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Meet the Family - 20 Questions to Eek the Weeble

By BrianC
May 31 2003

Todays 20 questions come from Martyn Cooper, better known to us as Eek the Weeble. When it came to chosing which one of the photos of him I should use there really was no contest.

Meet the family

Twenty questions to a 'Usual Suspect'

Eek The Weeble

Real Name Martyn Cooper
Location Camberley
Occupation Project Manager - Educational Strategies

Movie(s) Dead men don't wear plaid, Any porn
TV Programme(s) Frasier, Muffin the Mule re-runs
Book(s) See Spot run, anything by Kafka or Brecht
Music Rave Bhangra Celta-billy fusion baby!
Radio Station(s) What's a radio?
Food(s) Beef Rendang, Chicken Jalfrezzi, Pilau rice, Crab sticks
Drinks(s) Yes I do - like a thirsty thing - mostly Guinness
Place(s) to visit Pamplona (Bull run), Isle of Man (TT)
How long supporting LI? 6 foot 6 inches
Best ever LI game (Excluding 2002 cup final) Every St Pats day game exceeds the previous one!
Favourite LI experience off pitch (Excluding 2002 cup final) Henley Sevens 2002 - and LI weren't playing!
How did you start supporting LI? In a drunken haze - nothing has changed
What are your non-rugby pastimes? SAMARITANS, watching "Dead me don't wear plaid" (and dodgy porn,) playing for the LI Vets
Any Irish connection? Great Grandad Webb - he was a Bargee don't you know!
Most likely to say? OK then but can I go underneath
Least likely to say? It must be my round. What do you want?
Tell us something about you we don't know. I was a child model and also in a "pop" band who had a mini hit in Holland in the 1980's

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