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Twenty Questions to a Usual Suspect - Bear On Tour

By bisach
July 25 2009

Katie is a fairly recent addition to the family. With Ian, she can be seen wherever the Waltham Tended Village pops up. She's a Westie and proud of it.

Meet the family

Twenty questions to a 'Usual Suspect'

BearOnTour (aka Mrs Waltham)

She's the one on the left

Real Name Katie Sarsfield
Location Waltham St. Lawrence
Occupation Computer mender

Movie(s) Out Of Africa, Gone With The Wind, Lord of The Rings
TV Programme(s) ER, West Wing, Mock The Week, QI, Rugby Programmes
Book(s) Out Of Africa, Gone With The Wind, Eclectic tastes
Music Eclectic ... Snow Patrol, Cold Play, Mozart, Bible Code Sundays
Radio Station(s) Absolute, Classic FM, Radio 4 & 5
Food(s) Everything though not keen on Japanese. Do a damn good Goat Curry.
Drinks(s) White wine, Cider, G&T
Place(s) to visit Sri Lanka, Ireland, Spain
How long supporting LI? Since 2004
Best ever LI game (Excluding 2002 cup final) Whupping Gloucester in 2008/2009 season
Favourite LI experience off pitch (Excluding 2002 cup final) Toulouse in October 2006
How did you start supporting LI? Choice between Wasps and LI. Went to Wasps, then LI. No choice really.
What are your non-rugby pastimes? Horse Trials, Walking, Cooking, Takling.
Any Irish connection? None
Most likely to say? O.K.
Least likely to say? No thankyou
Tell us something about you we don't know. I won a fancy dress competition when I was 6 dressed as a cake.

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