the opportunity to try some new combinations and give up and coming players a chance to shine.... More >

Five Tries

Up to fifth and what an enjoyable season we are having so far! Rotherham arrived in bottom place and stuck at their game and it was entertaining enough as we ran in five tries to e... More >

Blues v Titans

On paper the Blues season should keep on improving following the departure of bottom club Rotherham Titans at Goldington Road kick off Saturday at 3.00 . Watch out for the banana s... More >

On The Up

Well done to the Blues for avoiding the tourist attractions of the Channel Islands and doing a job on Jersey. The 15-13 win was at tight as they come with Lee Dickson sending in Ha... More >

Channel Hopping

An exotic trip this week with a Blues side anxious to come back with something against the Reds ..... More >

Blues Score 38 points ..

.. but sadly Bristol score 61. The entertainment just keeps on coming from the Blues with fifteen tries scored from two sides who looked to attack at every opportunity .... More >

The Entertainers

Three games in and we've scored 105 points - the Goldington Road regulars must be pleased with that. Unfotunately, fellow high flyers Ealing Trailfinders managed 45 points of their... More >

Top Clash

Who will be top of the Championship come Saturday night? Perhaps Trailfinders are favourites given they have home advantage against a Blues side which has made such a good start.... More >

Top Of The League!

Ok we are only two games in but being top is better than being bottom ... and next up are Trailfinders who also have the maximum 10 points ...... More >