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Player Profile - Riki Flutey

By Old Man River
February 23 2006

Riki "Magic" Flutey


Richard Flutey is the younger brother of San Diego Chargers quarterback Doug Flutie. The pair were seperated on a fishing trip to The South Pacific with Doug returning home, heartbroken for the loss of his brother, and Richard being brought up in the wilds by Mongeese (hence the change in name to Riki).

The Mongeese did a fine job of reversing the Flutie forward-throwing arm into a proper reverse-passer, teaching young Riki the value of the box kick and when to run with the ball.

Riki had a brief stop-over on his way to meet Doug in England where he met Brian Smith who consequently stole his passport.

If Riki plays well enough for a couple of years he may well be re-united with his brother...

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