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Whither Rugby - Complete

By BrianC
November 10 2004

The 'Whither Rugby?' series has looks a English rugby crowd patterns in the professional era and into the future. Here all articles in the series are gathered into one place. The Complete

The Complete

'Whither Rugby?'

'Whither Rugby?' is a series of articles looking at crowd patterns in the English professional game since the start of the professional era and projecting these patterns forward five years. It was first published on 'The Craic' website in May and June 2004.

Introductory Articles

'Whither Rugby?' - Past, Present and Future
In this first article of the series past growth patterns are outlined as is the major issue facing our sport at present, (lack of) ground capacity.

The Figures Explained
A detailed explanation of how the figures have been gathered, what they include and what they do not.

Club by Club in Detail

Restricted by the Rec.
Kings of the West Country
Slowly Strangled by the Stoop
Leeds and Rotherham
Sowing Seeds in Yorkshire
In a Class of Their Own - But not for long?
London Irish
The X-Factor at Work
Thriving on the Tyne
The Saints go Marching on.. and on.. and on..
Successful in Stockport
Something aint Working in Watford
Will they wander from Wycombe?

Combined Statistics

Bringing it all Together
The club by club historical stats combined.

Looking at the Future?
A five year projection of the historical statistics

Wrap-up Articles

What is in a Crowd?
Crowd sizes are about a lot more than ticket revenue.
Stadia in this Century
A look at how stadium development
in the years to come.
Will this Bubble Burst?
Crowds have grown steadily for the past five years. Will this continue?
So where will it all end up?
What will our game look like as professionalism matures?

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