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The Perfect Pimms

By BrianC
August 8 2004

Summer is in full swing. We are on the run in to our gathering at Henley. Pimms is the order of the day. This recipe is the result of copious amounts of research. In particular I am indebted to The Bull at Sonning and Phyllis Court Club at Henley for their input, celery and gin respectively. The Perfect Pimms

The Perfect Pimms

This recipe makes just over two litres (3.5 pints to those of you who prefer old money). Should a greater or lesser quantity be required adjust the volumes accordingly but keep the ratios the same.

Pimms - 50cl
Lemonade - 150cl
Gin - 15cl

Fruit & Veg
Apple - 1sliced
Orange - 1sliced
Lemon - 1 sliced
Celery - 2 sticks chopped finely
Cucumber - 10 slices, quartered
Mint - one stalk
Other fruits - Peach, Nectarine, Strawberries, Cherries, Kiwi (Optional, according to taste).

Put the Pimms in a tall, ideally straight, jug. Add the fruit & veg, do not miss out on the celery, it is the secret ingredient, then add the lemonade. Add some, but not too much, ice then stir gently. Splash the gin on top of this.

Serve in a tall glass with one or two lumps of ice, some of the fruit & veg from the jug and a leaf of mint near the top. Enjoy!

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