The Craic
By LI Bohemian
September 26 2017

An Irish supporter takes us on a journey into pain. 

Imagine you are walking through a park, the sun is shining and summer has reluctantly given way to autumn. In a clump of trees there is a pile of leaves, you rush over and kick some leaves the crackle and swish of the brown leaves rising in the air make you smile, this time you give it a mighty swing and your shin connects on an anvil that has been left in the pile of leaves, the pain feels a lot like the first thirty minutes of the game on Sunday. Northampton were clinical, direct, they knew where they could attack and knew how to snuff out any Irish attack. Irish were dithering and seemed unprepared, the game was pretty much gone in the first ten minutes. Irish could not get into the game until Saints had collected their four Try bonus point. 

The tackling in the midfield and wide positions must get better if Irish are to even begin to compete at this level.

The First half finished 6 – 26.

The second half was better, Irish had picked themselves up and were more decisive and along with substitutions, had more desire than previously. Lewington showed class, to slip three tackles and score a Try, North got a Try back for Saints, and when Bell scored a Try, the pain was subsiding a little and at one point a four Try bonus point was being banded about, this alas was extinguished when a ball was spilt and a Northampton player picked it up and raced away to score. Irish got a Try at the end of the match, and that was that.

The positives from the match are that; Irish do not give up the game, some of the new recruits and youngsters showed they can step up, I was back in the East stand in my favorite seat seeing some familiar faces around me and hoping to be joined in the future by others and the big plus Mrs. LIB painted the downstairs toilet while I was at the game.

I think we can fix these problems and mistakes but only if we can learn a lesson from them, this needs to be done before heads drop too low to recover and the cherry pickers come in for our young players.