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Twenty Questions to a Usual Suspect - MadMonk

By bisach
July 27 2009

I thought his wife must be a dab hand on the singer until I found out that he make's his attire himself. He must be doing something right ... just as he was about to give a prone Ashley the last rights at half time during the Jack Wakefield match at this year's FB7s, Ashley miraculously got to his feet.

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Twenty questions to a 'Usual Suspect'


Real Name Chris Cutler
Location Tilehurst
Occupation Foster Carer

Movie(s) Lord of the Rings
TV Programme(s) Have I got news for you, Rugby Club.
Book(s) Hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy
Music Bible Code Sundays, Corrs, Dropkick Murphys, Pogues
Radio Station(s) Radio 4
Food(s) Italian or Indian
Drinks(s) Guinness, Jameson, Bushmills or if its hot and nobody is looking, cider. On tour whatever the locals drink.
Place(s) to visit Finland and bring me back a bottle of Koskenkorva
How long supporting LI? Since 2005 First ST 2006 joined LISC 2007
Best ever LI game (Excluding 2002 cup final) Nilling the Hairy Queens in the GP play-off semi 2009
Favourite LI experience off pitch (Excluding 2002 cup final) Going on tour
How did you start supporting LI? When they started playing in Reading they became my local team, then like many other supporters and most of the players I bought into the Irish tradition.
What are your non-rugby pastimes? Falling asleep in front of snooker, fiendishly difficult Sudoku that take a month to solve, writing, putting the world to rights over a pint.
Any Irish connection? None. A true not-not. However have always loved all Celtic traditions from Scotland to Spain especially the music.
Most likely to say? Go on then, just one more.
Least likely to say? I'd rather be at a soccer match.
Tell us something about you we don't know. There is a Fez glued to the inside of the mitre to stop it falling over

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