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Cheffy's Lovely Lemony Creamy Chickeny Thing

By MrsCheffy
June 9 2006

The amounts are just estimates as I tend to cook by sight and taste the same as David.

So you will need (for four adults)

  • Chicken thighs (allow two per person for an adult or three for a weeble)
  • Celery (a couple of sticks should do)
  • Pepper (the colour is up to you)
  • Shallots (one or two depeends on size)
  • Garlic ( a couple will do
  • Chicken stock (use a cube it's easier about a 3/4 pint )
  • Double cream (half a pint should do it - it must be double or it will split)
  • Lemon (you will need the juice and zest)
  • Oil (whichever you prefer will do)

Remove skin and flesh from the bone (a butcher will do it for you or you can try yourself - cut the thigh lenghtways until you reach the bone then with the blade of the knife follow the bone round you will then be able to put your finger between the flesh and bone and pull the bone out) If that sounds like hard work you can buy diced chicken!

Fry the diced garlic, shallots, and celery until soft, but without colour and the chicken until golden (chicken does not have to be cooked just coloured)

Drain the oil from the pan and add the diced pepper and cover with stock then bring to the boil, simmer for 10 minutes. The stock will reduce down if you need to add a little more then do so.

Add the lemon juice (leave a little back) and zest.

Then reduce the heat and add the double cream and leave to reduce until the sauce thickens this will take about 10 minutes, (you were all there you know what it should look like.)

Once the sauce is at the correct consistancy taste to see if needs the remaining lemon juice and seasoning. If you are using a stock cube it should not need any salt as they are salty enough - if you are using fresh stock then a bit of salt may be required.

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