So Long And Thanks For All The Fish!
June 26 2018

Well that came round a little unexpectedly! I thought we had a couple of weeks before the next time the message board would shut down. Shows what I know! However, it does gives us an unexpected opportunity…

Well, as some of you know, there’s been a feeling of dissatisfaction with the message board for a while. The advertisements are very intrusive and the fact we have to post something on the board’s front page every few weeks is no trouble in the season but is a pain in the rear end when the season is over.

Coupled with that seems to be a lack of interest in developing the boards, in all the time we’ve been on SportNetwork the only real improvement has been the creation of the mobile site. But the administrators don’t respond to requests for changes or reported bugs anymore and the whole thing just seems a cash cow for the owners these days.

So if any of you read this front page, I suggest we move to a new message board at , I will try and provide much the same service that you’ve seen here at SportNetwork and I think you’ll see the new board is better in a number of ways.

So we're going to try the new site and see what we make of it.

See you there!