Deano stay or Deano go?
By Monkey1
March 19 2018

  If ever a silence could be described as deafening then surely this is it. Nearing the end of the best season that Newcastle Falcons have had in two decades, still we don’t know if the pivotal character in this drama will be with us next season.  

Falcons fans of a certain age will remember a record from 1980, when music was real, something that you could touch. Geno by Dexy’s Midnight Runners was a lively little number that moved along nicely, written about somebody’s hero, it started off with cheering and the chant of an adoring crowd:

Geno, Geno, Geno, Geno.

If we manage a win against Northampton Saints at St James Park on Saturday, such a chant wouldn’t sound out of place, just tweak it a bit, job done.

Deano thoughtful

Six years ago things were a bit different. I can’t remember the timing, but I imagine it must have been well before we were relegated in 2012. I was asked by somebody at the club, what did I think of Dean Richards? It must have been when things were still pretty miserable at Kingston Park, because I remember thinking afterwards that there was zero chance of the big man coming to Newcastle Falcons. Nice idea, but get real. He would be free to go anywhere at the start of the coming season, a nice little number in France looked most likely.

I guess that at the time he was an unknown quantity & somebody at the club was sounding out the great unwashed to see how the land lay. My opinion for what it was worth at the time is that he was a first class rugby boss, my views on the notorious Bloodgate incident having been influenced somewhat by a report in one of the weekend rugby pages (from the days when newspapers still had properly trained sports journos & sports editors) about blood substitutions having fallen by something like a zillion percent during the following season, and that was across all leagues. The cynic in me suspected that Deano was carrying the can for a lot of people who had been doing naughty things. The cynic in me still thinks that to this day.

So five years down the line, things look a lot different to how they did back then. It isn’t just the rugby on the pitch, the whole club is in good shape, and that is down to a team that functions well, directed from the top by Semore, Mick, and Deano. The very idea of taking a game into town for The Big One this weekend harks back to what was tried and worked well when Deano was at Harlequins.

It has taken years of ideas, trying things, tweaking the machine and patient management to get where we are now, and at last it is starting to bear fruit. It is easy to see this excellent season as the pinnacle of that achievement, but I get the feeling that it is just part of the progression, that there are better things to come. It therefore seems imperative that we keep things on track, and surely that depends on Deano staying, but so far not even a whispering from the trees has been heard.

I really don’t know what to make of it. If he were staying, then surely the club would have said so to boost season ticket sales, to help sell sponsorship packages for next season, even to promote The Big One with a bit of positive news. If he were on the move however, then he would be going somewhere, and that somewhere would be rather keen to get the news out. The only thing that seems to make any sense at all is that Deano intends to retire and become a Buddhist monk.

Buddhist Deano

I don’t get any of the inside news these days, indeed my life is so busy I miss most of the outside news. Even if I did, I get the feeling that this one would be nailed down so tight that it will never get out. I have no idea why, so for once I will just have to hope that no news is good news.

So if the final whistle is blown on Saturday, the Falcons notching up another win to give us hopes of a top-four finish, listen out for that jazzy saxophone introduction, the cheering, the clapping rhythm, and join in….


Deano, Deano, Deano, Deano