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Concussions in England's professional rugby union

By Aidan Berry
December 7 2017

I thought I’d post this up so we are all a bit more aware of the dangers to our players both in training and during the games   Concussion can occur where an individual experiences a minor injury to the head. Commonly occurring in high contact sporting activities; American football, boxing, and rugby. It doesn't have to be something to strike you in the proximity of your brain, but can ... More >

Meeting your rugby icons

What is it about meeting the players that makes them seem like good fella’s? Is it that they are totally comfortable in their own skin and their evident self confidence makes... More >

This site is awaiting update…..

  Once again the hamster in the wheel that keeps this site alive has been told to stop running. This happens a few times every year, and when it does, I am asked “What&... More >

Sunday 16 March 2003, Newcastle Falcons 24 - 22 Leicester

Kingston Park, Newcastle, Attendance 9105 Referee AJ Spreadbury       Newcastle Falcons Tries Noon, Stephenson Cons Wilkinson Pens Wilkinson 3 Drops Wilkinson&... More >

Falcons v Irish Preview

Here it is, my last Newcastle Falcons game for three months. I’ve picked a good time to go away haven't I! I'm absolutely blessed to be going away next week, but a part of me... More >

Newcastle Falcons 30 - 25 Saracens

  This happened 20 seasons ago during the 97 /98 season.   I was at the game at KP on Wednesday 25 March 1998 with a 19:30 kick off, as were 6867 others.  ... More >

I am Sale-ing

Going into Round 2 of the Aviva Premiership season, Newcastle will travel to the AJ Bell stadium to face-off with Northern rivals, the Sale Sharks. Sale, who lost in their opening ... More >

The season starts here

The Falcons have named a functional-looking team for tomorrow night’s opening Premiership game of the season against Worcester at KP.   ... More >

2017: A Falcons Odyssey

Since we need an article, I’m going to put my thoughts on the Philadelphia Falcons here.... More >

Bristol preview

The last regular season preview, but maybe not the last one all together: a lot could happen this Saturday! We will hopefully be seeing a Harlequins victory around teatime, combine... More >

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