Where Are We?
December 28 2017

A question I often find myself asking is "Where are we compared to the other premiership teams?". It's all very well saying we're playing badly, but do we know where the problems are? Do we know what the winning teams do that we don't? Is our discipline the worst in the premiership? 

Unfortunately, I can't find any records of what the premiership table looked like halfway through previous seasons. I could reconstruct them from scratch, but you lot aren't worth the effort! (only joking!). So I decided to look at the team stats to date. Yes, lies, damn lies and statistics, but it's all I have readily available. Thanks to for providing these stats, a website well worth checking out even if you're not going to stream games from there. 

Anyway, here are the statistics for Harlequins and the ranking out of 12 where those statistics come compared to other teams. Of course you have to know that coming first in tackles missed is different to coming first in tackles made! 

In case you have issues with this format (you may be on phone or tablet) then try this link Harlequins Halfway Stats Ranking

If you want to see the whole comparison spreadsheet then Click Here for Spreadsheet

Note: there's a button top right on the spreadsheet page to download the spreadsheet if you want to do your own analysis! 

A few points I take from these stats (feel free to shoot me down)

Attack - 2nd in carries but 9th in metres, suggests to me a blunt attack. Worth noting we have one of the lowest kicks from hand figures, presumably because we're trying (unsuccessfully) to run it. 

Team Play - Top in offloads, magnificent! Ruck success of 97% (4th), that surprises me. Lineout success of 88% doesn't surprise me but the fact it's ranked 6 does. So we're only mediocre in lineouts! We have nearly the most scrums in the premiership, but the worst win %age. I know it's only 8 scrums, but these things cost points. 

Defence - Least number of tackles, 2nd highest tackles missed, worst tackle success% in the premiership. I wonder if this could be our problem? Couple that with being generous on turnovers conceded and poor on turnovers won, I see areas for improvement. 

Discipline - Pretty bad. 3rd top in penalties conceded. 3rd top (yes this is 3rd equal) in yellow cards. Need to sort this and quick!